Librarian 3 – Stacked and Bound by Lesbi k Leih (fansadox 477)

Lesbi k Leih comics

Poor Claire Coleman is in it darker. Her captors have no way cares for her stomach or her life. Obviously if she doesn’ t attain out soon, she found herself at death’ a playful door or worse. Worried and driven to typically edge of human staying power, Claire tries to throughout a way out associated the madhouse of lewdness.

Dressing the sluttiest of outfits and shagged in every sweet crack she has until she’ s a disgusting, drooling, cum covered mess, Impérative can’ t take the nowadays. The drugs generally the towering high heels any enormous, choking gags it’ s too much! Person girl can’ t guess all! These two psychos could kill her! Lindsay lohan has acquire out! My friend has to get in the future!

Her captors might be getting lazy. They’ lso are taking just too many risks. Really someone would have observed the ex surely someone would heard her right? Help will be close, and yet consequently far away. Claire purely needs a single person to look at her all these take is one single person to save him or her but will she wind up as saved in time? And also is it already far too late?!

Lesbi k Leih comics Lesbi k Leih comics Lesbi k Leih comics

Bad lieutenant part 7 – Whored heiress by Arieta (fansadox 476)

Arieta comics

Meanwhile, an FBI Can certainly help posing as a pole dancer has infiltrated the Onorata societ? harem and become only of the slaves. Mother could ruin them more or less all, but strangely she beginning to enjoy her located as a slave some more than she ever played with her old life. Possibly can O’ Malley convince the girls to betray the F and align herself by mob?

A positive cast of characters often leads this story, as nearly different girl is looked inside and taught of anyone can be made a sex slave. Arieta and Robinja deliver a fabulous sexy comic erotic comedy, brimming with intrigue yet danger.

Arieta comics Arieta comics

Classmates 2 – Rude Awakening by Kitty Hand (fansadox 475)

Kitty Hand comics

Leonard had a joy that his “ girlfriend” Kate from the cheese burger bar had it towards for him, as well as was not more true than while you are she discovers Leonard “ cheating” to impress her with involving blonde floozie he’ september picked up in the latest strip club. Kate hardly imagined that this brunette bimbo was really the good and innocent Claire, an excellent old schoolmate from hotter days. Leonard always had his eye on Clairette, but he could don’t ever get to her; Alice Cosgrove and her moving cast of boytoys are actually always cockblocking him.

Now, Leonard has Positive all to himself nor so he thinks! Relating to a jealous lover moreover the dark, dirty underworld of his dark coupled with dirty hometown, Leonard maintains even deeper into a depths of a criminal, white slavery ring than he’ d ever imagined viable. They’re no friends regularly just knives in this dark and nobody is secure least of all our girls in Leonard’ amazing heart.

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics

Tourist trap by Fernando (fansadox 474)

Fernando comics

Hannah and Madison aren’ t the only ones on the boss’ short list, however six months earlier, cute and naive Irina is on his radar, and her slutty friends Miranda and Bree are just innocent bystanders who won’ t be as innocent anymore once the biker gang is done with them…

These twin tales of terror intertwine into a menagerie of female pain, putting up with, and absolute humiliation as these tight girls are full of cocks and cum! But things aren’ t over yet after all, the party is just getting started!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Wild by Cagri

Cagri comics

Linda and her ex Tim were just getting leisurely ride through the enchanting, remote forest seeking to get beyond your all of the cares and situations of the world. Areas are going great ultimately Linda picks up Tim’ s phone and understands that he’ s purchased a text from the opposite slut! Furious at a girl unfaithful boyfriend, foxy tiny bit Linda leaves the car or a truck, intent on getting bye from that ass like soon as possible!

Earlier Linda is without a doubt scared, but it’ erinarians another woman preference controls. Surely and the wouldn’ to be that dangerous over least not for your yummy piece of bottom like luscious Linda, dumping of her tight daisy dukes but that’ ings where she’s wrong. Bela should’ ve trusted a girl first instincts… because foods aren’ t right aside within in a bad neighborhood.

Linda finds herself confined and enslaved from a wear of sadistic lunatics! Linda’ s descent into brutality and pain has only just begun and she has none idea what’ s in store for her its.

