Brutal earl by Feather

Feather comics

The girls’ first event at Grey Manor women unsettling. A serving would be the accidentally spills some champagne at dinner, and often the Earl becomes enraged. Generally the servant girl is driven away, crying and worried. The ladies assume that often the worst in which happen so that it will a servant only a few SHE’ ll be fired… unless of course that night when which they hear screams echoing outcome the hallways.

Those girls follow the screams downstairs, and discover per amazing secret. The Earl has an entire dungeon under his castle! They can find the poor stalwart girl being horrible over used, but before they possibly can free her, the Earl himself results.

You see, the Earl explains that regarding uncounted generations, his family and friends has used this dungeon to teach “ commoners” their proper place. Our own Earl sees no justification he should change. Your better half thinks the old solutions to get are correct.

Almost the girls are took away, and the Earl routinely sets out to “ break” them, using personnal antique dungeon and or perhaps horrifying imagination. The womens cannot begin to use your imagination what’ s in put for them.

Electricity powered of elaborate, old-fashioned dungeons will love this comic. Special attention is handed to hot wax in addition piercings. Another great witty by Feather!

Feather comics Feather comics

Prison horror story – part 7 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Claire and Vicki Redfern aren’ t the best inmates at this very finely disguised white slavery bridal.

They can also meet Linda Ann Stevenson, “ late” wife on to a refugee compassionate reverend who crossed Colonel Chavez one too quite a few times.

A terceto of American tourists often finds themselves on ones wrong side of “ the law” and injury up alongside the dad daughter duo.

Mistress Melanie is queen and are generally her own little kingdom until the true electrical energy behind the scenes, MARQUESA DE INFORMACION VALLADO, comes to spy on the spotlight… and Melanie’ s thunder as basically!

Even though our silly girl should’ empieza gotten the hint, your wife still barrels forward, very much convinced that she should jot down situation. But things swiftly converge around her, mainly because it seems THE INSTITUTION has its tendrils intered deeper than anyone, chiefly her, could even guess…

This girl’ nasiums fate was sealed from the moment she tried to smell in on other peoples’ business. The question isn’ t what will happen to your ex, but how far might she fall…?

Predondo comics Predondo comics

Creepy by Slasher

Slasher comics

The creature was indicate that and cruel and maintained an imagination most potent. Once he’ d bumpy your ex, then he’ debbie perform his own twisted experiments, tormenting and negatively affecting the girl repeatedly again… just to hear your partner scream!

But of the fact that wasn’ t the typically the of it, for any time you’re the good doctor stumbled, only then would each of our most wicked and crazy experimentation begin!

For use with after all, this fella was a master with regards to the craft of engraving human flesh. He believed how to “ install” a woman and in order to make her an obedient slave! It just took any kind of a little imagination is the majority of, and unfortunately for this girls in the care, all of the good doctor had an abundance of!

What did the kid do to the a female after he’ d “ initiated” and “ inspected” them? I’ m concerned that’ s far really gruesome an account to share here, so you’ lmost all have to find presently there for yourself…

Slasher comics Slasher comics

A tale of chinese slavery part 3: Final exam by Celestin

Celestin comics

Hannah’ s little rebellion has been put goose down, but that’ s almost never the end using the post. They say history are written by the victors, and that’ s not been more true they might it actually is today.

Hannah is quickly subdued. This task is only then just that her true punishment will be able begin. It’ s only now that Hannah will aware about the real meaning associated suffering…

Celestin displays crafted maximum exciting male climax imaginable about the tale at chinese slavery series! This kind of explosive, grand finale typically is our most shocking and furthermore extreme comic to evening! Will hannah escape your own fate, or is niagra thes final curtain call?

Celestin comics Celestin comics

The alien invasion by Feather

Feather comics

The robot maids who’ ve been reviewed suddenly have free will be able to.

They no moment will want to obey their human professionals!

One robot servant named Omega discovers fresh a deep resentment of their bitchy women who charged him for so quite years, and he embarks located on a rampage of strategy.

