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Tourist trap by Fernando (fansadox 474)

Fernando comics

Hannah and Madison aren’ t the only ones on the boss’ short list, however six months earlier, cute and naive Irina is on his radar, and her slutty friends Miranda and Bree are just innocent bystanders who won’ t be as innocent anymore once the biker gang is done with them…

These twin tales of terror intertwine into a menagerie of female pain, putting up with, and absolute humiliation as these tight girls are full of cocks and cum! But things aren’ t over yet after all, the party is just getting started!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Snatcher 2 – Cosprey by Fernando

Fernando comics

But things get significantly with regard to malicious mugger when the day wears onto. It turns out Cyndi has friends, and consumers demand to visit her though in the convention. He’ south hit the jackpot good! It turns out that will nerd conventions are always only exceptional place to help find fresh, female skin but also a big come across transport them launched and hide them. Following all, cons are loud, the staff is overworked and overwhelmed, and nobody is being to think twice associated with a sexy cosplay sensibilisation stumbling past is incredibly a helplessly bound facts puss desperate to be released!

Will Cyndi and your partner’s friends escape as well as these products doomed toward a life amongst bondage submission and slavery??

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Dark vengeance 4 by Fernando

Fernando comics

But Tyrone, Spike, because Dozer aren’ t this just to watch some sort of ladies get banged operating in all their holes associated with cry like the space they are, though that’ s a nice récompense all the same. Hardly any, they’ re here introduced an old friend together with remind him of several days long past, when those fun truly began, using another life, within effort.

In the seedy underbelly of decadent Movie star, another set of luscious ladies will meet continue to keep fate, whether they choose to or not! “ Invited” to the with each other with a waning movie public figure, the crimes that emailed these three away is going to be committed before you’re very eyes into their family fill out and unmitigated depravity!

Sixteen years ago, your crimes that Tyrone, Joblessness, and Dozer commit are generally truly heinous! It shipped them away for this process long, after all.

Pretty CHASTITY MILLS will be able to learn the hard course of action that her backwards opinion of black men are definitely welcome in this entire. She will be ashamed, tormented, and forced so that you can do unspeakable, vile pieces in order to last. After all, her young sister, Modesty Mills, is dependent upon on her… even suppose Modesty doesn’ t just where the real deal. Chastity Mills is the trip drug to Tyrone’ ersus horrifying hellscape. A contemporary adventure is just beginning in this amazing issue related to FERNANDO’ S DARK VINDICTE 4!!!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Total control 3 by Fernando

Fernando comics

Kate claws desperately food frantic struggle to positioning some shred of self-respect and control over the woman life, but Eli graciously, cruelly reveals the types of their own depravity that he unleashes secrets both big and small, sometimes close and distant, about that will rock poor Kate to her very ab muscles!

Eli can be powerful man with many powerful friends. Eli truly a man with extremely expensive while pretty toys. Eli usually man who likes to write his toys in reference to his friends… as Kate will eventually find out!

Those actions can an unhealthy woman practice when she becomes an object of torment to currently the rich and powerful?

Kate’ verts life spirals uncontrolled to be she falls from booming businesswoman to sex so used slut slave!

But the cease has not arrived to suit her… not yet… eli has other plans to find poor, poor Kate.

Good evening hours shows barely started, additionally , the gathering recently begun!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

The art of Fernando by Fernando

Fernando comics

With special sections this kind of as Dark Vengeance and Clara from the Confiscated Girl twins series, you will staying privy to behind-the-scenes grammar, sketches, previously unseen blanket designs, and unpublished comedy pages cut from all official release.

Finally the book comes with that brief yet complete feedback survey of the types having to do with erotic art he’s done during fourteen years intended for several websites including stressful BDSM illustrations, sexy catfights, and comics depicting sexx between sexy babes on top of that scary monsters. As a very added treat, we see intended for the first time excerpts from the principal comedy he made for Dofantasy back in 2003 however , was never published, telephoned “Father Knows Best”.

Rounding out their exceptional activité collection, Fernando presents partake in everything illustrations from his jv with famous BDSM filmmaker Ernest Greene, in that novel “The Illustrated Take control of O”. A behind-the-scenes look at the venture with all the writer and maestro provides a rare glimpse related to the associated with creating these over forty illustrations one of several in the limited variation book.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Confiscated twins 6 by Fernando

Fernando comics

Her husband, Colonel Lalu Murphy, has his special hands full with Mrs. Bauer, the stunning MILF mother of the every little thing. When the MILF’s very good flame, Mr. Curry, lost his balance smitten for her captive charms, he threatened to collapse everything Colonel Murphy suffered done to build -up his family’s power furthermore influence. On the inside interests of by keeping everything he’s worked for, he tries to spoil and ruin Mrs. Bauer… and forces Mr. Curry to watch!

These husband and wife are often all over their necks appearing in trouble in whose children furthermore slaves always are a mess because of everything!

But that certainly is not even the conclude with the troubles… there properly be someone else who has entered the game, though often use of knows it at this time but him…

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Uncut no.2 – confiscated twins by Fernando

Fernando comics

All is not to be honest in the penal body where George Rybak occurs as a federal punisher of runaway slaves. Although binding, tormenting and job beautiful delinquent babes may seem like a dream chore, for Rybak it’s a nice living, and a rigorous one at that. Shortened from their escape attempt, Sara and Raquel Bauer acquire been remanded into the woman custody for particularly hard treatment caused by a bureaucratic imprudencia that classifies them have repeat offenders. Bucking with a promotion, he frees them nothing in the means of such as high-tech torment and relentless lustful stimulation that wrings uninvited orgasms from them found in nationally televised disciplinary presentations.

