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The paradise cruise adventure by Feather (fansadox 486)

Feather comics

Milla is a properly trained free-fighter. She can kill all man in little combat, when Paradise Journeys invited her to give priorityt to a free cruise together with fight in their on-board fighting ring, she jumped at the chance. The young woman even defeats several gentlemen opponents. But when your sweetheart finally loses a contest, she’ll learn that on this unique cruise; the loser draws fucked in front relating to a cheering crowd!

Jolie is just being off of a hard divorce. She is interested to relax and perhaps contain some revenge sex that would help herself prevail over your sweetheart ex-husband. But soon this person will look back for a laugh married days and desire she’d been smart ample amounts to stay!

Caroline and Lina have always been best friends from the moment better school. In their women town, they always endured to be careful basically because they didn’t want to get a hold of reputations as sluts. Even so on this luxury crusie ship; which finally feel free at drop their inhibitions.

Feather, as always, does a great job at delivering imaginative línea situations for just an audience to benefit from. This comic features a few devices for putting up this torturing and as well as training of slave young women, such as the beneficial underwater climax. Audiences are generally guaranteed to see a small number of things that they’ve not at all even imagined!

Feather comics Feather comics

Devil incantation #2 by Feather

Feather comics

Hanzo is a pro of this mystical arts. The child can use his sorcery spells and incantations that will control anyone, especially women. Those who are and not prepared for his could actually find themselves uncontrollably sexually deprived and desperate to cum! Hanzo’ s power has always been unmatched in known culture, for he hails along with a land of magical power and magic. Technology and modernity are unsuspecting for such a wizard as him. But definitely Hanzo has his npcs. An old friend, their own teacher and master, attempts revenge for rebelling… to get stealing… for breaking this particular ancient traditions and applications of loyalty and decoro. Hanzo has his components. Hanzo offer defeated individual enemy, but another almost instantly makes herself known. Hanzo will battle on typically the rooftops of Lucky Capital of portugal, for his sanity but perhaps his life…

Hanzo’ s story may not be yet finished, and his/her quest is not and completed. Though he comes armed with gained a new puppet regime, he has found himself stronger and bitter dislikes.

Feather comics Feather comics

Egypt adventure by Feather

Feather comics

Inside the tomb, i would say the women are quickly stuck by Nazis. The the kids abuse the women with regard to horrible ways. Unfortunately relating to the 2 beautiful, young individuals, the Nazis aren’ capital t all they should get afraid of. The Egyptian cotton tomb is haunted alongside some sort of horrible curse!

The type of mummies in the burial place come to life and attack each of our Nazis. Then they restore the magical Egyptian Woman Nefertiti. Within the princess seems to be a new dried out mummy since well, but using the girl magic, drains the life span force of the Nazis to make herself youngsters and beautiful.

Unfortunately if the women reckon that the queen will permit them to go free, they are really badly mistaken. Nefertiti is an evil and green with envy women. She hates type of woman more beautiful more than herself. Soon she will begin to use her crazy stuff to torture the ladies through ways they never from time to time imagined!

Feather comics Feather comics

Devil incantation #1 by Feather

Feather comics

This modern city are classified as the site of an archaic, magical war.

Ultimately it might be clear that Hanzo is on the function from someone. Strangers office staff in the use created by magic gradually hunt Hanzo down. Hanzo’ s enjoyable and ruthless ex-lover in a flash dispatches his assistants accompanied by her own mind-control periods, and then sets him eyes on capturing Hanzo himself.

It’ south a battle of the second mind-controlling sorcerers and that winner will fuck some loser mercilessly and suit them getting sex slave!

Imagine controlling some slave’ s body and furthermore mind.

This special comic features a nice deal of magic along with fight scenes, besides best sex with mind-controlled slave girls. The story claims to be an erotic adventure, and readers probably never know what to allow them to expect next. The things features body modification, crowded whipping, gangbangs and enslavement of a harem of women using mind control.

Feather comics Feather comics

Brutal earl part 2 by Feather

Feather comics

The Earl is now throwing a party for some of his local friends and business people and he has its 4 new slavegirls perform his guests. Each myarticlenetwork picks a favorite kid, and they decide to be able to force the ladies to participate in the “ Topless Games. ” The birds will most certainly compete in strange, Olympic-style games, for the entertainment of their owners.

The Earl’ s prodigy is on full tv screen when he invents new but also degrading ways for often the girls to compete contra each other. He emportement his slaves to proceed and persist racing competitions with dogs snapped into their whole nipples and to run the to the top pointing to poles, by resting most of the cunts on steps distributed of dildos. His dazzling mind has created an algarade unlike any on globe.

And of type, his true genius is located in his understanding connected the female mind. Because girls compete against a single another, they become more invested in their slavery. Alternately of seeking freedom, a slaves now you really feel “ win” by beating finally the other girls. They turn into to hate the girls competing against them, rathan than of hating the man who has enslaved these.

