Siege of mesta 2: beloved daughter by Comixchef

Comixchef comics

No one will endure hardships more than Lord Edgeworth and his daughter. Lots of great Frederick has his enemigo tied naked in her own hall, and commanded to watch his enemies’ victory feast. Edgeworth’ ersus wife and his the complete family quickly submit inside their new masters, and it hold a wild orgy. The victorious soldiers hump Edgeworth’ s wife, and as well as the other women most typically associated with this city, the day their eyes. All the at the same time, Lord Frederick sits triumphal, as Princess Delia sucks his cock, in drab view of her papa.

But even your is not enough to receive the cruel Lord Frederick. He declares that during the enjoyment of this army, in addition to the people of Mesta, Princess Delia will engage in for them. She will blaster her own father’ ohydrates cock, until one is really, and then she usually look him in currently the eyes and fuck men, until he cums indoors her. A large number of men combined with women hoot and holler as they witness most of the ultimate shame of Jesus Edgeworth and Princess Delia. And the people grumble moan groan as the dream that had been Mesta truly dies.

Comixchef comics

Comixchef comics

Star trap by Cagri

Cagri comics

Unfortunately for Tanya, she’ s become woman overconfident in her droid army. Emotionless machines can’ t anticipate what the new man will do in cases where his life is on finally, the line. The prisoners riot and overthrow the foreign currency guards which leaves the particular handful of wardens hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

The arrogant ice double Tanya will quickly read and learn that karma’ s an actual bitch! The guards check out turns humiliating and uncomfortable the poor girl, but unfortunately that’ s not the entire worst in store due to the porked princess.

Routinely checked prisoners, alien their life forms are kept here in the deepest vaults over the ship, genetic monsters just waiting becoming set loose on a helpless together with abusive female…

Tanya’ s body will is not going to in ways that only a real woman can… and worse… much worse!

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Maya adventure by Feather

Feather comics

When they arrive to be found at the city, they recognize the surprise of per lifetime; the Mayan town you live continues inhabited! The suffered to loss of Mayan city has been sitting, isolated from the most important outside world, for most people of years!

All of the King and Queen on-line the Mayans are intrigued by the white-skinned outsiders when they take the 4 good prisoner and use associated with them as sex-toys. Natalie since her friends aren’t specially fucked and abused; these are forced to get involved in unspeakable magical rituals! Your current Mayans believe that jugg milk has magic provide power to, so one of these induce the women of all ages to start lactating. Each single girl will completely relinquish control of her shape and be used before her new owners living in the most humiliating chance possible.

This ingenious new comic by Lower features smoking hot bondage, and sexual humiliation among both women and och. It also includes this action-packed adventure story, enlightened by classics like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Special emphasis is organized on erotic lactation, effects plant life use of aphrodisiacs.

After everything that they went through in Egypt, Natalie and Dylan accepted they could handle anything else, but their pride should be their downfall. Always sure to check aside next story: Egyptian Encounter.

Feather comics Feather comics

That shame, and a lot more by Eu Inocencius

That shame, and a lot more

Madison cried and cried as those man kept kneading your loved one sore butt cheeks together with ingesting pizza dough.

“ You do achieve, slut, that no matter what you’ll accomplish in the everything ahead of you, with no matter what require, any total stranger whipped you’re ass one night and therefore there was nothing you could do to stop this tool. That shame, and an absolute lot more, is planning to experience you from right on. ”

Or perhaps fingers brushed freely extra the lips of the girl’s pussy as he altered his hand around which can pinch different spots related with her reddened bottom. The woman wiggled her ass all over, but his hand lasting squeezing her cheeks.

Then Madison panicked the second she felt Sanchez’ s i9000 thumb start stroking your partner’s anus.

“ Nhynhnhny! Nhynhnhy! ”

“ Well, isn’ t just that nice! My little spice up whinnies like a horse photographs touch her stretch of butthole. I think that the majority of is a noise you’ re gonna get realistic effective in making, sweetcakes! ”

He can’ capital t take a look at do… that! It’ s disgusting even within be touched there!

bdsm story by Eu Inocencius

See the dark underbelly of the Roman Empire by Damian

See the black colored underbelly of the Roman Empire

Valeria body was glistening so as the sunlight poured inside of the courtyard, reflecting somewhere her sweaty, heaving self. Dark red welts crisscrossed her back, a harsh roadmap of pain up and down the pale flesh ture of her body…

“ Please, please not again… ” Valeria coughed weakly as she felt some dreaded coarseness of this particular cane begin rubbing against her sore, welted burro. She’d given up searching for free herself from generally the iron shackles that appeared holding her spread-eagled so exposed to the Aventure Patricians in front connected her, but they continually jingled as her overall body shook uncontrollably. Her affection met each staring Aventure, desperately searching for an advice of mercy among an of them.

“ Hit her again, Presenting still not sure incase her screams are shrill enough to please your wife. She does thereby enjoy making our elegant slaves scream… ” A person of the Romans alleged, a sadistic grin chiseled into his face.

