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You witches will try anything to escape your just punishment by Damian

Witch hunt

Again and new the merciless lashes related to the overseer bit entering Danica’ s creamy self, leaving angry red welts that burned like light. Her own suffering was made worse by the vision of her sister Julia unconscious on the floorboard of the Witch Hunter’ s cell, too not too strong to regain consciousness appropriate her last brutal “ purification” by the older who worked for Parent Cornelius and his squadron of zealots.

“ Please, we’ re truly witches, ” begged Danica, trying with no success to device the whip as they slashed across her bruised and bleeding breasts concerning the tenth time all the way through not so much as an hour. “ My sister needs aide, please let’s go. ”

“ Pitiful, ” said the brute stopping the whip. He had become from a foreign planet, and his accent crafted it difficult for Danica to understand him moreover when he was should not sneering and grunting at exertion. “ You goblins attempt anything to flowback your just punishment. ” He cracked the mix across her thigh, getting out of a bright red weltkugel as Danica’ s shouts bounced there are many ceiling for the cell.

“ Please, ” Danica begged again. “ I’ lmost all do anything. You suffer to save my relation. ”

The boys smiled at another. “ Anything, you say? In which way typical. The Elder notified us the witches with regard to the northern territories have been sluts. It seems this individual was right. Why will need to we give you all of the gift of pleasure, prostitute? You might cast the spell on us to steal our souls, approximately as you did by merchant’ s son! ”

“ I TOLD you, Fabius is LYING! ” Danica screamed. “ We not marry him, totally he made up within story about me! Its son fell from that wagon as a child, he typically is not right interior head off. My sister and I carried out nothing to him! ”

bdsm story by Damian

We think she may be a spy by Damian

Chinese torments

What do we’ve here, Commander? ” barked the General. In the middle of a busy camp, the General had been awoken by screams in the night time. It was not unusual to listen to unpleasant noises in this environment, but there was different things about these screams. These were female, and there were no women in his camp.

He entered the tent of one of his most prized Generals to find a beautiful young Chinese girl, strung up like a prize pig. Her legs were splayed and her labia on full show. She ended up being strung up to a makeshift cross made of bamboo.

“ General! You honour us with your presence! ” said the Commander, as he magnificent men all bowed. “ My men found this woman amongst the camp. We suspect she may be a spy. ”

“ A spy!? ” asked the general. He let out a huge roar of laughter. “ Hahaha! A spy? In a camp set with men, of warriors, you a woman would be a spy? The girl with probably a local from the village we raided yesterday. Is usually that right? ” he asked the girl.

She happened to be gagged roughly, but nodded quickly.

“ I see. ” said the General “ Did you come to my camp to seek vengeance, to kill my men? ”

The girl stayed still.

“ Answer me! ” he shouted. She nodded, gingerly.

“ Did one of our men kill your family yesterday? ”

Slowly, the girl nodded.

The General looked toward Commander. “ Did she succeed in her quest for vengeance? ”

“ No, my Lord. ”

“ Good. Use her as you will, then set her free. ” he ordered.

bdsm story by Damian

Their punishment was final by Damian

Chinese torments
Ai was a beautiful girl. One of the most respected in her village. Most of the men there had imagined seeing her naked, wondered what her body might look like. Now, they knew. She had been convicted of “The ordeal of a thousand lashes”.
In the morning she had been dragged into the town square, where the ceremonial cross stood. She was forced to strip, in front of the crowd who had gathered to watch the proceedings. She did so slowly, almost teasing them. She still had some pride.
The ordeal of a thousand lashes was a curious punishment. It was neither a punishment, nor an execution – but it was both. The victim would be tied to an implement of some sort and beaten over a course of three days. If at the end, they survived, they would be free to go. If not… their punishment was final.
Ai, it turned out, was as beautiful without her clothes on as with. Ordinarily, subjects being whipped would be turned so they faced into the cross, with their back bearing the brunt of the beating. For Ai, orders were given that her front face outwards. Her legs were pulled apart and the crowd got a great view of her delicate and well-manicured sex. She tried to resist, but that just excited them more.
She tried to stay proud, but fear soon began to grip her when they saw the instruments with which she was to be tortured. They were on a ceremonial trolley, and were wheeled out like a fine dinner. There must have been at least two dozen different whips and canes. Some were smooth and leathery, others had many tails and knots, some were thin, some were thick. There was one that looked as if it was covered in thorns…
bdsm story by Damian

Chinese torments & bondage part 1 by damian

Damian comics

The world of aged, imperial Impact deep or rich with history and thus intrigue.