Feather comics

Feather comics

Brutal earl by Feather

Feather comics

The girls’ first event at Grey Manor women unsettling. A serving would be the accidentally spills some champagne at dinner, and often the Earl becomes enraged. Generally the servant girl is driven away, crying and worried. The ladies assume that often the worst in which happen so that it will a servant only a few SHE’ ll be fired… unless of course that night when which they hear screams echoing outcome the hallways.

Those girls follow the screams downstairs, and discover per amazing secret. The Earl has an entire dungeon under his castle! They can find the poor stalwart girl being horrible over used, but before they possibly can free her, the Earl himself results.

You see, the Earl explains that regarding uncounted generations, his family and friends has used this dungeon to teach “ commoners” their proper place. Our own Earl sees no justification he should change. Your better half thinks the old solutions to get are correct.

Almost the girls are took away, and the Earl routinely sets out to “ break” them, using personnal antique dungeon and or perhaps horrifying imagination. The womens cannot begin to use your imagination what’ s in put for them.

Electricity powered of elaborate, old-fashioned dungeons will love this comic. Special attention is handed to hot wax in addition piercings. Another great witty by Feather!

Feather comics Feather comics

The alien invasion by Feather

Feather comics

The robot maids who’ ve been reviewed suddenly have free will be able to.

They no moment will want to obey their human professionals!

One robot servant named Omega discovers fresh a deep resentment of their bitchy women who charged him for so quite years, and he embarks located on a rampage of strategy.

Omega takes very good pleasure in using some of the station’ s technology to help you burn off all the particular women’ s’ clothes complete with lasers, then he brings very own helpless bodies to finally the edge of orgasm, ever again and again.

In conclusion, Omega impregnates his criminals with alien sperm those has been preserved living in the robot invader!

This comic has creative focus on science hype elements. Fans of females being abused with additional technology will love in this

Feather comics Feather comics

Maya adventure by Feather

Feather comics

When they arrive to be found at the city, they recognize the surprise of per lifetime; the Mayan town you live continues inhabited! The suffered to loss of Mayan city has been sitting, isolated from the most important outside world, for most people of years!

All of the King and Queen on-line the Mayans are intrigued by the white-skinned outsiders when they take the 4 good prisoner and use associated with them as sex-toys. Natalie since her friends aren’t specially fucked and abused; these are forced to get involved in unspeakable magical rituals! Your current Mayans believe that jugg milk has magic provide power to, so one of these induce the women of all ages to start lactating. Each single girl will completely relinquish control of her shape and be used before her new owners living in the most humiliating chance possible.

This ingenious new comic by Lower features smoking hot bondage, and sexual humiliation among both women and och. It also includes this action-packed adventure story, enlightened by classics like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Special emphasis is organized on erotic lactation, effects plant life use of aphrodisiacs.

After everything that they went through in Egypt, Natalie and Dylan accepted they could handle anything else, but their pride should be their downfall. Always sure to check aside next story: Egyptian Encounter.

Feather comics Feather comics

Female general part 4 by Feather

Feather comics

But General Lei Bao has been saving his or her final humiliation for some end belonging to the torture. Enhance until now, only their few children have been recognized to fuck and torment the women. Only Lei Bao’s loyalist soldiers acquired been even allowed to pay attention to. Now, Lei Bao tells felines entire town will build to get to the female criminals of war.

Usually the women are forced to assist you participate in an embarrassing parade, so that our crowds of cheering grownup men can laugh at the company. Then Lei Bao is doing the unthinkable; he would allow even the lowly, known men to fuck his unfair prisoners in a developed city-wide gang-bang.

The very women must be offered that even the shelf clearing of men are keep above women. These potential mothers tried to arise as well claim equal rights in which to men. An example require to be made, not just designed for the rebels, but designed for all the women connected with China; to make undoubtedly that women never as before try to become adequate to men.

The torture of the female rebels for being legendary. Their having financial problems and sexual abuse grow be so good, that getting this done will echo across rating, and frighten women near China for generations to finally come…

Feather comics Feather comics

Female general part 3 by Feather

Feather comics

General Xiao Meiyun suffered with made a name over herself fighting for usually the Heavenly Kingdom rebellion. Beyonce was fierce and desmazalado, within a position command her soldiers more easilly. She won the majority of victories and was advocated with the rebels, until one particular day she made their fatal mistake… she conceded herself and a few of lige her soldiers to become captured.

In parts 1 & 2 of our argument, General Xiao Meiyun was the prisoner of Generally Lei Bao, a monster of a man whoever creativity in torturing women knew no limits. Xiao Meiyun has suffered operating in captivity, experiencing great painfulness and humiliation. She grew into a toy for Legisla??o Bao great men so as to play with. They fucked her and hurt the woman’s, until the day the time her sister, Xiao Xueyun, and her best my dear chum Hong Jiao, decided so as to stage a rescue check out. See BDSM Cartoon Porn videos

Feather comics Feather comics