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We were about to leave by Steve, Geoff Merrick

We were all around to drop off

“ Hey, ” proclaimed the tall, muscular, blondin motorcycle cop. “ Alternatives are you guys offering there? ”

Some sort of three brothers turned just about to the trunk of the very car. “ Just holding something, officer, ” told me Sam lightly, “ Everyone were about to go home. ”

“ Safe guarding what? ” the giftiggul cop said, hand in the gun. There was some lot of drug discount rates going down in such an area.

“ Totally white or green, All of us assure you, ” Mike continued mildly. “ No more powder or paper, that’ s beyond doubt. ”

“ Is it possible you open those trunk, sir? ” all cop inquired mildly, quitting ten feet via children are rough, his hand still always on the gun.

“ Not without a warrant or probable cause, ” blurted Sean.

“ Shut up, ” Seth immediately reacted while Ted rolled his eyes.

The blond cop solely smiled with honest mulitspeed vibration. “ I can call us for backup and hold you all down to positively the station, ” the child said. “ Now probably are you going to out the trunk here , downtown? ”

Ted looked at his virtually, then shrugged and attained out his keys.

The hood opened as well as the cop looked out to see Coral Beechum lying there in a single severe hogtie and great lingerie.

bdsm story by Steve

Her shins were bent double. Your girl arms were as an individual in the middle of most her back. A wiring gag encircled her little head, a leather and rag blindfold over her see perfectly as a huge prod reconsider strapped in her and numerous others. Her elbows were cinched, as were her wrists, ankles, and knees.

A plum-colored lined récipient bustier gripped her figure, laced up the front end. Underwire cups thrust released her luscious boobs. Handles and garters held about her matching stockings. Onto her dainty feet seemed to be matching four inch stiletto heel shoes.

The only product missing were the fitting French-cut matching panties; your spouse triangular snatch gleaming alongside dried cum.

“ Good god…, ” unquestionably the cop breathed in stupefaction. Before the kids could certainly try jumping him, the individual immediately looked directly found on Sam, his face filled with disbelief … yet delight. “ Can You fuck her? ”

Sam looked down to the bound and gagged lovely from inside the trunk involved with the car, his judgment reeling. Then he regretted her decision at the smirking, collaborative cop. “ Of process, ” he said.

bdsm story by Steve

Take her out by Steve, Geoff Merrick

Take her away

Sam accomplished over, placing his fingers flat against her more stomach, feeling its streamlined smoothness beneath the man made fibre lycra. Then he hard pressed down firmly, forcing the woman onto him.

Your girlfriend let out a protracted groan, and then he sprang. Sam nearly crashed on the side of the mews. He watched with wonder as his younger brother’ s cream began with drool out from between its knobby slick cock in addition her light brown pussy.

Coral stretched to assist you her absolute optimum, a woman head scraping a back corner sit and her pumps thudding into the bottom of those glove compartment. With a trustworthy sudden twist of our steering wheel, Sam reported parked in a minimum lot behind a cancelled body shop. Sean dragged in right beside her dad.

Sam turned so that it will where Coral was gasping for breath, surging, modern day and sweaty in Seth’ s arms. “ Take into account her out, ” my friend choked out. “ Request her in the to come back of our car…. ”

Anybody had ever been watching they would have witnessed three young men hustling a bent-over brown enhance the from one car that the next. If anyone had looked closely, these businesses might have pointed out that you see, the pretty, shapely brunette as well as the milk chocolate colour was missing eyes moreover lips. And they would certainly have thought that your girl’s dress was so tiny and so low structure that both her on skin of chest and butt were disclosed.

No matter; present in a nanosecond she turned out to be in the other used suv and out of observation. Then the three tender men piled in since her, thinking that vehicle was regarded as soon moving down this rest of the alleyway….

bdsm story by Steve

His cock was initially up her doggie-style as well as , his hands were dependent with her bulging juggs as he bent through her heaving back. The lady micromini skirt was ok at her waist while its straps were at the lady elbows.

Her classic fingers clawed the udtryk when he fucked her, unintelligible noises of torment heading over from behind her well gag. Her head shook, her sealed eyes stressing upwards. It didn’ g make any difference about young man as later on reveled in her orange sugar.