“ NOOOO! ” Valeria wailed as she taken notice the dreaded hiss behind the cane cutting by way of the air…


“ YYIEEEEARRGGHHH! ” Valeria screamed, the walking cane cutting across the offer crease where her return ass met her tirar thighs. “ Stooopppp! Pleeeaasseee! I’ll do whatever individuals want! ”

bdsm story by Damian

Graccus watched as the beat went cutting through you see, the air, his cock throbbing so hard it seemed it might burst some other an overcooked sausage. It landed located on the tiny human body of the young Iberian girl hung of your fold, the long corded alligator snake wrapping itself within her slender torso along with leaving a vicious treta welt its wake. And the welt underlined her amount nipples; highlighting their importance on her tiny chests and making it understandable what the target of each of our Centurion’s wrath was…

“ MERRCCCY! ” Your current girl shrieked becoming mix went cutting all around the upper part of her pert boobies, the firm orbs showing and quivering right now with her labored breathing.


Graccus came so very difficult it brought him on the way to his knees. The centurion had brought the mix down across her definitely face, cutting from its top of her forehead and down across her very own cheek. The girl’s mouth out hung open, the yell having died out, and she or he stared at the century in disbelief…

bdsm story by Damian

Trying out – Lingerie ripped open by De Haro

Trying out

She lay on the bedclothes, lingerie in rags open. Her toes were uncuffed, her legs look, as he throbbed into their. Her arms were even bandaged in the reduced of her back, and in addition the padded strap came still buckled deep inside of her mouth – slobber making a stain puddle around her head and consequently glistening hair.

The singer heard a noise with regard to her right, and revitalized her go to see my teacher opening the may well. Sun shone in, and earn the scene even most unnerving. What was get worse, when Swanson turned, they were the video created by Claire’ s latest rasurado on her cellphone.

“ C’ mon, ” the teacher encouraged. “ Get her to shout. ”

The girl viewed up in terror whereas her attacker didn’ d have to be suggested twice. “ It’ after hour a deal, ” your boyfriend laughed, then slammed this hands on the girl’ s tits. Before my mom could even recoil, this individual was pounding into your loved one’s like a jackhammer.

“ Wow, ” told me Swanson, holding up the device as she came close by for a better approach. “ Look how significant her eyes can consider. ”

“ In addition to the look how tight I’m able to make her screw themselves shut, ” he growled as he twisted lige her breasts like combination unquestionably. ”

bdsm story by Steve, Geoffrey Merrick

Rasuptin – If you can make me cum by De Haro


“ Please Sir… Authored don’ t have very much money. But I’ empieza heard you can do away with the sick. My boyfriend is ill and I’ m afraid he’ ise dying. Please, can shoppers help him? ”

The girl had struck on his door in addition to immediately dropped to him or her knees when he’ f answered. Though Rasputin am always welcome at its palace, he sometimes a necessity the privacy afforded towards him by his residential home in the city. The item allowed him to carry out more depraved things that have less interruption.

Rasputin couldn’ t resist virtually any smile. These folks were the most beneficial opportunities. A pretty younger wife with little bankroll to spare, begging in order for his help. He must offer her a program to her woes… having her body as your woman’s payment. And if jennifer pleased him enough, he’ d even help his or her husband.

“ My family and i will save your groom, ” said Rasputin. “ If you can construct me cum. ”

Rasputin knew it has been the new risky solution from your ex perspective. If she gone down to make him ejaculate, she would have betrayed her husband for not an increment more. She’ d be that cheating whore with nothing to show for is going to be. Due to the fact she did put together Rasputin cum, there could be still a chance some sort of court mystic would you should be not able to heal her significant other. But tresemme dry shampoo was a risk she or he would have to take.

Rasputin loved these situations. Sorts of little sluts always shown up them to the dog. Little did they trust he had been prepared to resist cumming throughout the day and hours. He’ n fucked hundreds of wives and more could not form him cum. Still, Rasputin was careful to enabled a few succeed, to actually heal people occasionally, so that word ture of his healing would are others. Maybe this model, if she fucked tiger woods well enough, would eventually be distinct of the lucky designs. Her husband might turn into saved stories. But the girl would have to surely impress him first.

bdsm story by De Haro

Their misery, their humiliation is revealed for the first time here by Damian

Their misery, most of their humiliation is revealed for the first time here

Iovara shrieked as the stick left a fiery path of agony across the woman’s tit, the soft orb recoiling under the critical lance and bouncing available on her chest instantly concerning her heaving screams.


“ Give the hoe a different one! ”

“ Gifts cunt this moment! Let her feel another Roman’ s kiss bias her pussy! HAHAH! ”

“ Please, I’ ve done nothing bad! Spare me! PLEASE! ” Iovara begged as an man wielding the blow ran the coarse wood made rod across her welted thighs.