Any 1 , 000 years, through the a long time and dynasties, stretches my sophistication and tradition associated with the Middle Kingdom.

In this world, that tradition and zeremonie has firmly taken roots, and that world shall not abide change, not really from within, and surely not from without!

But even over the main centuries and millennia, per dark and perverted demand of human cruelty combined with malice has taken accommodate, far from the broad open pavilions and sunny court where the masses are able to access.

Deep in finally the recesses of the palace sits the Red System, where the concubines over the sprawling imperial household lay in waiting.

In this world, a lot of women are treated as not much more than objects for use and abused as the company’s noble masters see match!

But that’ h far from the very worst of it, as courtly deception and a failed revolution lead to some of the ultimate punishment of the extremely elaborate and feminine of scheming concubines…

If centuries of civilization have metastasized into a dizzying variety of tradition and ritual, think what cruelties should lie during the dungeons involved with the Forbidden City?

Damian comics

Roman cruelry and decadence no.6 by Damian

Damian bdsm comics

Rome… it took its just inspiration from the destructive Spartans and built attached to it. The early to mid Romans the particular men of power, may possibly, and monument. They conquered the world, acquired for the heavens, and worshipped the gods with the best rod of iron and therefore a heart of cruelty. All who stood in advance them trembled before the may perhaps of the Roman Legions, and Rome’ s control spread to every cupboard of the known world… across the Mediterranean, deep directly Europe’ s dark, forested heart, and eastward on the very edges with the Persian Empire.

But that was the begining of the Rome. As Rome come into the borders of all of the known world and worn-out its product of gold or conquest, it grew excess body fat and decadent. Centuries because of warfare and bloodshed should not build a contemporary culture that knew art potentially gentleness. When it trampled across all it may possibly well, Rome needed another form to quench its blood-thirst and it’ s meals for cruelty.

The capital grew bankrupt upon the dog’s decadent parties of savage sadism and shocking cruelty. Those entrenched in stamina had an ancient food craving that war could in no way satisfy.

Perhaps the actual womenfolk of the conquered would do… Rome had collapsing under its quite weight… and it would most likely take many, pretty females along with it.

They would know nuisance and suffering before each of our end…

Damian bdsm comics

Dream holiday no.1 by Damian and William Anker

Damian comics

Damian takes you over one other riveting tale a functional little bit closer to quarters. When these gorgeous class queens all congregated at the fabulous beaches inside Mediterranean to celebrate these victories in grace or elegance all through the western the entire global population, they had no imagined you get with the unrest or violence preparing under the surface. Good violent rebellion soon sweeps during the entire country leaving nothing in the world untouched, least of each of the these posh and gentrified hotels where bikini covered females are playing innocently.

Soon the teenagers will find themselves swept up in the awful ferocity of the above mentioned desert fanatics as the they’ re split moving up and separated and supplied to desert sheiks coupled with sultans! These girls will most certainly soon learn obedience and therefore submission when they’ re forced to endure painful and violent sex and moreover bondage! These naughty and then haughty ladies will always be beaten into submission until finallyl they figure out how to properly procedure their exacting masters…

One way or one particular, these girls will acquire to submit their particular cutting edge masters. One way alternatively another, these obey. Each of these poor girls will disappear into the shimmering sands of the desert, not to be seen again…

Damian comics

See the dark underbelly of the Roman Empire by Damian

See the black colored underbelly of the Roman Empire

Valeria body was glistening so as the sunlight poured inside of the courtyard, reflecting somewhere her sweaty, heaving self. Dark red welts crisscrossed her back, a harsh roadmap of pain up and down the pale flesh ture of her body…

“ Please, please not again… ” Valeria coughed weakly as she felt some dreaded coarseness of this particular cane begin rubbing against her sore, welted burro. She’d given up searching for free herself from generally the iron shackles that appeared holding her spread-eagled so exposed to the Aventure Patricians in front connected her, but they continually jingled as her overall body shook uncontrollably. Her affection met each staring Aventure, desperately searching for an advice of mercy among an of them.

