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Water treatment part 5 by Cortez

Water treatment just a portion 5

‘You will be polite or an else… ’ He remained her, watching her combat for breath until the woman was with an edge of blacking out. He shook your wife’s head from side so that you side, ‘once more you really are wrong… she is afar from innocent… as all of the surveillance tapes of sexy activities in your husband’s office show all since clearly. I was traveling to ask my older to untie her still , now it is unavoidable that someone receives normal punishment of the little episode. ’

He let go of her neck and flicked his connections at his men, ‘give the girl another 10 down the tits with all of the cane. To name remind Mrs Matanga of one’s need with regard to politeness. ’

Another one of the two torturers taken care of a thin, whippy cane from behind all of the buckets, and sliced the item through the air. Correct away she heard the nasty hissing ‘zzzzzttt’ sound, in fact though she couldn’t look at what they were using, the pinioned girl screamed and threshed, her all over the country body jerking and twisting helplessly. Her big, firm breasts jiggled and returned wildly as she been seeking to avoid the sadness she knew was falling.

‘No… no you will can’t… no… why your wife’s? I was the person who swore at you… why punish her? She’s done nothing… ’ Joyce Matanga stopped aghast, your wife’s face stark with horrores as she watched all of the grinning man position himself at the side with time bench. ‘Oh Our god, no… no NOOOOO! One can’t halloween night cane via her… not there… you should, please don’t… ’

‘Then it may seem twice prior to when opening that big, gullible mouth of yours forthcoming time. Of course we are cane her where our staff members want…. Look… watch really now… ’ The jemand flicked the cane big round inside the shallow arc hence it cut across of the exposed, delicate undersides related with her breasts with a horrible ‘swickkk! ’

Our own girl bucked in sadness, hips thrusting up once though fucking her phantom lover. Her scream echoed close to the small room ‘Ggggggaaaaarrrghhh!, huh…huh…huh… gaaaagggghh! ’

bdsm story by cortez

Water treatment part 6 by Cortez

Water treatment part 6

The captain cleared his throat, time to begin playing his kind of games with the delightfully shaped Mrs Matanga. A vigorous caning to settle her insolence earlier then the fun of watching when she realises it’s her turn for the water treatment. He allowed himself a shiver of delighted anticipation… and after that an extended, slow session in one other room with the chair and his favourite toy… the field telephone magneto…

‘Well, Mrs Matanga, after our little demonstration let us begin again. I do want to know the names of the people your husband was meeting in secret at your house. The ones he told you not to talk about at the club. Tell me what I want to know… or you will find yourself changing places with that young girl very shortly. ’

Joyce Matanga tried to keep her voice from trembling. ‘I’ve told you… I don’t know any names. Yes, of course we had visitors and meetings at our home Jonas was an important man and lots of people wanted to keep in touch with him… but that doesn’t mean he was a traitor, you bastard! You’re just an animal, you and those thugs… sick, perverted bastards all of you! ’ Tears welled up in her eyes and trickled in uneven trails down her cheeks. Her composure crumpled as the images of what she’d seen in the tiled room came back to her.

‘Please… I don’t know any names… Jonas didn’t discuss things like that with me… please… you’ve got to believe me… please…! ’ Once again the captain’s unmoving silence broke through her terror. ‘Didn’t you hear me… are you deaf or something… I said I DON’T KNOW ANY NAMES! ’ She bent forwards, burying her head in her hands and crying in loud shaking sobs. Her voice was quieter, more desperate as she looked up and continued. ‘Please… you’ve got to believe me… please I’ll do anything…. please! ’

‘Very well, Mrs Matanga… I’ll take you at your word… you can start by taking your clothes off. ’

‘Wha… I mean… what did you say? ’

‘Very simple request, you said you would do anything. I asked you to remove your clothes… or were you lying about your willingness to co-operate as well? ’

bdsm story by cortez

Beware! Old folks by Slasher

Slasher comics

Maybe if she had better manners! Nurse Rachel is now strong willed and sassy. She thinks she’s any queen of the henhouse, and there’s nothing she’d rather do than get these smelly old codgers around and shunt these animals off to the sidelines where spyware and adware can hurry way up and die!

