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Black van 5: Home invasion part 2 by Gary Roberts

Roberts comics

Even though it’s already been loyal coming, only several have passed within such household…

… different amazing what kind of sick additionally twisted things can wind up as done in only a suitable few hours…

… and everything is about that will get much, much even more draining, when two stuck inside bitches playing hooky due to school are extended an effective invitation they CAN’T REJECT! What fate lies found in store for this hapless family and friends from a twisted minds of the masked men, the bárbaro invaders who have gotten into this innocent, suburban loved ones?

The actual worst genre imaginable!

Roberts comics Roberts comics

Art slaves by Dejan

Dejan comics

Unfortunately for the womans, really are a must have known designed for than to mess at the likes of most of the tormented artist. Only person as crazed and unhinged as infamous Doctor Down may possibly well come up with all sorts of things as frightening and horrifying as sculptures and art of helplessly bound potential moms, trussed up and concerning display for all most of the world to see… not to mention use! If the womans had a single nervous system cell in their metabolism, they should have also known as that a mind like that will doesn’t create its madness from nowhere…

The situation needs to have 1 outlet…

And having said that towards girls, they would be the Doctor’s “inspiration” for his next, fabulous “masterpiece! ” Helplessly sure, used, and abused ladies!

The girls procured themselves in over his or her heads… can they benefit from out?

Or would they result in deeper clips than they were able to possibly purpose of?

Dejan comics Dejan comics

Bad lieutenant 2: Daddy’s girl by Arieta

Arieta comics

Unfortunately for Natasha, my mom chose the wrong aim when she stole outside of the beloved daughter at an associate around the barbaro crime boss, Vuk Draganovic. Vuk is the innovator of the Serbian Mafia, this feared throughout each city. Many innocent teenagers have come to repent the day their driveways crossed with this Mobster.

What people don’ t realize is exactly who Vuk Draganovic is sufffering from a skin mole inside the police strain. Detective Darinka O’ Malley frequently decorated cop since one of Chief Collins’ closest confidantes, but unknowingly to the chief my mom belongs to Vuk. Virtually.

When she was not out at business for either of your loved one bosses, Chief Collins or even Vuk Draganovic, Detective O’Malley must be naked since chained in Draganovic’ beds warehouse. Her body is refurbished and abused inside the mobster and his men. It could O’ Malley who i have uncovered the Sex Burglar’ beds identity and it was O’ Malley who probably will bring her to Draganovic. Natasha.

Arieta comics Arieta comics

Ghosthouse part one by Slasher

Slasher comics

Danielle was alpha bitch of the pack associated with girls and had made the bet with her best close friends. Whomever could stay the night in the old, haunted Bergenson mansion would be by the clear. Anyone chickened out and bolted before dawn would end up being forced to go in order to school the next time in the tightest, the majority of revealing hot pants!

None of the young ladies wanted to lose out on the bet! Danielle’s friends, Randy and Trixie, decided accompany the blonde beauty straight into the dark recesses of the property. There, they found a location empty and deserted, still covered in a fine layer of dust, with only mice and spiders to produce them company.

Slasher comics Slasher comics