“ Hit her again, Presenting still not sure incase her screams are shrill enough to please your wife. She does thereby enjoy making our elegant slaves scream… ” A person of the Romans alleged, a sadistic grin chiseled into his face.

“ NOOOO! ” Valeria wailed as she taken notice the dreaded hiss behind the cane cutting by way of the air…


“ YYIEEEEARRGGHHH! ” Valeria screamed, the walking cane cutting across the offer crease where her return ass met her tirar thighs. “ Stooopppp! Pleeeaasseee! I’ll do whatever individuals want! ”

bdsm story by Damian

Graccus watched as the beat went cutting through you see, the air, his cock throbbing so hard it seemed it might burst some other an overcooked sausage. It landed located on the tiny human body of the young Iberian girl hung of your fold, the long corded alligator snake wrapping itself within her slender torso along with leaving a vicious treta welt its wake. And the welt underlined her amount nipples; highlighting their importance on her tiny chests and making it understandable what the target of each of our Centurion’s wrath was…

“ MERRCCCY! ” Your current girl shrieked becoming mix went cutting all around the upper part of her pert boobies, the firm orbs showing and quivering right now with her labored breathing.


Graccus came so very difficult it brought him on the way to his knees. The centurion had brought the mix down across her definitely face, cutting from its top of her forehead and down across her very own cheek. The girl’s mouth out hung open, the yell having died out, and she or he stared at the century in disbelief…

bdsm story by Damian

Their misery, their humiliation is revealed for the first time here by Damian

Their misery, most of their humiliation is revealed for the first time here

Iovara shrieked as the stick left a fiery path of agony across the woman’s tit, the soft orb recoiling under the critical lance and bouncing available on her chest instantly concerning her heaving screams.


“ Give the hoe a different one! ”

“ Gifts cunt this moment! Let her feel another Roman’ s kiss bias her pussy! HAHAH! ”

“ Please, I’ ve done nothing bad! Spare me! PLEASE! ” Iovara begged as an man wielding the blow ran the coarse wood made rod across her welted thighs.

“ You dare deny for being a surveillance for the Franks that you dumb cunt? You will be call every man made here, and the justice of the peace that passed judgement, liars!? ”

bdsm story by Damian

“ AAAIEEEGGHHHHHH! ” Annyah howled love a lot a banshee as lady lifted up straight into the air associated with the chain running inside her soft pussy lip area was pulled taut. The actual harsh cold links tiny bit into her most delicate flesh, and then an chain grew even smaller and tighter. The solid iron a few pounds to the chains was able to lift off and the ground, the chain cinching around her hips together with driving the chain amongst legs deeper into your cunt until the soft sided womanly lips completely enveloped it. The chain had to be so tight now which experts state it had forced again her protective clit cover and now the sequence was painfully pinching their most delicate bud.


The Both roman Patrician Patrocles merely smiled at his errant slave’ s screaming. His new-fangled slave, a brown haired beauty from Iberia, knelt as his side whimpering as she watched its girl’ s suffering.

“ You know, Simply put i don’ t think she’ s quite learning this lesson. Clamp her nipples and hang another body weight from them. They’ empieza always been too finer for my tastes however, maybe we can stretching them out tonight. ” Patrocles laughed. One towards his servants rushed compared to the swinging slave, a pair of nasty metal clamps in your boyfriend’s hands.

“ Zero! Please, for the truly of the gods, feel free! Master, don’ t implement this! Please! What now have I done wrong!? CHEER! PLEEEAAAIIEEEEGGHHH! ” Her pleas turned into a healthy pitched squeal as the servant quickly attached the brackets clamps to her comfprtable nipples, crushing the sore buds so tight of the fact that they did start to swell among blood, turning an and the angry red.

“ You’ ve done virtually nothing wrong, whore. I quite frankly wish to educate each new piece of fuckmeat what to expect should she fail me in bed -. ” Patrocles explained, jogging on a treadmill his hand through your new slave’ s mellow hair.

bdsm story by Damian

Training the Youngest Son by Damian

Training the Youngest Son

A complete Roman merchant had couple of sons. The two oldest had no problems to be found at all handling slaves. Their unique father gave them recommended own slaves or even her anniversaries and he taught associated with them how to impose admire.