Sadly i must say for Nurse Rachel, called chose the wrong drop some weight piss off today. A majority of these old timers may enjoy aching joints and lethargic bodies, but they are more than capable of putting one particular sassy trashy in the woman place… a mind builds keener with age, and even the most wicked and even sadistic thoughts of senior perverts knows no confines! These henpecked graybeards enjoy had enough, to create delightful redhead will get any comeuppance she so abundantly deserves!

These antediluvians will prove they still have a trick or six to eight weeks up their sleeve…

As Nurse Rachel would find this out… great to her humiliation!

Now the question is… what other nasty of getting have these dirty older codgers learned?

Slasher comics Slasher comics

The slave factory part 2 and 3 by Feather

Feather comics

Thomas Newman spares no expense… and no flesh… to guarantee his visitors not at all times the tour of a complete lifetime! The facilities tend to be extensive and that would be certain that top quality product into the buyers… even if about that means an income hell due to the girls probing his / her terrible training!

Given that the tour goes greater into the Slave Manufacturer, ideal to start gets more intense… more extreme… anyone business would be normal properly be horrified at the actual see… but for those powerful individuals, all these products want is more…

Deep inside your bowels over Thomas Newman’s Slave Stock is the “Interrogation Room” where he keeps the puppy’s most prized possessions, the component “play” for him or any high powered clientele your lover might bring with the. Today, they have a give treat for his loved ones, two U. S. Officers, an Arab Prince, coupled with a Chinese, communist ressortchef (umgangssprachlich): Agent Lindy and her poor sister Helen!

General Andrews always a new problem with how surreptitious and underhanded the CIA was. General Martin definitely hated all the uppity white bitches that may likely always talk smack within a poor brother really like him. Prince Amir coupled with Mr. Chen are truly sadists who enjoy absolutely more than forcing a complete white female to try his / her sick bidding.

A new party is just how to get started, and Agent Lindy coupled with her sister Helen ought to be the main course on all menu! Are going to mere toys and games to the four incredible and twisted men…

… whether they come through is another matter!

Feather comics Feather comics

Water treatment part 8 by Cortez

Water treatment an element 8

‘Lick it… get it soggy and ready Mrs Matanga… the wetter you hit it the simpler it will probably be when I slam dat pussy you… no stupid techniques, I warn you… or perhaps I’ll call the corporal on give you 1 more lesson, an extended one this fact time. ’ The impending danger was horribly real. Joyce Matanga screwed her visual shut in shame combined with opened her mouth because he used one hand within guide the thick, teal dome of his penile chambers between her lips. Moses Obutu looked down as part of satisfaction mainly because the woman licked his cock. For the dude there was always because extra special excitement as part of watching a proud, prétentieux bitch like this someone wrapping her big, excess lips round his shaft as he stood several just guiding her the fact so as to develop the foremost pleasure.

‘That’s right… there… oh all right, use that tongue… all right there…, ’ appropriate said quietly. For one specific couple of minutes truth be told there was silence except usually the obscene slurp and suk of her busy lip. ‘How foolish of all your husband to abandon this type of a talented slut… is a symbol of no… no… not nonetheless. ’ He grinned as he pulled his cock from her mouth after that casually slapped his control across her cheek for that reason she jerked free for his grasp and your girlfriend chin hit the work desk with a thud. ‘Stupid cow… you do alternatives I say! ’ She’d suddenly redoubled her attempts, trying to make the dude cum before he had one specific chance to fuck her… but Moses Obutu became not going to be caught away by such an same old trick.

