Cagri: Fallout 2143

Cagri comics
The remaining world was shaped by deserts and a need for fresh, clean, drinkable water as most other sources had become irradiated for millennia due to the nuclear bombardment. In this hellscape, Ava and Mia from the all-female “Amazon Sisters” clan make a daring heist: stealing a full water truck from the sick, twisted, and perverted “Desert Snakes” clan, a rival clan!

Cagri comics Cargi comics

Geoffrey Merrick, Lesbi K Leih: Tales of terror

Geoffrey Merrick, Lesbi K Leih comics
The final chapter of “Allhallows Eve” follows the story of Dr. Donnelly and Missy seeking an inmate who just escaped from the Hiddenburg Insane Asylum… one dark and devious “Myles Michaels” who was sent to the asylum long ago for hiding his sister in a safe place… and pounding her pussy fast and hard every chance he got!

Geoffrey Merrick, Lesbi K Leih comics Geoffrey Merrick, Lesbi K Leih comics

Arctoss: Gemma grant adventures 2 – Rescue mission

Arctoss comics
Meanwhile, Margaret will be put through her paces on center stage on the sex slave island! Margaret will suffer new depths of shame and humiliation as she’s paraded and displayed in front of all manner of strange, weird, and frightening men, leering at her from the shadows.

Arctoss comics Arctoss comics

Hawke: Kayla’s summer break part 4

Hawke comics
Kayla, Tyler, and Mark have some intimate moments by the side of the pool with the twin terrors getting off and poor Kayla getting wrecked! But the fun has just begun after that! Tyler’s bought some brand new toys and has them delivered to the remote, lakeside cabin. From there the REAL fun can get started!

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Predondo: Punished in paradise 3

Predondo comics
Paths will cross, and deals will be made as the worst of human nature takes root. The sick, perverted lesbian mistresses will enjoy their prizes high in their hotel room above the city. Have fun with those slavegirls, ladies. Brooke and Tisha may not be yours for much longer.

Predondo comics Predondo comics

Cagri: The Cult

Cagri comics
By the time she found herself naked and bound to a stone slab, ready to be sacrificed to “Decarabia”… it was far, far too late. But “Decarabia” needs his sacrifice to be prepared for his arrival to our world, and Charlotte’s suffering and humiliation is what he needs. Charlotte will pave the way for this demonic creature’s arrival, and oh how pretty she will scream as she shrieks for her new, demonic master!

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Hawke: Street angels

Hawke comics
She’s not wrong; he’s been trying to squash and silence her crime fighting efforts for a while now, but this is a step too far. Mayor Ricci hires a professional… the infamous Pirro Morin… a man who knows how to tame women and make them do his absolute bidding with secrets no other man knows.

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Kittyhand: Classmates – Jane’s nightmare

Kittyhand comics
To those people, Jane was nothing more than a piece of meat to be played with and fucked over. This is the story of what happened to her before the madness started and when she was bundled off to the KA Club to be trained in her new role… as an unwilling sex slave!

Kittyhand comics Kittyhand comics

Slasher: Schizo

Slasher comics
Out in the middle of nowhere, far from help and humanity is a little farmhouse. In this farmhouse, three guys live together… the suave but sadistic Ellis, the gentle and scared Edgar, and the maniacal sex demon Elvin. How it starts, nobody knows, but they all want turns at poor little Paige, strung up in the shed out back.

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Celestin: Pleasure trip

Celestin comics
Jason and Samantha are two middle-aged lovebirds who found their true passion in life: each other! They married quickly and brought their kids along for the ride, Jason’s son Patrick and Samantha’s daughter Khloe. Patrick is in the prime of his life; a young, strapping man with a raging hard-on and a lust for any pussy he can get his hands on… even his own step-sister!

Celestin comics Celestin comics