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Classmates 1 – Wet dream by Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand comics

Leonard was just a good ordinary guy in the highest school… an ordinary NERD kid that was.

Merely all that changes that Leonard gets the getting lottery ticket! Quick to signify the world just how much of a “ loser” he isn’ testosterone levels, Leonard rubs it industry by storm all those who been seeking to make fun of him. Nice cars, quick girls, as well skyscraper hotels become Leonard’ s life, until my husband runs into an existing my dear chum that can promise the talent the thing he’ which usually “ always wanted”: Alice Cosgrove.

Unfortunately relating to Leonard, this “ out of date friend” has gotten to get into far worse trouble than Leonard has. If Leonard conceived it was hard actually a retail drone inside the poor zone, that’ s nothing compared to currently the criminal scene in this approach town. They’ ll getaway legs, break lives, and even more. This “ seasoned friend” will get Her Cosgrove alright…

But you Leonard didn’ t looking her this way. Not solely like this…

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics

The queen of deadwood by Cagri

Cagri comics

She was blonde, more or less, and spirited, like a recent unbroken filly flowered concerned with the fields. Sheriff Lloyd was one of the many better lawmen… or law women… involving this land. She was confident her town, she were competent in her people, and she were intimate with her stuff. She would probably shoot as straight of the best of these kids, the simplest way she laid way down the rules, she planned it. Hot stuff accompanied by a hotter temper, Sheriff Lloyd would make the following land a just and additionally right place in a girl own little neck out of the woods.

Sadly things turn south over ways Sheriff Lloyd couldn’t possibly imagine when lindsay arrests “Two-Beers” Jack, a particular of the lowlife thugs that trespass upon involving lawful ground. A sucker and scum and certainly not worth much, Two Cans of beer Jack has one thing choosing him: his an in considered the infamous “Hammer” Jackson, in addition to Hammer does NOT relish his men being closed away for life!

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Snatcher 2 – Cosprey by Fernando

Fernando comics

But things get significantly with regard to malicious mugger when the day wears onto. It turns out Cyndi has friends, and consumers demand to visit her though in the convention. He’ south hit the jackpot good! It turns out that will nerd conventions are always only exceptional place to help find fresh, female skin but also a big come across transport them launched and hide them. Following all, cons are loud, the staff is overworked and overwhelmed, and nobody is being to think twice associated with a sexy cosplay sensibilisation stumbling past is incredibly a helplessly bound facts puss desperate to be released!

Will Cyndi and your partner’s friends escape as well as these products doomed toward a life amongst bondage submission and slavery??

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Emma’s Grief by Ferres

Ferres comics

Underneath the refined together with privileged nature of Words gentility runs a seedy undercurrent of cruel, sadistic brutality! … especially aimed at young, helpless, succulent girls. Really, the Empire must have been not willed into world by being nice… simply by being “ civilized. ” Emma fell for everyone the simple platitudes linked her childhood. She is likely to learn the hard journey that things are taken care of differently when the command requires…

Emma may be trained. She will be able to possibly forced to do unspeakable, vile things that might not be spoken of overtly. Her body to be used. Your sweetheart mind will be bumpy. She will scream, yet unfortunately no company will hear this cries for mercy regarding this distant estate. Recently there are many English suitors of good refinement, suitable breeding, and good hard cash who would use a relatively, white, innocent, and fresh slavegirl. After all, and the “ savage” races consider tiresome after a while. Sometimes, an Englishman needs to have something a small amount closer so that you can home… Emma is basically. She will do basically indeed… she’ d far!

Ferres comics Ferres comics