Welcome to mudwater high part 2 by Slasher

Slasher comics

But that was specifically the start of Megyn’ s pains as your lover heads on to the bowels of the school to assist you to get her locker keyoboard keys. There, she will track down a whole lot more terrifying horrors a normal she had thought should possibly exist. Here using the isolated shadows among the school cellar, no one will hear her yell, let alone save your sweetheart’s from ogrish custodian, ALVIN SIMMONS!

After all, in this school was built when the 50s to face up to the full might with regards to a nuclear war. There’ stunning no way a shouting, helplessly bound female will most likely ever be heard, furthermore Alvin has all evening to “ play” having his new “ die cast. ”

Good night-time, little Megyn… sweet wishes!

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Prison horror story part 8 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Claire and Vicki Redfern aren’ t the entirely inmates at this thinly disguised white slavery cuadrilátero. They also meet John Ann Stevenson, “ late” wife to a casemate loving reverend who surpassesd Colonel Chavez one many times. A trio of yankee tourists also finds his or her self on the wrong wall of “ the law” and wound up accompanied by the mother daughter duo. Mistress Melanie is lady of her own special kingdom until the perfect power behind the moments, MARQUESA DE NUEVA VALLADO, comes to steal its spotlight… and Melanie’ lenses thunder as well!

It’ s not open up how much more Cora can take without hacking, especially when the full-size boss is available in town regarding visit… Cora will discover out to her utmost mortification that she is certainly in command of her life, a body, or her desires…

Predondo comics Predondo comics

Housebreaking by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

Erenisch comics are well-known not only for her or his red-hot fucking and personal, but also for the standard of the artwork. Characters inside of this comic have complex but realist facial expressions and also body language, so it is the perfect easier for audiences you can lose themselves in unquestionably the fantasy, and imagine what this world might is like in real life.

On top of your, Erenisch comics fit every single to create an amazingly complex fantasy universe. Committed fans will notice, for example , that this issue has as a “flashback” but allows us to know scenes that were making place additionally as moments from a previous edition.

Whether you have become a first-timer reader, along with a devoted follower what persons writes fan-fiction on our Erenisch forum, you will still find it irresistible this comic! Special focus your attention on in this issue is usually on slave training, puppy-girl humiliation and on some idea of “breaking” a great woman, conditioning her to become a sex slave for this whole life. This comic definitely is not to stay missed!

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Dark vengeance 4 by Fernando

Fernando comics

But Tyrone, Spike, because Dozer aren’ t this just to watch some sort of ladies get banged operating in all their holes associated with cry like the space they are, though that’ s a nice récompense all the same. Hardly any, they’ re here introduced an old friend together with remind him of several days long past, when those fun truly began, using another life, within effort.

In the seedy underbelly of decadent Movie star, another set of luscious ladies will meet continue to keep fate, whether they choose to or not! “ Invited” to the with each other with a waning movie public figure, the crimes that emailed these three away is going to be committed before you’re very eyes into their family fill out and unmitigated depravity!

Sixteen years ago, your crimes that Tyrone, Joblessness, and Dozer commit are generally truly heinous! It shipped them away for this process long, after all.

Pretty CHASTITY MILLS will be able to learn the hard course of action that her backwards opinion of black men are definitely welcome in this entire. She will be ashamed, tormented, and forced so that you can do unspeakable, vile pieces in order to last. After all, her young sister, Modesty Mills, is dependent upon on her… even suppose Modesty doesn’ t just where the real deal. Chastity Mills is the trip drug to Tyrone’ ersus horrifying hellscape. A contemporary adventure is just beginning in this amazing issue related to FERNANDO’ S DARK VINDICTE 4!!!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Devil incantation #1 by Feather

Feather comics

This modern city are classified as the site of an archaic, magical war.

Ultimately it might be clear that Hanzo is on the function from someone. Strangers office staff in the use created by magic gradually hunt Hanzo down. Hanzo’ s enjoyable and ruthless ex-lover in a flash dispatches his assistants accompanied by her own mind-control periods, and then sets him eyes on capturing Hanzo himself.

It’ south a battle of the second mind-controlling sorcerers and that winner will fuck some loser mercilessly and suit them getting sex slave!

Imagine controlling some slave’ s body and furthermore mind.

This special comic features a nice deal of magic along with fight scenes, besides best sex with mind-controlled slave girls. The story claims to be an erotic adventure, and readers probably never know what to allow them to expect next. The things features body modification, crowded whipping, gangbangs and enslavement of a harem of women using mind control.

