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Group x part 3: Behind bars! by Celestin

Celestin comics
She dared to cross them and try to bring down their organization, so they will ruin her and her lover, lovely Emily Whitcomb. Victoria can do little more but watch as her world spirals out of control. All according to plan.

Celestin comics Celestin comics

Evil elves by Hawke

Hawke comics
Raax is on “break”… wanking off in the corner! Santa tries to teach the wayward elf a lesson, but this only infuriates Raax, who goes on the attack and brings Kris Kringle some “Christmas cheer” with a candy cane to the eye!

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Bondage motel, collector serie by Arctoss

Arctoss comics
In a small, roadstop hole in the ground deep in the desert, far from any cell phone service or traffic of any type is a rundown motel and a car repair shop. Asian beauty and college graduate Debra was taken by the sinister owners of this motel and trained to serve as an obedient and submissive sex slave!

Arctoss comics Arctoss comics