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Return to horror hole by Slasher

Slasher comics

13 years ago, Slasher debuted on dofantasy with “ the Horror Hole”, an account of a mysterious man who kidnapped cheerleaders and mercilessly fucked and “ punish” them. The mysterious villain is utterly without mercy, he likes to have his way with girls until they completely lose their sanity. he believes that eventually, if a girl is “ punished” enough, her mind will snap and she are going to enjoy it.

Now your past is coming back to life.

The man’ s secret layer is called the “ Horror Hole”. It has lain dormant for many years. But an anonymous note from “ a fan” drew him back. Laws and regulations don’t some one admires the work that used to go on in the Horror Hole, and they want it to begin up again.

Make the horror begin!

This “ fan” has kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, a young cheerleader named Emily, and sent her to the Horror Hole as a gift. Her ex has one simple request “ no blood”. But without even blood, her captor frequently devious and creative man, and there is no limit within the ways he can hurt her.

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Dream holiday no.1 by Damian and William Anker

Damian comics

Damian takes you over one other riveting tale a functional little bit closer to quarters. When these gorgeous class queens all congregated at the fabulous beaches inside Mediterranean to celebrate these victories in grace or elegance all through the western the entire global population, they had no imagined you get with the unrest or violence preparing under the surface. Good violent rebellion soon sweeps during the entire country leaving nothing in the world untouched, least of each of the these posh and gentrified hotels where bikini covered females are playing innocently.

Soon the teenagers will find themselves swept up in the awful ferocity of the above mentioned desert fanatics as the they’ re split moving up and separated and supplied to desert sheiks coupled with sultans! These girls will most certainly soon learn obedience and therefore submission when they’ re forced to endure painful and violent sex and moreover bondage! These naughty and then haughty ladies will always be beaten into submission until finallyl they figure out how to properly procedure their exacting masters…

One way or one particular, these girls will acquire to submit their particular cutting edge masters. One way alternatively another, these obey. Each of these poor girls will disappear into the shimmering sands of the desert, not to be seen again…

Damian comics

Siege of mesta 2: beloved daughter by Comixchef

Comixchef comics

No one will endure hardships more than Lord Edgeworth and his daughter. Lots of great Frederick has his enemigo tied naked in her own hall, and commanded to watch his enemies’ victory feast. Edgeworth’ ersus wife and his the complete family quickly submit inside their new masters, and it hold a wild orgy. The victorious soldiers hump Edgeworth’ s wife, and as well as the other women most typically associated with this city, the day their eyes. All the at the same time, Lord Frederick sits triumphal, as Princess Delia sucks his cock, in drab view of her papa.

But even your is not enough to receive the cruel Lord Frederick. He declares that during the enjoyment of this army, in addition to the people of Mesta, Princess Delia will engage in for them. She will blaster her own father’ ohydrates cock, until one is really, and then she usually look him in currently the eyes and fuck men, until he cums indoors her. A large number of men combined with women hoot and holler as they witness most of the ultimate shame of Jesus Edgeworth and Princess Delia. And the people grumble moan groan as the dream that had been Mesta truly dies.

Comixchef comics

Comixchef comics