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Gentlemen’s club 2 by Predondo

Predondo comics

And thus begins the quick and horrifying lineage into Hell! They wrench tool up her arms, always going helplessly in the tightest and strictest singleglove in addition drag her, gagged as well as blindfolded, before a passionate and slobbering swarm coming from all the stinking rich! Gorgeous, redheaded Beatrice is merely yet another piece of meat you should be sold to market! May very well she be bought basically the dreaded Fat Krydsning? By the horrifying dyke demoness Miss W. the actual strange, neon haired, artist gang The Collectors? Really does she escape, or luxury ? doomed to spend all of the rest of her extra short, miserable life along with some used together with abused sex slave?!

Predondo comics Predondo comics

The hotties next door 9 by Predondo (fansadox 480)

Predondo comics

Mary Lou is another desperate slavegirl not very much housebroken and intent not to mention escaping. When her “ friend, ” the sensational Asian Lucy is taken and taken back which can the precinct, Mary Lou makes her way habitat.

Big mistake!

Mary Lou’ s stepfather, Clem, was the a person who “ introduced” her into life of bondage libido and slavery and submission… just about for the price amongst whisky. While he “ learns” his wayward stepchild back in how wrong her benefits seeking ways have seemed, Mary Lou can’ associated with help but think straight back to when it virtually started… when she was just dragged from her sex and sold… to KEITH MUGSHOT! Mary Lou’ ohydrates life of pain and so sexual submission started following that, and through the haze of her beating, lady remembers every excruciating, humiliating, and sexually frustrating detail… whether she wants at or not!

Yet somehow even as Mary Lou stews in her get, private hell, things aren’ t looking good for often the Taylor family either. They’ re being “ maintained” by the Judge brilliant mean, black butler. Even when the girls think they’ re alone, horny doggy girl Gloria is stopping watch… when will it then all end? Haven’t students bastards done enough?

Predondo comics Predondo comics Predondo comics