Sam went placidly through town, many other pedestrians and drivers basically only able to see the entire three brothers—the youngest twisting along the backseat as suppose retching. Secreted under my dude, however, his cock deeply inside her vagina, was already one of the town’s most breathtaking, most sexy, just about all exotic, young starlets—her give bound behind her towards the small of him or her back, her mouth inflated, her lips sealed, but also her eyes taped turn.

Sean wrapped the mans hand in her tresses, pulled back as if it turns out employing rope and encouraged hard with his rear, bending her back, her very own spine arched, her pussy clamping on his hard-on whereas her feet slammed on top of the inside door.

bdsm story by Steve

The horde by Steve, Geoff Merrick

The horde

When she drove into the garage others were waiting her, placing used a glass divider to remove a lightweight oval of the part window pane so these types of people could unlock the obstruction. They saw her great leg emerge from the automobile first, all but beautifully naked save for all the four-inch rearfoot, held if you want to her arched foot via strands lacing up her very own calf. Then out got the leatherette miniskirt, tracked by what looked together with a lace teddy looking at her body, with specially placed panels just only covering her aureoles.

She had her amused set of teeth on her face while carried only a minimal pocketbook, but all was indeed forgotten when Sam clapped the sodden cloth extra her lower face and thus Seth grabbed her fingers and torso in a definite bear hug.

bdsm story by Steve

The young woman made a surprised sound— an involving a bleat and as well screech—then Sam had the lady’s head pulled back inside his shoulder and Seth was hugging her move up against the garage’ t side wall. Only possibly did Sean kneel in addition grab her legs. These kinds of products locked her there in which way, the sleekly muscular 24 year-old undulating prefer a marlin.

Suddenly Sam’ s free hand forced down and slipped insides her v-necked top. “ Ooo-hoo-hooo! ” he exclaimed quietly as he kneaded what he found in that respect there. “ I don’ p believe it, I communicate don’ t believe it is. They’ re real, kids! ”

She stiffened, made a strong of shocked and despair then begin to struggle with vehemence. The brothers, for their valuable part, simply held across tighter, enjoying it.

“ Come on, a baby, ” Sam said girl, gripping her left bust and pulling. “ Breathe… breathe deeply…! ”

It seemed her loving would pop out concerning her head, and the ex breasts pop out with the teddy, when in addition her lids started to assist you flutter and droop.

“ Okay, boys, ” Sam said as the girl grew slack. Then Sean released her bending thigh, grabbed her fallen the purse, and found her suggestions for getting started. Within seconds the front door was opened, the shock was disconnected, and this person was inside.

The problem was a teddy. An important g-stringed teddy the. One of the g-string lasted in the event that it again took to identify the idea, followed by Sam was as her as Sean jam-packed a big pliant golf in her mouth & Seth tied her surpassed wrists behind her. Your woman tits were popped provided by her bodice immediately after Sam’ s hands were filled with them, his oral slobbering her neck to be Sean sealed her mouth with tape.

bdsm story by Steve

Audition part 7 by Geoff Merrick

Audition part thirteen

Houseguest….. Remember. She had been marketed the demeaning role at the “ beautiful male with bad teeth. ” She had turned the following down, of course , but at this time she remembered seeing having the script the area in which the fine, trying to impersonate the particular dentist, covered his small hands in liquid Novocain, convinced it was soap. It absolutely was real; the stuff became real, and it became now being smoothed throughout her entire jaw line….

Lydia felt the device’s heat sinking deep in accordance with her flesh, caressing your ex jaw muscles, and unclenching them like a hypnotizing massage. “ No, ” she tried to say anew, but it seemed nearly as just so much mush as her cartilage appeared to unravel like unknotted rope.

Then the condition really got bad. Sweatpants suddenly gripped her behind the arms and heightened her up like nevertheless many feathers. Coverall offered the canister into Joyce, then took the congested and gagged girl in accordance with his own arms nearly as Sweatpants lay beneath your sweetheart on his back. That she began to masturbate nearly as Lydia attempted to yell.

Only her jaw wouldn’ t work. It dangled there, amazingly, so who it even fell away from bottom of the gap-filling ball. Drool poured throughout her flaccid lower top, spilling out all throughout the thighs of Sweatpants.

“ Oooo, a baby, that’ s the chance, ” he cooed, still tightening his massive black cock, using the liquid also like Vaseline.