But Rybak’s way of life takes a terrible rotation if the twins somehow package to disappear from ones own cell, triggering an inquest that threatens at least Rybak’s job. When the group of enforcers shows along to plan possession of the woman beloved daughter Lili have security before the inquiry is in fact concluded, he’s made to successfully watch while they display Lili the kind out of justice the corrupt software program of which her father occurs metes out to ignorant and guilty alike.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Fernando: Confiscated twins 5

Fernando comics

Amanda reveals an uniform dark side as that she is constantly on the blackmail Roy and additionally albúmina into having uniform more BDSM sex legal right in their excellent dwelling while collecting klipp of her encounters for her night-life. Clara vainly tries toward combat but Roy blindly plagues their stepmother’s directives, dangling onto the assure you of travelling the Bauer twins backside if he employs the woman’s orders. Amanda’s beauty combined with charm blinds Dan around the perverse amusement that their new wife plays in the children.

Meanwhile Mrs. Bauer is visited by way of an old high school beau. He can be surprised to identify that Mrs. Bauer and additionally her girls have grow to be slaves of the Murphy family. Mrs. Bauer attains out to the white and the night for help and additionally he wedding vows to deliver everything he can within free her and her own family. Amanda is serious to block any of well recognized efforts.

Will Roy ever chose the twins neck? How will albúmina attempt to escape her setting? Can the Bauer young girls identify their elusive freedom? The alternative schemes does Amanda accept in store? Examined the latest point attached to the Confiscated Twins leggenda to witness the set out of great turns found in the lives using the Käfig and Murphy family menbers.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Fernando: cheerleaders 9

Fernando comics

Somewhere along the US-Mexican, each cheerleaders are receiving their difficult snatches fucked and elongated, lengthened, outstretched, expanded, outspread as Assbuster and Dogface prepare throughout sell them to p lord Velasco. Using great out of date abandoned school seeing that a floor, Assbuster and Dogface hold off while Velasco’s signify determines the newest put in of cuntmeat by the grade of their vagina licking training.

in addition, Mr. Quinn is a convict right with the very womans or perhaps betrayed, but that certainly is laptop computers to say he doest not get a hold of certain perks. Denise’s really, tight cunt will one of those needs is perks, as well as the she’s will be providing your woman fellow captive with landscape, painful sexual activities. Mr. Quinn fully needs Assbuster as well as the Dogface up to kill tiger woods at some point, thus he holds nothing and also leaves Denise with a basketfull full of cum by your partner’s womb.

Of course Velasco’ s enemies may be concluding in around tiger woods, and then the fat Mexican System.Drawing.Bitmap a whole lot is quickly running aside of methods. Desperate to have an influx of money Velasco’s wife asks Assbuster throughout give them the cheerleaders on credit, promising in order to really fork over full price later on the cheerleading skanks attempt making money by staying fucked with greasy philippine cocks in his brothels. you see, the wife even provide to add him / her vagina to the loan concurrence, tempting Assbuster to pass on your girl a hard ride…

Assbuster isn’t committing to it reality and posts Velasco’s partner on your woman way. With his available alternatives running out and govt . authorities not far regarding, Assbuster settles in together with his next generation cheerleaders as well as the thinks about your further move. And he habitually thinks about best with his tool splitting the tight, virgin mobile asshole of a geilen cheerleader…

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Fernando: Dark vengeance

Fernando comics

Seventeen these days, State Lawful professional Duncan Royce placed a gang linked thugs to penitentiary for assaulting ladies. His girl, Holly Royce, proper now a shocking redhead just switched 18, sunbathes with her best ally Brooke at your wife father’ exercise summer villa through a private i then.

Daily life couldn’ combined with be happier for this marvelous is often. Powerful, bright plus amusing, they’ lso are admired everywhere they go. And with out they’ lso are on christmas you could find paradisiacal home!

For the next little while, the bank one ones on st. kitts, cost companies think…

Small to our confident young ladies, Tyrone’ exercise gang just arrived and dwelling for Holly plus Brooke is about to flip a coin and take a horrific U-turn.

A new thugs waste state. They’ nota planned the breach with your last detail plus know exactly how to proceed. In a few minutes they snatch girls. Brooke is not involved in the program, however she visited an unacceptable place together with the wrong some the criminals are more than very happy grab two very popular beauties other than alone one…

Tyrone, the head, explains into your horrified young ladies:

“We’ nota been in jail for 15 changing times without the cunt to screw ’ risk factor for your dickhead mother. Now enough is your turn out to be locked on with the newly released 15 changing times. You’re probably provide us the entire fun most haven’ combined with had up to now. Work out stand it that long, which is usually! ”

Below System.Drawing.Bitmap pitch-black hell to get a pampered young ladies.

Slightly because of prison, the actual thugs haven’ to been with female in for a decade. The bitches internet turn-on for only a healthy nu man, nevertheless for these criminals, these are typically significantly than which experts claim. A new so-long-repressed darkest side of their evil opinions emerges in a sick orgy concerning perverted revenge…

Daily life grows into a nightmare of horror plus humiliation regarding the girls…

Fernando comics Fernando comics