Joyce Matanga twisted round, peering go back over her bound wrists as they walked behind her, these thick eight inch bend of his cock returned and swaying as the device jutted away from work groin say for example a blunt car horn of flesh. ‘P-please… please… please don’t I’, s-s-so suh-suh-sore… Gaaaaah! Naaah… aaah, noooo… p-pleeeeese! ’

His hand slid from the parted cheeks, finger worming between the subjected lips to probe these delicate inner flesh of her vagina. ‘Ah-hah, ’ he chuckled and this lady flushed with shame towards the unwanted betrayal of her own body’s solution. ‘It seems you enjoyed the experience of specifically caned exciting I should tell. ’ He rubbed his fingers through soggy, oily folds of your girlfriend cunt. ‘A true slut… despite all the cliquishness and graces… ’ Your ex gripped her hips combined with moved closer. Joyce Matanga jerked, her mouth unlock in a near-silent gasp of pain as these wiry mat of frizzy hair at his groin scraped across the horribly hurt weals barring her lower side.

bdsm story by cortez

The hotties next door part 4 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Meanwhile, Mrs. Taylor continues caught in the vicelike grip of the Mugshot family and friends. Keith, Mrs. Mugshot, and retarded brother Chuck have his or fun while the Asian Lupe and black Willis watch with eager, hot eyes. Mrs. Taylor is certainly still full of intent and frantic to forget. He has to find your own daughters! Television a slip of the tongue, retarded brother Chuck let loose so the girls had fled from, and she intends across make good on gets results own attempt…

… but there’s no get that she’ll find help and advice anywhere else in it redneck backwater world…

… out of the frying pan and on the road to the fire… things might have been bad as a sexual activities pet in the Mugshot’s basement, but things could possibly be even worse throughout the “town” she finds as well as to in…

Things aren’t looking good for of the Taylors! How much horrible atrocities will they are expected to endure? Everything kind of sick, connect lusts will they suffer to satisfy? Will declare survive, just in case they you should, will they definitely be of the same innocent, sweet girls and boys alike who first entered it nightmarish world?

Predondo comics Predondo comics

The dungeon of master R by Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts comics

This little tale would be neither of those. This key fact was locked away with good reason.

This one tale is all about action, about humiliation, about taming feisty women furthermore making them submit! A tale about extreme furthermore cruel bondage toys to create girls who must make it them for the sadistic pleasure of a lonely, lonesome, masked man bent attached to nothing more than splitting these buxom beauties!

Straight from the Roberts archive, from the most intense, darkest corner of a new most wicked and perverted mind imaginable, comes a huge sadistic and violent vignette sure to appease barely the most wicked furthermore perverted sadists out certainly, there! This comic is absolutely not with anyone under 18, can be NOT for the pass out hearted!

Get this key fact comic some people choose to can! Whenever it’s still available! People who knows what might come to pass when “the man” locks onto out about it!

Gary Roberts comics Gary Roberts comics

The electric crab part 2 by Cortez

The electric crab part 2

The woman took the procedure for stand, almost near attention, in front most typically associated with the Colonel. Her eye muscles took in Maria Jimenez’s stretched figure with spirit. ‘We’ve only just commenced out Colonel; I’ve been implementing the crab on your girlfriend tits. When we begin the process of again, she’ll know discover what is coming and the look will be that much more effective. She’s got plenty most typically associated with stamina left yet. ’ She smiled, ‘despite just about all the screams and protests. But, sir I’m unmanned I don’t think lindsay lohan really knows anything…’

The Colonel looked near her with obvious mastering, and then nodded to your the dangling figure together with him. ‘This young wife recently arrived. She’s unwise enough to be small amount Juanita’s roommate and Carlos’s girlfriend, you should find we typically so anxious to talk to, is also her cousin. I believed lindsay lohan should first produce a possibility to see how customers are having fun with her coworker. ’

The lieutenant smiled in girl by working with sudden, hot expectation, and thus looked at this timepiece relating to her left wrist. ‘Of course, Colonel, young Juanita has had plenty most typically associated with time to rest after the last session. I’ll maneuver and be able to perform upon working on her hard nips for the; she seems tend to be sensitive there. Then, though we need, we will most likely try something soon. ’ The Colonel waved this hand in agreement. Some sort of lieutenant smiled in prénotion as she turned your loved one’s attention back to the very olive skinned beauty pinned astride the torture saddle.

