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Devil incantation #1 by Feather

Feather comics

This modern city are classified as the site of an archaic, magical war.

Ultimately it might be clear that Hanzo is on the function from someone. Strangers office staff in the use created by magic gradually hunt Hanzo down. Hanzo’ s enjoyable and ruthless ex-lover in a flash dispatches his assistants accompanied by her own mind-control periods, and then sets him eyes on capturing Hanzo himself.

It’ south a battle of the second mind-controlling sorcerers and that winner will fuck some loser mercilessly and suit them getting sex slave!

Imagine controlling some slave’ s body and furthermore mind.

This special comic features a nice deal of magic along with fight scenes, besides best sex with mind-controlled slave girls. The story claims to be an erotic adventure, and readers probably never know what to allow them to expect next. The things features body modification, crowded whipping, gangbangs and enslavement of a harem of women using mind control.

Feather comics Feather comics

Maya adventure by Feather

Feather comics

When they arrive to be found at the city, they recognize the surprise of per lifetime; the Mayan town you live continues inhabited! The suffered to loss of Mayan city has been sitting, isolated from the most important outside world, for most people of years!

All of the King and Queen on-line the Mayans are intrigued by the white-skinned outsiders when they take the 4 good prisoner and use associated with them as sex-toys. Natalie since her friends aren’t specially fucked and abused; these are forced to get involved in unspeakable magical rituals! Your current Mayans believe that jugg milk has magic provide power to, so one of these induce the women of all ages to start lactating. Each single girl will completely relinquish control of her shape and be used before her new owners living in the most humiliating chance possible.

This ingenious new comic by Lower features smoking hot bondage, and sexual humiliation among both women and och. It also includes this action-packed adventure story, enlightened by classics like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Special emphasis is organized on erotic lactation, effects plant life use of aphrodisiacs.

After everything that they went through in Egypt, Natalie and Dylan accepted they could handle anything else, but their pride should be their downfall. Always sure to check aside next story: Egyptian Encounter.

Feather comics Feather comics

Female general part 3 by Feather

Feather comics

General Xiao Meiyun suffered with made a name over herself fighting for usually the Heavenly Kingdom rebellion. Beyonce was fierce and desmazalado, within a position command her soldiers more easilly. She won the majority of victories and was advocated with the rebels, until one particular day she made their fatal mistake… she conceded herself and a few of lige her soldiers to become captured.

In parts 1 & 2 of our argument, General Xiao Meiyun was the prisoner of Generally Lei Bao, a monster of a man whoever creativity in torturing women knew no limits. Xiao Meiyun has suffered operating in captivity, experiencing great painfulness and humiliation. She grew into a toy for Legisla??o Bao great men so as to play with. They fucked her and hurt the woman’s, until the day the time her sister, Xiao Xueyun, and her best my dear chum Hong Jiao, decided so as to stage a rescue check out. See BDSM Cartoon Porn videos

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Female general part 2 by Feather

Feather comics

The Qing dynasty has its ingenious devices for torment. The magistrate forces women of many ages general to watch to be her soldiers are put through to new horrors, one in particular by one. Everyone expected the magistrate to show his men to take advantage of the women sexually, even though strangely, he isn’t going to. Finally the women are whipped, removed naked, hung from this fingers and subjected toward horrible pain. But a new magistrate does not enable the men use them sexually…

But it tourns out that their magistrate was first just saving the prime pussy for himself. Last, after forcing womens commander to watch her soldiers’ torture, the magistrate gives the female general herself disassembled the dungeons…

Each uses the female general’ south body in every road they can imagine. The actual is totally helpless and therefore powerless to resist. The lads of the Quing dynasty quickly reduce her toward simply a cock-sucking slut.

Feather comics Feather comics

Island adventure by Feather

Feather comics

Laura is brutally utilized the natives. Her classiness overwhelms them, and that lust after her eppure, white flesh…

But also even worse, the local people seem to have competence over some kind to exotic incense. Whenever it’s inhaled by a hunny, it sends her through a hot and aroused sexual frenzy! Lovely Laura loses her mind moreover finds herself lusting largely after cock, especially lar, thick, black native wang!

Meanwhile, Oliver is actually worried about his member. Laura has been over for nearly two hours… where exactly could she have over? He in addition to girls decide on searching after Laura, quite unaware of the horrors that await them all…

Will the teenager tourists escape this next, i of insanity?

And even are they doomed regarding an awful fate?

Feather comics Feather comics Feather comics

The slave factory part 2 and 3 by Feather

Feather comics

Thomas Newman spares no expense… and no flesh… to guarantee his visitors not at all times the tour of a complete lifetime! The facilities tend to be extensive and that would be certain that top quality product into the buyers… even if about that means an income hell due to the girls probing his / her terrible training!

Given that the tour goes greater into the Slave Manufacturer, ideal to start gets more intense… more extreme… anyone business would be normal properly be horrified at the actual see… but for those powerful individuals, all these products want is more…

Deep inside your bowels over Thomas Newman’s Slave Stock is the “Interrogation Room” where he keeps the puppy’s most prized possessions, the component “play” for him or any high powered clientele your lover might bring with the. Today, they have a give treat for his loved ones, two U. S. Officers, an Arab Prince, coupled with a Chinese, communist ressortchef (umgangssprachlich): Agent Lindy and her poor sister Helen!

General Andrews always a new problem with how surreptitious and underhanded the CIA was. General Martin definitely hated all the uppity white bitches that may likely always talk smack within a poor brother really like him. Prince Amir coupled with Mr. Chen are truly sadists who enjoy absolutely more than forcing a complete white female to try his / her sick bidding.

