Lesbi k Leih, Geoffrey Merrick: Living dolls

Lesbi k Leih comics
All the while there is a set of pretty eyes that can’t cry, screaming silently and struggling madly in her invisible prison while stuffed full in every hole.

Lesbi k Leih comics Lesbi k Leih comics

Hawke: Street angels 2

Hawke comics
A few days after Liat’s encounter with Pirro at the club, she meets up with her mother Dana at their usual diner. The next day Liat enters the Subway, re-energized after talking with her mother. And the story goes on.

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Celestin, Naj: Dresden twins

Celestin comic
This was their first and perhaps last mistake. Doctor Emmerich Albrect nor his aggressive, American lawyer have any interest in settling with Angelika. Instead they turn the settlement meeting into a circus of shame and humiliation!

Celestin comic Celestin comic

Aquila: Dominus 2 – The escape

Aquila comic
Things will get darker, more terrible, and more terrifying as Kirsten plays a dangerous cat and mouse game with the cruel crew of sadists and depraved sex fiends, and she knows it’s all or nothing. If she’s caught, there will be no one to save her, and she and Emma will be lost… FOREVER!!

Aquila comic Aquila comic

Predondo: Harem horror hell part 8

Predondo comic
Meanwhile, while the princess is out, the Emir and his family are plotting revenge… and they know Doctor Z is the key… what do they have in store for Jasmine when they’ve taken back control? And what will happen to Jasmine?

Predondo comic Predondo comic

Slasher: The black crystal

Slasher comic
In the foul recesses of Kain’s castle, both girls learn the extent of Kain’s power, and how much control he has. They will learn what wicked sorcery he uses to control the minds of these helpless and innocent girls and force them to not only do his bidding… but enjoy it!

Slasher comic Slasher comic

Kittyhand, Comixchef, Sarenaph: Objection overruled – Betrayal

Kittyhand comic
This story explores what happened in between those two comics… Sophie’s training and slow, humiliating breaking, and how Julia fell from grace and turned from arrogant, star lawyer to sniveling, desperate, slut slave!

Kittyhand comic Kittyhand comic

Cagri: Cruel servants

Cagri comic
It will be three months of hell for the Montana clan. Mr. Hank Montana can only watch as his wife and hot daughter are taken and abused over and over again right in front of his very eyes!

Cagri comic Cagri comic

Arieta: Voyages of the trader vol. 1

Arieta comic
But Ms. Isley is not the only one in the hands of The Trader. This is just the beginning of Ms. Isley’s adventure… but it might very well be her last…

Arieta comic Arieta comic

Arctoss: The headmistress

Arctoss comic
Unfortunately for George Arnold, the school isn’t as empty as it initially appeared, and Caroline Martin catches him in the act! George hastily tries to explain himself, but Caroline is having none of it! She’ll see his fat ass fired on the spot, and see him thrown to the curb!

Arctoss comic Arctoss comic