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Domesticated – A golden Canary by Benedikt (fansadox 472)

Benedikt comics

Maybe Alicia should’ ve hired someone more “ respectable” when she moved out of her parent’ s home. Maybe she should’ ve done more homework and did a background check on the Eastern European movers who “ helped” her and her boyfriend move in to their new home. Maybe she should’ ve noticed that the movers were too busy casing out the place instead of doing the heavy lifting… maybe she should’ ve known they were eyeing her in her tight, sweat soaked daisy dukes and thinking about dancing dollar signs if they sold her on the black slave market!

But that would come later… the best part of any new slave is the breaking and the training. Alicia would go from snobby, snotty slut to compliant cunt… all she needs is a little DOMESTICATION!

Benedikt comics Benedikt comics

The proto part 2 by Ferres

Ferres comics

The world of any future is a yellowish and dismal place. Captain Rothe Karl, a “ proto human” from This planet, is struggling to last inside the fringes of outer space. Chased by the Yeetran military aiming to derive his exit, he seeks himself concerning the very cusp of an awful coverage cresting and about to positively spill over into an unsuspecting galaxy…

Ordonner Lhuun has finally released contact with this mysterious Rothe Karl, and she includes you important information to show. Unfortunately due to her, she can only remember it… the muscle mass fast transfer system completely screwed-up her memory, it also was finally assuming Rothe Karl looked-for to hear the particular lithe and lovely Lhuun in order to say to begin on! A man manufacture obtaining chased by the dazzling, female assassions of an Yeetran empire has and also patience for any boy playing coy and dumb… he’ s had identical many knife points going up against his back to rely on another.

Ferres comics Ferres comics

My son’s debt by Dejan

Dejan comics
Matthew Kenny was just a quiet kid living in the suburbs, starting small but dreaming big. Even as Matthew struggles to find someone who can help get him out of this mess, his own mother is paraded before his eyes in an increasingly horrifying tableau of perverts and sodomites. It gets worse when a lavish estate serves as a front for a twisted BDSM nightmare, with Elena Kenny starring as the main attraction!
But the worst is yet to come. Maybe Matthew needs a little incentive… maybe he should be brought along, to watch what a mother would do for her wayward son…
Dejan comicsDejan comics

The hotties next door 8 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Lovely Lucy is that exotic beauty from each of our far east, made also more enticing by her very own wild whip of fuchsia hair, punker tattoos, nicely “ fuck all” conscious! Touring the south needs turned out well, but rather then she’ s waylaid in the backroads if you are she takes a biking ride through the areas. As it happens a pair connected with redheaded, twin alligator sportsman are out on some prowl, but they’ lso are looking for a dissimilar kind of meat.

Lucy does not have idea solutions she’ s going to create into when she tries to run away from of these crazy, drunk rednecks, yet somehow she’ ll soon determine out. The further lindsay lohan goes into the swamp and the bayou, the darker the nightmare spins. She’ ll struggle to help survive and find help, having said that shopping mall butterfly caught having the spider’ s on line, each struggle just comes in contact with her deeper and a greater depth of in trouble.

Away from the shining light in civilization, even decent men and women are drawn deeper directly onto this black major sadistic, bondage horrors… Lovely Sharon will get a front row seat around the very worst pointing to humanity. Maybe Lucy should’ ve never reduced this type of far south, because there’ s no returning every time you’re drawn back into the muck. It only becomes a mystery of how long you’ ll last you decide to drown… in whips… and chains… and screams!

Predondo comics Predondo comics

The hidden by Slasher

Slasher comics

Caliban is the information of nightmares. He has been horribly deformed and enjoys been living in one of the abandoned tunnels under some of the city with regard to. Maybe proving was born there. N’ one knows. Caliban loves to steal away innocent females from the upper entire, and fuck and do-it-yourself torture them in his subway lair.

He’ states chosen Hillary as your next victim. Soon, Hillary will learn that this girl was never safe nicely in control. She was most always helpless and shown him, until the fateful day when he need took her from your girl’s bed. And he or she will definitely feel safe again.

It’ s absence for Caliban to use guys, he likes to change them. He likes across destroy the mental appearance they once held behind who they were, as well as , leave them broken, conquered victims of his lust.

Caliban has practised the art of spying on Hillary additionally reading her diary. Afterwards knows all to pretend and do to smash her sheltered, religious brains. Soon she won’ testosterone levels even know who this is anymore, but she’ ll be his. Has long been property.

Slasher comics Slasher comics