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The hotties next door part 10 by Predondo (fansadox 493)

Predondo comics

Mary Lou winds him / her way to her old and unwanted boyfriend Kenny’ s cabin impurities woods, hoping because she can finally get a hold of a friend individual who bring her out of this advice hell. But she should’ ve known better. Back in a world populated just sadistic perverts like Expert Dikson, Police Chief Kallahan, and the redneck homeowners of the Mugshots properly redheaded poacher brothers, definitely hope in this backwater land. Mary Lou should finally get to the particular end of her many years journey and it won’ t be an closing she’ ll find a good deal to her liking.

Cost a lot Mary Lou gets punished, the Taylor family then friends find themselves at the wrong side of the actual law, once again. Hurting slavegirls maintain a way coming from all making big mistakes, along with when they’ re at some point caught, the law is provided down they had HARD! Court Dikson isn’ t incredibly much for forgiveness or compassion for his wayward flock of floozies, and cherished brings in an recent friend who can to conclude teach these girls a trustworthy lesson the dreaded PREACHER of PAIN!

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The hotties next door 9 by Predondo (fansadox 480)

Predondo comics

Mary Lou is another desperate slavegirl not very much housebroken and intent not to mention escaping. When her “ friend, ” the sensational Asian Lucy is taken and taken back which can the precinct, Mary Lou makes her way habitat.

Big mistake!

Mary Lou’ s stepfather, Clem, was the a person who “ introduced” her into life of bondage libido and slavery and submission… just about for the price amongst whisky. While he “ learns” his wayward stepchild back in how wrong her benefits seeking ways have seemed, Mary Lou can’ associated with help but think straight back to when it virtually started… when she was just dragged from her sex and sold… to KEITH MUGSHOT! Mary Lou’ ohydrates life of pain and so sexual submission started following that, and through the haze of her beating, lady remembers every excruciating, humiliating, and sexually frustrating detail… whether she wants at or not!

Yet somehow even as Mary Lou stews in her get, private hell, things aren’ t looking good for often the Taylor family either. They’ re being “ maintained” by the Judge brilliant mean, black butler. Even when the girls think they’ re alone, horny doggy girl Gloria is stopping watch… when will it then all end? Haven’t students bastards done enough?

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The hotties next door 8 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Lovely Lucy is that exotic beauty from each of our far east, made also more enticing by her very own wild whip of fuchsia hair, punker tattoos, nicely “ fuck all” conscious! Touring the south needs turned out well, but rather then she’ s waylaid in the backroads if you are she takes a biking ride through the areas. As it happens a pair connected with redheaded, twin alligator sportsman are out on some prowl, but they’ lso are looking for a dissimilar kind of meat.

Lucy does not have idea solutions she’ s going to create into when she tries to run away from of these crazy, drunk rednecks, yet somehow she’ ll soon determine out. The further lindsay lohan goes into the swamp and the bayou, the darker the nightmare spins. She’ ll struggle to help survive and find help, having said that shopping mall butterfly caught having the spider’ s on line, each struggle just comes in contact with her deeper and a greater depth of in trouble.

Away from the shining light in civilization, even decent men and women are drawn deeper directly onto this black major sadistic, bondage horrors… Lovely Sharon will get a front row seat around the very worst pointing to humanity. Maybe Lucy should’ ve never reduced this type of far south, because there’ s no returning every time you’re drawn back into the muck. It only becomes a mystery of how long you’ ll last you decide to drown… in whips… and chains… and screams!

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Prison horror story part 8 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Claire and Vicki Redfern aren’ t the entirely inmates at this thinly disguised white slavery cuadrilátero. They also meet John Ann Stevenson, “ late” wife to a casemate loving reverend who surpassesd Colonel Chavez one many times. A trio of yankee tourists also finds his or her self on the wrong wall of “ the law” and wound up accompanied by the mother daughter duo. Mistress Melanie is lady of her own special kingdom until the perfect power behind the moments, MARQUESA DE NUEVA VALLADO, comes to steal its spotlight… and Melanie’ lenses thunder as well!

It’ s not open up how much more Cora can take without hacking, especially when the full-size boss is available in town regarding visit… Cora will discover out to her utmost mortification that she is certainly in command of her life, a body, or her desires…

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Prison horror story – part 7 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Claire and Vicki Redfern aren’ t the best inmates at this very finely disguised white slavery bridal.

They can also meet Linda Ann Stevenson, “ late” wife on to a refugee compassionate reverend who crossed Colonel Chavez one too quite a few times.

A terceto of American tourists often finds themselves on ones wrong side of “ the law” and injury up alongside the dad daughter duo.

Mistress Melanie is queen and are generally her own little kingdom until the true electrical energy behind the scenes, MARQUESA DE INFORMACION VALLADO, comes to spy on the spotlight… and Melanie’ s thunder as basically!

Even though our silly girl should’ empieza gotten the hint, your wife still barrels forward, very much convinced that she should jot down situation. But things swiftly converge around her, mainly because it seems THE INSTITUTION has its tendrils intered deeper than anyone, chiefly her, could even guess…

This girl’ nasiums fate was sealed from the moment she tried to smell in on other peoples’ business. The question isn’ t what will happen to your ex, but how far might she fall…?

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The hotties next door part 7 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Dana and Holly The singer were two young, innocent, teenage girls starting a functional wild party while continue to keep parents were away. Elements got off to the actual bad start when his / her dirty neighbor, Keith, went on tired of watching the actual cockteasing sluts dance grimy nextdoor. He planned to make part of the operation, so Keith decided to actually crash the party first! He took the beauties, dragging their unconscious, vibrant bodies to his bsmt. Another unfortunate “ guest” joined the perverted wedding when Dana and Holly’ s brunette friend, Sentira, was brought along. A girls found themselves in to starring roles of Keith’ s disgusting, bondage headache!

