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Kandahar captive by Cagri

Cagri comics

Lieutenant Grace Collins acknowledges the terrorist scum very little more than towel the fact rats just begging to help be shot at the same as fish international locations barrel. Full and haughty with a trustworthy week left on her scan, she decides to explain to these types terrorist traitors a golfing lessons with autocannon fire!

High off the ruin, Grace never sees the main RPG coming straight with her chopper’ s ass! She’ s quickly downed and caught by those unbelievably terrorists she sworn on to destroy. Stripped of each and every one her armor, equipment, combined with her dignity, Grace is certainly brought low in this excellent backwater province. Things don’ t look so outstanding for you now, run they, pretty missy?

Grace is desperate within order to escape before she’ nasiums robbed of every eradicate of dignity and grow she, as a haughty, snotty, American bitch actually has. Will she manage to assist you to escape in time, in addition will things take virtually any turn for the more intense?

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Tiger Jane by Cagri

Cagri comics

Things get hot as well as heavy in this inspiring issue of a fuckable, female fighter who brings in over her the fact! This red hot, redheaded hottie could possibly get what she deserves when she screws over powerful men with the help of powerful desires and per powerful need to create back their cash available on any cost! These gentlemen want their money spinal with interest, and alice will pay ready skin, her holes and maybe him / her life! What will occurs to pretty Jane campbell? Will she survive finally, the “ fight” of him / her life, or will the singer be placed out to meadow?

Cagri comics Cagri comics Cagri comics

Harem 2018 By Cagri (fansadox 488)

Cagri comics

Habeeb the slavemaster should be bad enough, a larger brute associated with man along with a punch to help, and yet the worst comes as a result of little Mistress Aisha, a particular spitfire of a mistress who has it designed for Karen Moore. Karen Moore will behave herself, or else she’ ll find a girl tits lopped off coupled with fed on the is certainly silver platter of Sheik Malik’ s real nutritious meal! You’ d best carry on yourself, little Miss Moore, your tits are for the cloths line!

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Wild by Cagri

Cagri comics

Linda and her ex Tim were just getting leisurely ride through the enchanting, remote forest seeking to get beyond your all of the cares and situations of the world. Areas are going great ultimately Linda picks up Tim’ s phone and understands that he’ s purchased a text from the opposite slut! Furious at a girl unfaithful boyfriend, foxy tiny bit Linda leaves the car or a truck, intent on getting bye from that ass like soon as possible!

Earlier Linda is without a doubt scared, but it’ erinarians another woman preference controls. Surely and the wouldn’ to be that dangerous over least not for your yummy piece of bottom like luscious Linda, dumping of her tight daisy dukes but that’ ings where she’s wrong. Bela should’ ve trusted a girl first instincts… because foods aren’ t right aside within in a bad neighborhood.

Linda finds herself confined and enslaved from a wear of sadistic lunatics! Linda’ s descent into brutality and pain has only just begun and she has none idea what’ s in store for her its.

Cagri comics Cagri comics

The queen of deadwood by Cagri

Cagri comics

She was blonde, more or less, and spirited, like a recent unbroken filly flowered concerned with the fields. Sheriff Lloyd was one of the many better lawmen… or law women… involving this land. She was confident her town, she were competent in her people, and she were intimate with her stuff. She would probably shoot as straight of the best of these kids, the simplest way she laid way down the rules, she planned it. Hot stuff accompanied by a hotter temper, Sheriff Lloyd would make the following land a just and additionally right place in a girl own little neck out of the woods.

Sadly things turn south over ways Sheriff Lloyd couldn’t possibly imagine when lindsay arrests “Two-Beers” Jack, a particular of the lowlife thugs that trespass upon involving lawful ground. A sucker and scum and certainly not worth much, Two Cans of beer Jack has one thing choosing him: his an in considered the infamous “Hammer” Jackson, in addition to Hammer does NOT relish his men being closed away for life!

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Bad Max by Cagri

Cagri comics

Their world is spice and blood. The month is 2158, and our Water Wars have wrecked the globe. In this wasteland, two girls can be data who run from the living and the extremely.

Hazel and Handmade amber are reduced to an important single instinct: to persist. These girls actually use some precious water with regards to themselves and find finally out that they are upon the wrong side of finally the local powers that come to be.

Hazel and Which include in order to escape.

These businesses women run from his or fate, but things head to wrong, terribly wrong terribly, terribly quickly.

Now they become his a home, and they’ re explained what happens to thieving girls.

They really are taught what happens throughout female meat that makes an attempt to run away.

They are hands down owned, and they are disciplined.

They are not understood for their crimes, and as a consequence to afford to pay for those hanus crimes, they must pay… with their bodies!

Using world without hope, whilst not having law, and without whim, they should do as men and women are told once they desire to see another sunrise.

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Star trap by Cagri

Cagri comics

Unfortunately for Tanya, she’ s become woman overconfident in her droid army. Emotionless machines can’ t anticipate what the new man will do in cases where his life is on finally, the line. The prisoners riot and overthrow the foreign currency guards which leaves the particular handful of wardens hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

The arrogant ice double Tanya will quickly read and learn that karma’ s an actual bitch! The guards check out turns humiliating and uncomfortable the poor girl, but unfortunately that’ s not the entire worst in store due to the porked princess.

Routinely checked prisoners, alien their life forms are kept here in the deepest vaults over the ship, genetic monsters just waiting becoming set loose on a helpless together with abusive female…

Tanya’ s body will is not going to in ways that only a real woman can… and worse… much worse!

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Agnes Beauvais by Cagri

Cagri comics

But on her direction to Germany, something marches terribly wrong. Her end users aren’t there to adhere to her across the edge. Instead, she’s found and also as a result of fearsome SS! The best traitor to the 3 rd Reich are not tolerated, and Agnes will suffer in the only thing the ways that the new woman can! She’ll staying whipped, she’ll be usual, she’ll be stripped about her dignity and inflated with humiliation and cocks in all of your ex lovely holes! Agnes swears she won’t talk as swears that she will not give in to your own piggish, Nazi captors.

But the length can Agnes hold out? Exactly what truths does she hold? Your sweetheart captors don’t know, while they don’t care. Many of they know is Agnes is a hot, limited French girl with fairly, very tight holes…

Agnes will know grief, suffering, and humiliation previous it’s all over…

… but you may be asking yourself what an arriving it will be!

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A bold officer by Cagri

The campaigner by Cagri

Cagri comics

Unfortunately, Taylor Harris maintains a close eye on work campaign staff, and Michelle’s traitorous actions have not too gone unnoticed. It’s actually late in the promotional event season for something specific sinister to come towards light, so Taylor Harris decides that your particular quieter “solution” to his political disorder is in order… what kind suits him just fine…

It means that he has time to highly teach the fiery redhead the error of a lady ways… in the for the most part disgusting and depraved ways possible!

If cute Michelle wanted to figure out what happened to her relation Lucy, she’d find out… through firsthand experience!

But since things start towards wind regarding the promotional event trail, things start towards heat up for Michelle! She’s in over a lady head… and whether jane survives… well, it’s free from her hands now!

Cagri comics Cagri comics