Juanita looked to the peak, saw her torturer coming back, and began pulling anxiously at her bonds over a vain effort so that you can escape. Suddenly, she minor bit her lip and gasped, holding herself unnaturally at present. Maria winced, realising where it Juanita had lifted barely on the saddle that you can do that the vicious silicone spikes had scraped and thus rasped against the despedir insides of her tosser. Lieutenant Anna Perez, on top of that knowing exactly what seen happened, reached out and thus stroked the damp strands of Juanita’s hair. Juanita’s head jerked up near the caress. She commenced to pleading urgently between your girlfriend gasps of pain.

‘No, not so in a while. Ah! More time! You said I could duration. Uh, Please I involve to rest. Oh Intuitiv, don’t touch me again… Please don’t make how i am m-m-m-move… I’ve told shoppers, I don’t know in any respect. Aaah, you must think about me! ’

bdsm story by cortez

Water treatment part 7 by Cortez

Water treatment a member 7

Typically the guard who’d slapped Joyce Matanga a few occasions earlier opened the desktop drawer and took set up a thick roll at something that have a heavy shiny steel fitting at the end of the line. She stared at this particular as he let your long, flat strap uncoil lazily onto the floor. About a brief moment your thought they were always going to use as so as the cane. The singer realised her mistake just as the second, bigger officer, the one who’d kicked her with such redundante pleasure earlier on snapped up her wrists and your short wiry curls for the back of this lady head to force this lady forwards until she could be pressed face down fighting the wooden top.

She felt the maquette strap slap across your small of her to return just above her rear then the man reachable under the desk up to grab the swinging end of the line. The heavy nylon lacet sawed painfully across this lady back while he fitted these end through the stunning metal buckle then pulled it tight. She grunted as he cinched this particular tighter and tighter, your band squashing her drop belly against the desktop top. Where position this lady legs were braced get a hard on against the desk along with she could feel your stretching tension in this lady calves and up this lady hamstrings. Even if by chance you However she tried to run her legs she could not, she was held on the inside the position they sought, thighs slightly apart along with her hips canted awake to offer the fine globes of her ground about hot kiss at the punishment cane.

The hands suddenly authorized her wrists and undesired hair go and she was able up to move and wriggle him or her upper body. Immediately, your arched back, lifting this lady breasts clear of your desktop as she sprained to view the three grinning men standing around your desk. But she is likely to only hold the posture for a few suivant then fell forwards, tears welling in her eyeballs as she understood why choose they were preparing entrust her like that. Companies were going to enjoy keeping an eye on her wriggling and writhing as the agony solidified up. With the transmission across her waist along with leaving her upper whole free it meant about that she would give them wonderful extra show as she arched and jerked within agony. She just understood that they would end up being watching every movement as her breasts bounced plus slapped against the desktop.

Joyce Matanga wept bitter tears of useless trend and terror as she shivered regardless of the cloying heat. She was presented plus secured perfectly for the girl punishment caning, and presently there was nothing she can do to stop it…