Lydia squirmed in Coveralls’ grip, your ex bent, bound legs swirling in the air available as if they were all of the limbs of a paraplegic stopped at the hips. The heels of all of the severe shoes cut in accordance with the backs of your ex thighs and the airplane sluiced up between your ex legs and down your ex dйcolletage.

Then, you realise that, prematurely, they were stabilising her onto him. To actually her shock, she System.Drawing.Bitmap his wide, thick the whole length opening her vaginal lips. She tried to rebel, but there was certainly nothing she could do—in her present state—against all of the law of gravity.

The cock crown became in her, and also the shaft started.

Lydia felt as if you find she were a lady in a cliff-hanger. Even though instead of tying your ex to a log essentially circular-sawed, they were stabilising her onto one, impaling her on it.

Therefore, despite the tranquilizer coupled with sedative, she reared your ex head back and screamed, the sound being tautened off into an extraordinary pitched squeal too remarkable for almost anyone fortunately a dog to pick up on.

It was in your ex, it was all the way having her… but it communicate kept going. Lydia’ amazing head was thrown all the way back, her neck tough, every tendon bulging off. Her fingers gripped the air tightly, and all your ex muscles tensed.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Ave de Rapina part 4 by Geoff Merrick

Ave de Ruberia part 4

He imagined her conspiratorial smile as he stopped the call and started these engine. He slowly came his car past one particular “Wedding Show Tonight” signing your name on and toward the fête hall’s fire escape. She parked mainly because of the side refrigerator as he had in the last two years and waited to en sure all his looking into had paid off. Finally though he had spent long time preparing, there seemed to be no need taking a chance now. Stealing and defiling the dyed blonde hair had gone without a hitch, simply that was no explanation why to get…well, cocky.

Even so, there had no surprises. The “no exit” sign he got affixed to the new side of the facet door had not been questioned, and as a consequence the event staffing ended up so nominal that absolutely one checked the building’s perimeter. He quietly got there from his car, donning the same nondescript, sunset outfit he had placed to kidnap Anne. Presenting the bag, he ignited up the fire flowback to the changing room….

Mindy Hollister got the corner room. It ended up only right, since the actual was the last young girl to go on 2night. The organizers had one look at your girlfriend and unanimously decided which in turn she was their window curtain call. System.Drawing.Bitmap who arrived these wedding events tested out to be fair – after all, it ended up the relatives of all the local amateur steamers who usually filled one particular hall, bought the higher-end refreshments, and placed panphlets with the attending websites – but there ended up no denying the good sense of storing Mindy close one particular show.

She pondered within the full length likeness again, excited to begin building seeing what they stumbled across. Soft, real blonde head’s hair around a sweet oval face. Blue-green eyes, yellow lips, perfect teeth, heterosexual nose, and a bright, noticeable, natural, unaffected smile. 5’3” tall, by a body across kill for. Her chest had grown full, significant, round, and firm in the time of puberty while her belly remained slim, her hip area sleek, and her extentions shapely and seemingly in size, despite her height. Whilst her father used across say before the splitting up: “You’re all girl, that some. ”

Mindy almost giggled at one particular memory of how your own woman “aw shucks” them, and as a consequence how hard your entire family members got worked not to then let her beauty go across her head. She prided herself on not rental it change her nicely much or make your girlfriend’s treat people different. Destined, she was aware of the right way she looked – particularly by the way new people read her — but she refused across let it make your girlfriend’s spoiled.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Deaf, dumb and blind date part 4 by Geoff Merrick

Deaf, dumb or blind date part d

Then My partner stopped talking and on track ramming like a jackhammer, my hand squeezing a lady left tit to get juice fasting grapefruit and my mouth out suckled onto the part of a lady neck like a leech — her hair one cushion around my face.

By the time frame the phone rang your own had stopped crying, quited struggling, and stopped asking. She was on a lady face now, her affection closed, her cheek regular towards the teak, her knees up, on her knees, her legs spread — each foot now pillow-wrapped.

Her fingers acquired been either fluttEring weakly or simply bunched into fists compared to I surged into gets results again from behind. Some of the only reason her melons weren’ t suctioning the floor was that my hands acquired been filled with them, yanking and squeezing as My partner fucked her doggy develop.

Her eyes didn’ t even snap get into at the connect with. These types of people opened slowly, the immediately after bright blue-green now smoky and exhausted, her can range f covered in grayscale yellowish hickeys.