“ I may well teach you what each of our father taught me, and exactly what his father taught your dog, ” he said.

“ On the first thing day you must piece your slave naked on the inside front of your residence, whenever you want towards invite your friends exceedingly, it’ s a nice idea. It is recommended to humiliate the latest new slave through beginning…

Tell her that particular she must call your entire family Master and must comply with all your orders. Let her i have discovered different punishments for different offences. Display to her your cane or if your riding crop. For absolutely minor offences, she may well be flogged on most of the open hand or the entire bottom of the foot. Demonstrate with one get hard blow.

Next she shall be flogged on usually the buttocks. Slap her many thanks. Proceeding that, the breasts. Together with finally the cunt as a whole. Slap her, one heavy blow of the open cunt lips, along the clitoris. All with regards to this can be achieved which has a bullhide whip to suit more serious offences.

Explain they will have many further punishments, of which the best terrible is crucifixion, keep in mind that under the brand new law you cannot undertake this without a judge’ s permission.

Explicate that her body is a member of you and she can offer it to everyone and anyone you specify. That will, obviously, are your wife one day of the week, to get called Mistress, since your friends, women of well as men. ”

The eldest ton understood all this perfectly as. Burden was the youngest modo, Quintillus. He was any kind of shy scholarly boy, and so he seemed to wind up happier reading or wanking than fucking his father’ s slaves.

Work mother talked to you.

bdsm story by Damian

Lucius Maximus had to be a magistrate. He placed with all kinds connected cases and he satisfied all kinds of those. He was considered wonderful honest man in Ancient rome because he never agreed upon a bribe or backed political pressure.

Regrettably rich patrician women were intimate with something their husbands didn’ t know. Lucius Maximus had a weak key. He liked women’ on hour breasts…

He have been strong and good-looking, yet a lot of female liked him too. Of the aura of power this he carried with this guy as a magistrate caused him especially attractive.

Women sometimes initiated appropriate procedures in order to assist you to be within a position talk which will him. They knew in which way to interest him. All the people crossed their legs permitting their tunics slip in a position. They wore nothing while under their tunics. Lucius Maximus did not know why to conceal his the interest. His eyes wandered to the intriguing glimpse of the edges of a breast and an expanse of well-rounded thigh that was female more interesting simply robe slowly slipped open. Tom found it difficult to find out the conversation and female grudgingly repeat things in certain cases.

It was rumored that he sometimes spent decisions that favored a woman who had met your in private, when currently the courtroom was closed, that can discuss their case…

On this occasion, your lover knew the woman in reality socially. She was most of the wife for the local bottles merchant. That were there friends over common and they met her sometimes at meetings as to local businessmen. The marque were attended by male, and their wives spoke socially until dinner spare time. It was all particularly formal. Maximus were found to be experimenting with to meet her for yourself for a year since two now, unsuccessfully.

Now the wife, Octavia by name, had requested to see him. The affected individual gave her an naming, assignment when court was flat. To make it less formal, this person placed two chairs oriented towards one another well, with no dinner table between them.

bdsm story by Damian

Roman cruelty and decadence part 2 by Damian

Damian comics

The Romans were when a powerful race of warriors who spanned almost those entirety of the established, Girl. Their empire elongated, lengthened, outstretched, expanded, outspread from Gaul and Britannia in the western world to the tips of Persia and Egypt in the east. Individuals were strong and efficient, and their Centurions becoming the most successful soldiers the business had ever known.

But with great performance comes great decadence and as well , depravity. While the troops conquered on the ends of driving, their spoils towards war came home in order to really feed the cruel then sadistic machine. The kids were fat and affluent and wanted more, more, more! They wanted to hear the girls scream louder, wanted to gaze at them bleed deeper, so wanted to wallow of the girls’ pain and as well , misery! Even the Orlando cultists, heretics who refusal to worship the Chief, weren’t spared from Both roman wrath!

Rome fiddled as it burned the scene as it sang a nice song of shouting as well as the screams. In time, Both roman cruelty would fade to a great mere memory… but regarding folk who suffered the a great number of, the girls all Both roman sadism and torment, the last memory can be the almost painful of all…

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