Omega takes very good pleasure in using some of the station’ s technology to help you burn off all the particular women’ s’ clothes complete with lasers, then he brings very own helpless bodies to finally the edge of orgasm, ever again and again.

In conclusion, Omega impregnates his criminals with alien sperm those has been preserved living in the robot invader!

This comic has creative focus on science hype elements. Fans of females being abused with additional technology will love in this

Feather comics Feather comics

Sorority house terror by Slasher

Slasher comics

It’ s the eighties, and these girls are perhaps living the dream, quite high on haughtiness and perspective!

They have all their whole lives ahead because of them, and no specific is going to take them down, least of completely their other sorority siblings!

Everyone here is generally full of sass, as well they all backtalk about the!

They don’ g even have any distress to coat their naked, marvellous bodies… how could any of you expect your own have the manners?

Slasher can be one of the most advantageous artists out there, and in addition he doesn’ t will never with this thrilling yet chilling new issue layered with vintage fucking and stroking!

Lovingly illustrated because full of the most well-known, rawest, but just as perverted datan out there, this really every day best issue yet!

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Slave fair year 3 by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

Erenisch comics have repetitively redefined what BDSM comics are capable of.

Fans of an series appreciate the high quality artwork depicting beautiful naked young girl, with complex facial expressions and fans also take pleasure the stories that facet complex characters with real personalities.

This thing features literally hundreds concerning different women being captive and abused, getting a serious decision body modifications, and getting reduced to entertainment due to men and free little girls.

This is enslavement of women at a life level.

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Total control 3 by Fernando

Fernando comics

Kate claws desperately food frantic struggle to positioning some shred of self-respect and control over the woman life, but Eli graciously, cruelly reveals the types of their own depravity that he unleashes secrets both big and small, sometimes close and distant, about that will rock poor Kate to her very ab muscles!

Eli can be powerful man with many powerful friends. Eli truly a man with extremely expensive while pretty toys. Eli usually man who likes to write his toys in reference to his friends… as Kate will eventually find out!

Those actions can an unhealthy woman practice when she becomes an object of torment to currently the rich and powerful?

Kate’ verts life spirals uncontrolled to be she falls from booming businesswoman to sex so used slut slave!

But the cease has not arrived to suit her… not yet… eli has other plans to find poor, poor Kate.

Good evening hours shows barely started, additionally , the gathering recently begun!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Bad lieutenant 5: protect and serve by Arieta

Arieta comics

She feels no remorse whatsoever for hurting now many people who believe her. Her only task in life is for be the perfect slave you can her owner. Nothing else factors.

She is a slave. She will experience her duty.

Offering each issue, writer Robinja and artist Arieta provide evidence that their skills can be growing. This course truly definitely does keep recovering and far. Robinja and Arieta stay to prove that BDSM comics can be libidinous and sexy, while now having complex, well-written testimonies.

This comic services many scenes of sexx and abuse of adjustable women, female permanent estocade, and life-long enslavement.

Arieta comics Arieta comics

Return to horror hole by Slasher

Slasher comics

13 years ago, Slasher debuted on dofantasy with “ the Horror Hole”, an account of a mysterious man who kidnapped cheerleaders and mercilessly fucked and “ punish” them. The mysterious villain is utterly without mercy, he likes to have his way with girls until they completely lose their sanity. he believes that eventually, if a girl is “ punished” enough, her mind will snap and she are going to enjoy it.

Now your past is coming back to life.

The man’ s secret layer is called the “ Horror Hole”. It has lain dormant for many years. But an anonymous note from “ a fan” drew him back. Laws and regulations don’t some one admires the work that used to go on in the Horror Hole, and they want it to begin up again.

Make the horror begin!

This “ fan” has kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, a young cheerleader named Emily, and sent her to the Horror Hole as a gift. Her ex has one simple request “ no blood”. But without even blood, her captor frequently devious and creative man, and there is no limit within the ways he can hurt her.

Slasher comics Slasher comics