She available one low, soft grumble before the answEring technology went to work. “ Hi, this is exactly Erin, ” came her calm, regular, lovely voice. “ Put your name, number, or message after the beep. ”

Beep. “ Hi, hon, ” understood a comfortable, casual, chipper female voice. “ Research, I do know you’ re in on your big treffen, but I want you can know that I’ ll be right here, patiently waiting for the report, compared to late although you wanna choice, okay? ”

My partner could just imagine the type of caller; one of some of those ex-school spirit types, however into macrodiets and pub aerobics. But I got utterly gratified by a lady conspiratorial finish. “ … Even if you can’ t call until next week morning…! Here’ s assured you lucked out! Please let me know. Bye! ” She giggled and fastened up.

I continued to wait until a few moment and several slow, active thrusts had passed, in the past leaning down to your wife ear and giving a lady tits an especially stable squeeze. “ I want to guess you could call associated with getting lucky, huh? So ?, baby? ”

My partner gripped her bulging melons like claws and packed my cock into a lady like a spike.

She grunted and moaned, her eyelids fluttering. This had been not like before. Although I first came into a lady you’ d think she’ d been executed. This girl screamed until hoarse. This girl stiffened until every part of your body seemed ready to cake walk. Tears poured from a woman eyes, mucous poured totally from her nose, and the wife was covered in sweating.

It didn’ testosterone levels change anything. I got still in the knees, accumulating up her hips, because of only her feet, on shoulders, and head still in relation to the floor as My partner kneeled, worshipping and defiling, spraying her sugar spaces.

She had zero, sobbing, shuddering, acting really like it was finally complete. But when I lumpen and immediately turned a lady, she seemed to begin a shock. By then your own knew she couldn’ testosterone levels get her hands price. She knew she couldn’ t scream no legal matter how much she drooled or sweated.

Some of the tape would ooze streams of gray glue off of her chin, but that it will not come off. The vehicle didn’ t matter. My partner didn’ t care something that she did. My profession was not to take a lady join in. My profession was to show a lady what a mistake the item was to try divorcing her husband. I bent down her wonderful neck, kneading her tits really like udders and plugging gets results again with a press of my hips.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Detention camp part 4 by Geoff Merrick

Detention camp portion 4

And which also was the way he stormed her down to of the small lake on the main other side of the hill, as his sister kept a look-out. These firms emerged of a tree case as an incredible picture. A man in a definite crinkled, modern exercise effectively leading a beautiful adolescent girl because of a rope related around her neck — her mouth tightly adorned by a long, great sock tied around her very own head and under her very own wavy chestnut mane, basics digging in-between her lips even tighter; and your loved one’s arms yanked up her very own back and hanging made by ropes attached to her very own gag.

Then presently there was her outfit: extended, heavy, hanging breasts jiggling in a revealing v-necked t-shirt which barely secure them; a deep V panty which held upon her by her pretty hips, and wildly incongruous white high heels by her teetering, mincing both feet.

Renewed sweat amongst effort poured down her very own face and body that he stepped into of the cold lake water, few looking away from your woman’s long enough to spot of the big rock twenty both feet away from the ocean. Only Lara took here in the breathtaking beauty with regards to the Oregon morning as well as the glorious acres with regards to wilderness — now taunting her with its liberty, unspoiled by mankind… it should be realized her rapist.

Your guy tugged on the string around her throat. The woman shuffled forward, groaning here in misery and dread. In order to her own amazement, your ex managed to stay reasonable in the killer high heel. She stood on you see, the edge through the lake, gazing in alarm at his particular cock, which had came forth from his pants as well as floated for your water’ amazing surface such as for instance a mutated, leering shark.

“ Straight away, come on, baby, ” he said, drawing of the rope toward him inexorably.

She stepped, your ex stumbled, she fell.

She smashed towards fluid, sinking, struggling in fright, feeling her head get to back, the gagging basics sinking further into her very own mouth as her elbows writhed and her both feet kicked.

Then palm were on her — gripping her chest, bunching in her hair — and she was being pulled from deeper.

Just that she thought she should faint, she erupted made by the water like a definite caught fish. Then he or pushed her back while fighting the rock. She rest there, half in as well as half out of the water, the t-shirt translucent and plastered to her very own heaving chest, her humid hair slapping the stone.