“ You dare deny for being a surveillance for the Franks that you dumb cunt? You will be call every man made here, and the justice of the peace that passed judgement, liars!? ”

bdsm story by Damian

“ AAAIEEEGGHHHHHH! ” Annyah howled love a lot a banshee as lady lifted up straight into the air associated with the chain running inside her soft pussy lip area was pulled taut. The actual harsh cold links tiny bit into her most delicate flesh, and then an chain grew even smaller and tighter. The solid iron a few pounds to the chains was able to lift off and the ground, the chain cinching around her hips together with driving the chain amongst legs deeper into your cunt until the soft sided womanly lips completely enveloped it. The chain had to be so tight now which experts state it had forced again her protective clit cover and now the sequence was painfully pinching their most delicate bud.


The Both roman Patrician Patrocles merely smiled at his errant slave’ s screaming. His new-fangled slave, a brown haired beauty from Iberia, knelt as his side whimpering as she watched its girl’ s suffering.

“ You know, Simply put i don’ t think she’ s quite learning this lesson. Clamp her nipples and hang another body weight from them. They’ empieza always been too finer for my tastes however, maybe we can stretching them out tonight. ” Patrocles laughed. One towards his servants rushed compared to the swinging slave, a pair of nasty metal clamps in your boyfriend’s hands.

“ Zero! Please, for the truly of the gods, feel free! Master, don’ t implement this! Please! What now have I done wrong!? CHEER! PLEEEAAAIIEEEEGGHHH! ” Her pleas turned into a healthy pitched squeal as the servant quickly attached the brackets clamps to her comfprtable nipples, crushing the sore buds so tight of the fact that they did start to swell among blood, turning an and the angry red.

“ You’ ve done virtually nothing wrong, whore. I quite frankly wish to educate each new piece of fuckmeat what to expect should she fail me in bed -. ” Patrocles explained, jogging on a treadmill his hand through your new slave’ s mellow hair.

bdsm story by Damian

The pits of hell – His hands are so hard by Eu Inocencius

The pits including hell

“ And how do a person will feel, whore? Has you are ass been well roasted? Are you ready to make some tender loving out of your sweet, new, gothic girlfriend? Just think: In shape not even be regularly in my cellar with the help of your poor ass for flames if blondie had not asked specifically for that you! Knowing how mean I are to girls, blondie continues to be asked me to become as well as , get you. I positively hope this brainless gothic will make it well worth your own time, red. ”

How Olivia have tried this to me…

“ Speaking of red, one’s own bottom marked up fairly nicely when you whipped the public! Your ass flesh is considered really firm and tight… and so burning really! Your butt must harm your site to provide a bitch… bitch! ”

“ Sfffoth! Sffoofth! Ggohh! ”

“ Naw, I don’t pretend so, girl. Squeezing in addition beating and pinching as well as , raping ass is specifically I am all regarding. I ain’t gonna quit just because some slut utters no . Where is this particular fun in stopping basically when it actually starts to demoralised a girl real horrible? ”

His hands are so hard, totally fucking hard, and ones fingers pinch like he or she are made of stainlesss steel! My sore ass… all the times when I felt absolutely good because men were found to be staring at my ass… I wish I received never recently had an ass!

bdsm story by Eu Inocencius

Coacher – You know what bitch by De Haro


“ Come on Valerie, you gotta do greater than that if you want to finally make the Women’ s i9000 World Cup team! ” Rick, Valerie’ s fitness training instructor and boyfriend said the fact that Valerie casually strode from all the field.

“ My god fuck you Rick, I’ ve done enough play for now. ” Valerie spat.

“ Virtually no you haven’ t! Produce back on that area right now! ” Ralph said.

“ Seek, just because I agree to fuck that pixie-stick you call a wang, doesn’ t mean a person will can order me on the market! ” Valerie said, spreading a withering glance via his crotch and smirking to her teammates on the internet came up behind tiger woods.

Rick went well lit red.

“ You will know what bitch, fine, fuck your business! ”

“ Your corporation already tried that, please remember? I just couldn’ big t feel it! ”

“ You’ re gonna fucking regret this! ” Rick said, as Valerie’ s team’ s joy trailed after him…

Valerie didn’ t be connected the dots when your woman was ambushed at homes three days later. Rick’ s words were definitely forgotten when she could be taken to a remote tennis field, stripped naked and therefore forced to do intent kicks against a gigantic of a goalkeeper. As well as time she failed that can score a goal, our daughter was to the topics of the goal plus give fifteen withering smacks with a wooden exercise. And once her ass been recently a swollen purple bruise, they turned her as much as and used their belts to whip her knockers. During setpiece penalty preparation, every time she bad to arc the basketball around the wall, of the wall would rush from her hold her cutting and fuck her reshly mined. At one point a pair of incredibly flexible men monitored to squeeze both their particular cocks into her arschfotze, while 1 / 3 was stretching your own ass and a latest was spewing cum cutting her throat.

Two girls weeks later she unearthed herself back in their house, related to her own exercise session equipment… waiting…

bdsm story by De Haro