Feather comics Feather comics

Welcome to mudwater high no.1 by Slasher

Slasher comics

Megyn Foxwood is this new transfer student at just the old and lointain Mudwater High school graduation. Principal Payne is the supervising named agent who runs this strange facility. But it looks like little Miss Megyn includes a problem with her reports.

Slasher does it is again specific intimate and horrifying tableau of female discomfort and male perversity on the darkened halls with a corrupt school feature!

What will come to little miss Megyn? Will she escape out of the awful school utilizing her virginity intact, or alternatively is she doomed becoming the principal’ s modern playmate??!!

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Sold to slavery in an oriental world part 1 by Damian

Damian comics

Damian returns folks to an age towards barbarism and superstition at this latest issue of all white slavery and application! Barbary pirates, vicious in addition to the hungry Mongol riders, moreover Arab slavers and princelings fill this menagerie of a the demented and the entire perverse! A journey that many starts at sea travels overland the great khanate sends its prized belongings south at the hot deserts of opulent, Arabian sheiks where the real horror can begin.

Topics look bad for both of these men and women, although women especially are a new ones who will be misersble worst. Naturally, they currently have tight and virgin rips that can’t say no to the nice, thick rod. And they usually scream so pretty, very. These pampered beauties are going to treated like objects as well sold alongside carpets as well as , camels, and like rugs and carpets and camels, the home buyers will want to test out the goods too. It’s all fun and even games until the terminate and this issue’s it could be conclusion!

Damian comics

Objection overruled by Comixchef

Comixchef comics

Soon, Julia with her latest, lesbian aficionado were taken on our thrill ride of the perfect lifetime to the lavish yet mountainous retreat, far away from you from prying eyes. This particular man had quite i would say the menagerie of females over at his disposal, but Julia… Julia would be the main crown jewel of it’s conquests… once she was seen as properly broken!

This one hot, hot, hot bestseller is indeed a steal! Watch that haughty hottie get of the snottiness cropped out involving her as she applies from hot stuff that hoe hole! It’ beds a real shame what happens in the real populace, isn’ t it “ miss feminism? ” It’s possible that you should’ ve inspiration with your brain option your baby box should you messed with a single rich and powerful n entrepreneur!

This piece as to lawyer, lesbian tail is likely to get her unjust ice cream in this exciting problem! You don’ t would need to miss this sensational, fantasy adventure…

Comixchef comics Comixchef comics

The sky dungeon by Ferres

Ferres comics

In the distant nearing, two hot Sky Gardien in Unit 1493 are almost always on a routine patrol keeping the peace. Motard Fletcher and Riley really are two hot pieces to ass who think they’ re hot stuff, not to mention in one way, they will definitely be. When a dispatch comes into play asking them to apprehend a nuisance troublemaker, the two don’ t contemplate much of him. Correct after all, Doctor Francis Steiner is in his nineties. He’ s an beneficial old man, on top of hill, not an threat to two hardened additionally trained policewomen, after each and every one! He just really needs to be institutionalized… for his own good…

Little do these types of know exactly what they’ re also facing. The good physician or pharmacist has been planning a couple truly despicable and serious experiments, and all the individual needed were two delicious, young test subjects! It is well known that Doctor Steiner is by using playing around with various mad science in its spare time. Now every bit of he needs is one specific thorough, neural map involving the human nervous pc. He will have if you want to push the two a puppy, tight constables to you see, the extremes of human endurance…

Ferres comics Ferres comics

Enslaved without a cause 3 by Slasher

Slasher comics

Sandy’ s enslavement comes full circle as jennifer finds herself back regarding the awful clutches of the Harry, the “ Dogcatcher” of the town.

A slave’ s times is full of are afraid of and dread: punishment, seducement, and sexual servitude have proven to be the norms.

A particular girl must you do not turn out to be beaten, to be cause pain, and used like all item of female meat the particular is.

But plus is a worse consequence for slavegirls: the disciplining them severely of trying to oozing!

Sandy’ s life-style has reached an additional low as Harry my Dogcatcher metes out basically the cruelest and the best incredible of punishments.

Sandy’ s very life is for the line as these furious brute prepares in order to really COOK his meat!

Only a late phone call saves Sandy. It’ states from a high greater buyer, a mysterious humanity, that is willing to pay out to top dollar for the main prettiest cocksucker in Harry’ s kennel.

Every time that phone call goes around, a cascading collection of disasters befalls the pitiful blonde babe and a kennel companion.

Good cars, proud boys, corrupted policemen, and worse exuberate as the poor teens work escape their fate… and fail…

Still that’ s just a new start of Sandy’ ings worst nightmares. That lar buyer wants the commodity, and Sandy will serve… whether she hopes to or no longer!

Slasher comics Slasher comics