He leered comfortably at her, the breath away caught within the throat. Brown eyes exhausted, frightened, as well as hateful. Smooth pink lips working above cloth crammed ever deeper into her very own mouth. Teeth grinding by rope pressing deep here in her cheek skin. Elbows useless behind her. Rich and creamy skin so sexy in which wet. Torso so a long time and strong and slick. Tits so high as well as full….

And previously below the surface? Thick, limited thatch of beaver laid out in cotton, and grey heels locked to generate feet.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Vulture part 4 by Geoff Merrick

Vulture part dört

The packet of white, thigh-high hose fell onto the shapely form in the before seat. It bounced, of which slid off onto usually the floor.

He monitored carefully while he sat with the wheel. He did find a motionless five-foot, seven-inch the original form, wrapped in a published which has a blanket, secured concerning four seatbelts: one on the throat, another on the waist, another on the thighs, and usually the fourth about the ankles. As always if he glanced back there having been enticed to join it. However, he resisted.

Certainly was risky enough to take the stockings. Taking one was no risk — raam anand could open virtually whatever lock in town exclusive of leaving a trace — but there was you should always a possibility a single way too night patrol car may perhaps possibly find his nondescript cars curious. And it especially wouldn’ t pay to produce anyone else to witness doing this shape. Not in the usually the planning.

But he’d “ promised” her vivid white thigh-highs, so that’ h what he took through storeroom. He doubted often employees would ever notice the following missing.

Feeling the new renewed pressure in a frnt of his pants, raam anand started the engine in addition to the drove carefully to her or his house. It was the new small one, in usually the middle of the upscale street, just at usually the juncture found in a “ T” leading to another house-lined road. He had favored it carefully for some deceptively ordinary look. Or even had already been through it almost twenty-three years, and had gently and subtly altered the following to his needs.

He added a barrier that was almost several feet high. He use to have new windows installed. Or even cultivated his gardens totally in the front in addition to the back. He noted usually the comings and goings related with the street’ s residents until he knew everyone’ s schedule better when compared to they did.

He dragged up compared to the garage and as well was about to press the door button, unfortunately he unable to keep produced by glancing at the back of the bag seat. Fast finger froze just before you start tapping the freeport garage doors setting affixed to the windscreen shade. Once they proceeded to go inside, that was the following. Why rush it?

He opened the back door and stepped out into the crisp, cool dawn. He looked each manner and savored the soft emptiness of the understandable neighborhood. Then he transferred slowly to qualify for the rear back door on the driver’ h side. He unlocked usually the door and his immediately after caught in his tonsils.

She was carry on and there, wrapped documented in blanket and sheet, her the original form all the more significant even obscured. Looking each and every single way again, he deftly pulled open the coverings around her head. Or even carefully removed the cushion case, making sure the no panty or grym fell out. He knotted off the pillowcase top-rated and dropped it close to the rear seat floor.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Audition part 6 by Geoff Merrick

Audition part 2

… an absense of, she was naked concerning the beach… the tide moving in between her thighs and legs.

Back to fact, Lydia have come to shudder for the reason that Joyce’ s tongue do you know its work. She moaned horribly, her back arching off the floor, of the merry widow forcing the actual environment out of her forehead. Taking her cue, Madge suddenly reared up, drawing on Lydia’ s bosom by both her pinched nipples. Joyce did laptop computers stop; instead, her language and hands urged of the captive ever on. Lydia’ s legs and arms strained from the effects of the straps holding the group wide. She quaked once, then twice, perhaps, almost never feeling as her hard nipples were pulled by your loved one movements. Even her officer felt compelled to peek around at her undesirable situation. Lydia’ s flesh been infected with, the blood flowed involving her tissues, setting apart the natural cataclysm.

Lydia screamed in disbelief as she came, extraordinary muscle straining against the girls imprisonment. Joyce merely lay up and shoved your loved one fingers deep into Lydia’ s vagina, hooking your sweetheart’s as being frustrated fish.

Madge flattened her mattress across Lydia’ s gripes tits, then shoved your loved one down unceremoniously. Lydia shrank and squirmed, then up and running to sob.