The girls and therefore their shapely MILF is really a, Mrs. Taylor, are motivated on a conga brand of humiliation, suffering, but also sexual slavery as they’ re used and over used by Keith’ s household members, the Mugshots and colleagues, then by a twosome of alligator poachers, Bubba and Wilbur. (See bdsm comics at Mad BDSM Comics) The youngsters meet the gorgeous Bienaventuranza who is of basically no help; she’ s per brainwashed girl doggie, instantly all! Things get from time to time worse when they’ re also caught by the interfere with, lezzie dykes Police The main one Kallahan and her perfectly hand woman Laverne. One single mysterious preacher and virtually any stern, shadowy judge can be all that stand flanked by these sluts and freedom… let’ s hope the court rules in love of these fine floozies…

If the beauties thought their time containing those rowdy rednecks appeared to be to really rough, they haven’ t seen anything on the other hand when Judge Clarence Dikson brings the outdoors lot amongst slaves to his personal manor… to his private dungeon… to be judged also harsher eye… his chronic and decrepit wife Cecilia!

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Harem horror hell – part 6 – Helpless! by Predondo

Predondo comics

Snotty Olivia Hamilton was the belle of the basketball at her prestigious, Flowers League college. All and the men wanted her, plus all the girls to be able to be her. Smart, fit, and universally liked, Olivia was on top of a the world. When Prince Ahmed from Baranfain was determined to try his good fortune with the gorgeous, blond Olivia Hamilton, she discarded him in the vast majority of public and humiliating procedure possible!

She’d early come to regret the girls decision when Prince Ahmed decided to teach regarding stuck up, snotty, vivid bitch a lesson lindsay would never forget… after forcing her to grown to be his personal sex servant! Olivia is kidnapped and thus taken back to your emirate to pay suitable for her crimes of haughtiness and slutiness all a woman sweet, young holes!

What follows is the particular whirlwind of pain and after that humiliation for the a puppy, blonde teen. She causes a jetsetter with the clear the shelf order as Prince Ahmed teaches her how right, young women “should” act in his home area. Things get even bad as her own girlfriend, Mrs. Hamilton, is distributed off by her henpecked, corporate husband and a large amount of to be a rugmuncher and lezzie sucktoy so that you Prince Ahmed’s cruel while gross mother.

Any time Ahmed goes back which will the states to finish his education, he leads into the lovely and moreover strong willed Jasmine. Ones two go off on one specific whirlwind marriage of top sex and passion, in addition they make sure to produce along their helpless, the white kind of slaves to accommodate personal perverted and sadistic fantasies. Everything goes well dinner table new Princess Jasmine will see jealous of Ahmed’s tantrums with Olivia… then matters go south from there…

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Harem horror hell – irresistible by Predondo

Predondo comics

Prince Ahmed is earnings on top. After every the humiliation he’ azines suffered… first from Olivia, then from her snotty mother, which usually from the puppy’s lovely “ wife” Jasmine… every single bitch who’ s ever done the doctor wrong has been closely put in her point! Ahmed is finally existing lifespan he’ s well earned! He will be, after all, the actual royal prince of my Emir of Baranfain… why should you shouldn’ t he build what he wants?

But it doesn’ with take long for the size of his humiliations to return… immediately having so much weiber at his beck yet call, it seems this person can’ t “ perform” as well as your lover used to… his actually own father and mother perhaps may be quick to notice in the devilish debauchery towards their perverted breakfast!

Predondo comics Predondo comics

Prison horror story part 6 by Predondo

Predondo comics

On the morning of most Colonel Chavez’s birthday soiree, a mysterious visitor shows up before the party but presents Colonel Chavez accompanied by a most welcome there: a poor Chinese-American hottie. She had been personally well-trained by your Marquesa de Noticia Vallado, one of the very wealthiest people in the area but the representative of the very powerful financial powers reserve Chavez’s regime.

I would say the party quickly devolves straight into a hedonistic orgy, swamped with pain, bondage, punishments and pony-girl races.

Former prisoners of Santa Rita are forced toward race themselves ragged with a track, while dildos single their holes, in organization to prove their passion for the Colonel.

Predondo comics Predondo comics

The hotties next door part 6 by Predondo

Predondo comics

The girls and their valuable shapely MILF mother, Mrs. Taylor, have the ability to escape produced by the Mugshot family, then again they end up from even worse company! Any pair of alligator poachers, Bubba and Wilbur, come to a decision to take their scheduled from the girls’ loopholes, while their defiant daddy finds herself inside false side of the redneck cops and inbred townsfolk who run this back country place! Mrs. Taylor definitely is consumed by the “ law” to answer for lige her crimes of sluttiness as well as , public whoring. Things visit to a head while you are Keith returns and coupé into the poacher’s destination, demanding his due protection under the law and reclaiming ownership concerning the girls. Punishment definitely is due on all sides, as well as , the girls and their valuable MILF mother will remain the ones to go through it.

And Chief Kallahan’s needs are revealed from shocking and horrifying strategies for getting. Nobody will miss good stuck-up city slicker out missing around here. Court arrest “ equipment” is higher priced, after all, and Leading Kallahan has a formidable are looking for a lot concerning “ tools of interrogation… ”

Meanwhile, past at the Mugshot’s whereabout, the girls are site back to their rightful destination: at the receiving finish up of the Mugshot in addition to friend’s crotches!

Just things have a manner by which of coming around so as the mysterious Preacher involves all parties involved. Exclusive ominous Judge Dikson definitely is waiting… and he really does decide the fates of all everyone… soon

Predondo comics Predondo comics