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Bad lieutenant 3: Unlawful deception by Arieta

Arieta comics

O’ Malley’ s friend is the ambitious, young assistant District Attorney, Alison Palmer. A potential career-making case has somehow landed in Alison’ s lap. The investigation of feared Serbian mobster Vuk Dragnovic became hers when the District Attorney mysteriously quit the case. Alison thinks she has a vital witness, but as the old saying goes “ if you come at the King, you’ d best not miss. ” Draganovic is the sort of man who takes slights personally, and Alison may come to regret putting herself in his crosshairs…

O’Malley has managed to get her duty to abduct the key witnesses against Vuk Draganovic, destroying Alison’s case. The woman who was planning to testify will now endure a lifetime of brutal punishment. But Vuk is not willing to stop there. He will also unleash his fury on Assistant DA Alison Palmer. He can bend his former enemy to his will and take over her life, in the same way he has done to so many other women before her. And his loyal slave Darinka O’Malley will be there to help him, every step of the way…

Arieta comics Arieta comics

Female general part 2 by Feather

Feather comics

The Qing dynasty has its ingenious devices for torment. The magistrate forces women of many ages general to watch to be her soldiers are put through to new horrors, one in particular by one. Everyone expected the magistrate to show his men to take advantage of the women sexually, even though strangely, he isn’t going to. Finally the women are whipped, removed naked, hung from this fingers and subjected toward horrible pain. But a new magistrate does not enable the men use them sexually…

But it tourns out that their magistrate was first just saving the prime pussy for himself. Last, after forcing womens commander to watch her soldiers’ torture, the magistrate gives the female general herself disassembled the dungeons…

Each uses the female general’ south body in every road they can imagine. The actual is totally helpless and therefore powerless to resist. The lads of the Quing dynasty quickly reduce her toward simply a cock-sucking slut.

Feather comics Feather comics

The bowels of bhusal by Mr.Kane

The bowels in bhusal

Your woman throat clogged with sperm, Zobeid was tied for you to the camel and registered the procession of slaves through the haunted urban world. The caravan moved briskly around the central avenue in Bhusal, stirring up their cloud of dust in addition to their passage.

The very ruins of Bhusal appeared to be terrible. The previous invasion in the once great location was over 500 many ago, but still those dark stains of will be were visible painting those crumbling walls with their gruesome shadow.

The very interior of the rocky mountain pass was pierced according to thousands of caves exactly as though gigantic maggots employed wormed their way by simply the solid rock. Zero moved, but the wrong smell of sex wafted off the bound potential mom and hung in some of the air like the banner ad of a heathen military.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

The caravan moved quickly throughout the time, winding its way beyond the broken cobbles while rotting bricks which littered the street. Zobeida staggered along, the pain ranging from her bound tits pulling a steady stream in sobs from her exactly as the camel lumbered home based. The rope had become bound tightly, and wedding ceremonies her once stunning bust were starting to open purple with bruises. Your girl bit her tongue while forced her body so that you can take another step and afterwards another after that.

Sharah had it yet worse. Condemned to always be bound to a slave yoke, she staggered continuously heavy beam. She employed carried the heavy fire wood post for days, while her shoulders were about the verge of separating. Her tendons groaned in addition to effort as she plodded along.

At their large intersection, the crucified woman twisted her foot on a broken little bit of pavement. Before she could well catch herself she crashed to the ground, those heavy post falling about shoulders with a sickening snap!


bdsm story by Mr.Kane

A bold officer by Cagri

Snatched model by Ken

Snatched model

Oh yeah! I’ ve been stalking yourself for ages now bitch! Simply you’ re worth this tool. Now it’ s pay-back time. You’ re going to pay for each 1st I’ ve spent training your kidnapping!

C’ mon bitch, I’d like to see this fuckin’ cunt dripping really enjoy mad. I want boils down wet and ready when me. I’ m going to ram my cock finished your twat ’ til I get tired relating to it. That could endure months, even years. You better pray I don’ with get bored with everyone too soon books won’ t leave this basements alive… Never!

bdsm story by Ken

Shake those perfect feet everyone whore! I wanna are told those bells sing. That’s why! That’ s it. Shot ‘ em bitch. Want to guess what; whip ping this tits is getting for me horny again. I fancy the way the blow makes you sweat and as a consequence squirm. It reminds you of the way everyone showed your slut’ s i9000 body on the catwalk at the party. From this day forward I’ m your truly admirer. C’ mon Bitch move your ass… Squirm to get a Master!

bdsm story by Ken