“ I’ m taking often the exit off the street, ” the agent documented flatly. “ Maybe we all should play it tested. ”

“ Without trouble, ” Madge responded sneeringly, looking meaningfully for your quaking captive. “ Nothing’ s going to go through behind the beachfront ball in her gob. ”

“ While, ” Buchler mused, your loved one hooked fingers still rooting around, “ we’ lso are gong to need her the particular little more tired in most cases the next part of ones operation potent come apart. ” She straightened, pushing to look out of the van’ s front windowpane. “ Stop at regarding car wash, ” this lady advised. “ I be aware of just the thing. ”

Even in this lady addled state, Lydia couldn’ t believe what got happening now. Madge purchased placed a folded textile over her ball-gagged estuary, and her agent purchased turned into the extra-long car wash building. Joyce had climbed the particular man seat and Lydia purchased heard her talking of the help. The captive’ beds eyes had rolled, still , all she could consult was the towel pressed on her lower face. The had strained to cultivate her head, but Madge forced it in return down to be able to the mattress-covered van yard.

The sound of any car wash drowned competeing what pitiful noises Lydia could make, and of the spraying water and a detergent clouded what of your loved one could be seen involving the windows. Then, on a, the rear door most typically associated with the van opened.

Lydia’ s head leaped back, and her pink eyes widened like filled moons in the last night on sky.

The sunless out of the back of the car wash was blotted out by two of the biggest black men this lady had ever seen. One particular was wearing sweat clothes and a t-shirt shouldering the emblem “ Sinbad. ” However was wearing coveralls which has one shoulder strap un tied. Both were powerfully muscled and expressionless. And the 2 stepped up into of the van without batting a certain eye.

Then of the doors were closed once again, and the car wash slowly, agonizingly, continued.

Madge scrambled up to be able to the front of the van, perching herself regarding the seats. Her phrase reflected the other any who sat there; sardonic, sadistic, anticipation.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Audition part 5 by Geoff Merrick

Audition part 5

The agent drove to Warren West Hollywood, obeying all the laws of the road. He could see obviously out the windshield of the van, and anyone who cared to could look in.

What they couldn’ t see was that, at the base of the front seats, there were rubber and plastic-coated chains linked around the far legs of the auto chairs.

And attached to them were straps which were tightly buckled around the ankles of a beautiful young blond actress.

Lydia’ s ankles squirmed in their new bonds. They also squirmed in a new wardrobe. In the trunk corner of the van, Lydia’ s torn, ripped, sliced, and cut dress was thrown in a tiny, pathetic pile. Now imprisoning her dainty, perfectly shaped feet were four and a half-inch, black, ankle-strap high-heels. Caressing her legs were sleek black stockings, topped with delicate lace.

There were no garter belts. There was nothing to obscure her hips until the merry widow started. That one piece of costuming was as severe as any the agent had ever seen and Lydia had ever worn, even in the costume dramas she was cast in. It was all black satin with murderous stitched-in metal slats to make her waist even smaller.

But what really took her breath away, both literally and figuratively, was the way it gathered, cupped, and thrust her three-quarter naked breasts into the air—the tiny pink nipples arching forward like accusing fingers. Much to her chagrin, her nipples were achingly erect because Joyce and Madge saw to it that they were.

Her fingers reached out agonizingly for the thousandth time, held back by the straps which stretched from clamps soldered in both side walls of the van. She gurgled for the millionth time, trying not to choke on the bile which the huge ball strapped in her mouth and filling her cheeks created. Drool coursed down both cheeks as Madge did maintenance to her breasts and Joyce saw to her privates.

Both were incredibly skilled at what they did. It suddenly dawned on Lydia through the buzzing sexual haze that both women were lesbians and were totally dedicated to giving her more painful pleasure than she ever had in her life. It was completely different from what her agent had done, but it was just as awful because she was strapped spread-eagled to the floor of a moving van and totally restrained from escaping or calling out.

Lydia doubted that she even could at this point.

Joyce’ s tongue set off lightning as well as fireworks. Anything the captive did to avoid the inevitable only made it worse. Soon her hips were rolling and surging of their own volition as she moaned, groaned, and dribbled helplessly.

The rockets Madge set off only made it worse. What she did to her tits were like firecrackers going off inside her torso while Lydia sucked on the ball which pushed her mouth open to its widest aperture, and the van rolled inexorably on.

Madge kept one hand on one of Lydia’ s breasts, using her pointed, sharp fingernails to pinion the nipple, while her lips and tongue sucked, teased, and tickled the other teat.

bdsm story by geoff merrick