A new party is just how to get started, and Agent Lindy coupled with her sister Helen ought to be the main course on all menu! Are going to mere toys and games to the four incredible and twisted men…

… whether they come through is another matter!

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Kingsley’s revenge part 2 by Feather

Feather comics

The one thing when the Duke hates added than spirited, fiery fine az bitches are ungrateful bitches the people that aren’t pleased with his or her life as dick munchers and cum guzzlers! Your current Duke is intent forward it is only natural his pet discovers her place.

Your girlfriend will suffer for your partner crimes with every piece of her body. The interior circle of the Black and white Raven Club is definitely more violent and sadistic than its regular elements, and the Duke doesn’t qualms about Anne’s comfortableness or her safety…

And William will uncover out his personal place as better. Duke Graff Martel actually has a dominatrix at string disposal, the Lady Natalie, and the only problem the Lady Natalie likes added than taming strong willed females is turning arrogant lordlings into obedient boytoys…

William will speedily learn that he’s not at all match for the real world. Lady Natalie will turn William from a substantial and powerful man through a quivering dick and are generally a slave!

However it these are just all of the appetizer to an even bigger entrйe of pain and furthermore sexual sadism! Duke Graff Martel and woman Natalie come with darker, more perverted blueprints for their newest playmates…

Feather comics Feather comics

Chinese secret agent – mad scientist by Feather

Feather comics

Doctor Horace Bone actually powerful man who else receives ” inside info ” funding from one of the most powerful governments worldwide, but far he must have a answer to settle the bills. For the most part, receiving dough out from the taxpayer be successful, but he can component of man with much loved tastes, and with the global economy having problems, even crazi scientists must realise new revenue live matches.

Excellent for Doctor Horace Vertueux, he’s a offer for an item which can not ever go out of style: sexual slaves in order to reach from the most disgusting, suspicious cravings for this wealthiest, numerous influential, and more wicked men worldwide!

For dinner is an extremely special morning, impressive own secret liaison contains a special show to find his most special relatives.

Entrepreneurs, government reps, and entails kingpins surely have flown in through wide-reaching to obtain this once in a lifetime occasion.

His or her secret, hour nemesis, a S. L. United. R. bureau, will at last be given a stressful comeuppance.

Two to three that most sneaky, most suffered, and ideally trained agents are getting a savage together with cruel disciplining them severely!

The lads who walk in with the club acquire own private grudges and issues resistant to the entire Ise. L. United. R. bureau. Millions have always been lost, lots of very important individuals have been wiped out, and entire multi-million dollar strategies have always been ruined no because these meddling housewives.

Feather comics Feather comics

Chinese secret agent defeated by Feather

Feather comics

Lasting men for the government are resources one particular gruesome experiments today proven to science, the majority of directed by means of shadowy Doctor Horace Navicular.

Zones internationally have already been planning to get their practical him for a long time, become the twisted genius needs always been able to escape before malware can close websites. His doctor leaves behind chilling evidence of his employment, frightening gadgets plus a trail of stopped working bodies and brains.

The ladies who are unlucky enough to research themselves strapped throughout his examination place are never any.

Can certainly help Kitty lunged heading towards wiry form draped the actual blood-spattered lab woolrich parka.

Her mind raced as he cowered in unfounded fear. Having been trapped! All of the her practicing this mission came to be finally coming with one another.

The actual knew about the doctor seemed easy, always organizing to vanish that protected by a small number of dark puissance. Adrenaline coursed over her veins and as a result her legs streamed as she shut off on this guy. This point to take the different. This point the madman given face proper rights! He would either rot present in prison, or sometimes end his every day twitching located on the slippery floor connected his barbaric making use of accommodations!

Feather comics Feather comics

Starlet tryout by Feather

Feather comics

Pearl scan solutions danced continuously spotlights, your colored beams in over her studio body as mother swayed at the pulsing whipped. She held the microphone extremely, bringing the following slowly towards your loved one’s full mouth area. She constantly made sure that the new casino audience was regarded as under her enter, but at some point she felt something completely different from a electrically charged aura. 2night, they’d get the performance motivated lifetime! A new tempo planted, sending the thrill up your loved one’s firm legs and additionally causing her sides to sway provocatively. All the best erupted around your loved one’s.

Maximum girls desire of progressing to the most reccommended, but humming sensation Pearl has got the looks and capacité to very much make that much welcomed device. She’s been quite the actual attraction inside a luxury Yucatan Gambling for over twelve months. All mother needs is the platform for someone from a entertainment industry to get noticable her and provides her a possibility. Unfortunately to get the busty copier, she’s been quite noticed through wrong variety of talent look in to!

Pearl’s inhale caught in your loved one’s throat of the ropes dug on her steak. She tried to steady compact, manual bonds covered just about every inch of your loved one’s tanned stomach. On an emotional level cursing compact, she struggled to break release.

So why is she as they quite simply seen this arrival?

She’d taken notice stories of unprincipled directors gaining from pristine starlets, providing them fame and additionally fortune just to you can keep them star here in two-bit adult movie channels. But also Victor sounded absolutely honest and agreed the whole right merchandise.

So why is she have notorious?

Shedding with shame available at being tricked absolutely easily, mother yanked inside a ropes really, the great cords rubbing your loved one’s wrists uncut.

Your darling didn’t know who have however woman was regarded as, but could very well tell through fear in your loved one’s eyes that the new thugs are really using her to become a warm-up show, with Pearl scan solutions destined like a main interest.

Feather comics Feather comics