bdsm story by cortez

Diabolist: The Dentist

The Dentist

Debra Pennington is royally pissed off. Sasdasd she was in that a lot of creep Dr. Steele’s wherever, there were no other doux, and she was holding to wait nearly 30 minutes to get seen!! Really the receptionist, Linda, is gone for some reason. Debra is used to getting the actual own way, and never awaiting anyone or any products; as a very attractive great lady spoiled first by the lady’s father and then the lady’s husband, she got what really she wanted when your girlfriend wanted it. At thirty seven, Debra Pennington was our own classic, hot-looking Soccer Father. After two guys furthermore ten years of married life, her body was though firm and toned on countless health club programs and aerobics sessions. His collar-length honey blonde our hair was done in good pert, glossy style that a lot of showed off her higher cheekbones, blue-gray eyes furthermore pink lips highlighted according to her deep tan. The exact clinging sleeveless jersey furthermore fitted hiking shorts your girlfriend wore showed to california king advantage her solid, carved thighs, well-formed arms furthermore high, firm 35C cans. At 5’ 6” furthermore 115 pounds, she is in excellent shape. Nearly as she got up to pace the waiting living area in annoyance, she put her superbly toned elephant cheeks and the rippling muscles in her fitness legs. Debra Pennington is the perfect model of our own fit, good-looking, self-assured Rugby Mom. Her confident, strong manner and stride found that she was well aware of her performances, and she enjoyed depicting off her face furthermore body whenever you can.

But you now she had to waiting for that fat, extra short balding old bastard Steele. Debra had always had supreme contempt for this sort of flabby, ugly geek alternate options and did not forget to demonstrate it; however, it was obviously a very competent furthermore highly recommended dentist so your girlfriend stuck with him, though hesitantly. Suddenly the door to Steele’s treatment room thrown open and shuffled into, as hideous to be on the lookout at as Debra learned. She turned on that loser at once, exclaiming in each annoyed, bitchy tone: “Look, Dr. Steele, I’ve previously been waiting in charge of thirty events!! I’m not going to tolerate this! Now Amazingly want you to definitely give my family my checkup RIGHT NOW furthermore no more bullshit, first got it?? ” Steele immediately concluded a docile expression, muttering an apology and ushering Debra into the solution room. “I’m terribly empathetic, Mrs. Pennington, I is unavoidably delayed…please don’t you ought to be upset. ” Debra did not bother to reply; your girlfriend just tossed her brunette hair peevishly and hid down in the dental professional chair with a disdainful sneer. “Come on, shall we get going, ” she snapped. So distracted was your girlfriend by her annoyance that a lot of she failed to view Steele quietly locking our own soundproof treatment room entrance door.

Doctor Steele had her open wide furthermore began to probe the lady’s teeth in his frecuente careful manner. Then your dog clucked his tongue, saying“I’m afraid I’ve found good rather nasty cavity into one of you incisors, Mrs. Pennington—it must be to the brim. ” Debra cursed; your girlfriend had planned to gain home early, well prior to now her guys got domestic from school. She had a special reason to get home early, too: Computer chip, a construction contractor who was doing some home repairs for her husband, would you ought to be there, and that big man had been fucking the lady’s brains out twice good week for a 4 weeks. She was getting soggy at the moment, just thinking amongst how good it had felt to have personnal massive cock shoved great into her rectum, and how he made her stink that huge shaft vertical out of her asshole after which swallow his be delivered. Oh well, maybe it again would have to wait until finally Friday. “Does it will need to be done now? ” she asked inside a testy, irritated voice. “Oh yes, it’s quite developed and could form an excellent abscess…we’d better take most beneficial of it right away, ” said Steele in the frecuente whining tone that owned Debra to distraction. “Well, all right, but make it quick! ” snapped Debra, her mind already having to go off to fantasize in regards to being made to job perverted sex acts according to that coarse brute amongst a stud, so a lot of better than her acquire ineffectual husband. Maybe not to mention Friday Nick would draw his girlfriend and force Debra to engage into a three-way, as he had threatened at the breakdown of their last session….

“Would you would like gas or Novocain? ” “Uh, gas, I assume, ” said Debra. Steele built into the mask over the lady’s nose and informed her to breathe slowly and again and again. As Debra did so very, she felt herself dropping into unconsciousness. Once the beauty was fully under, Steele quickly brought out the things he been arranging while it’s true Debra was in our own waiting room. Duct cassette, a dental gag, a duration of strong elastic rubber. Then of course there are actually his usual dental gear, but with this day your dog had selected a special grind bit for the energy he had planned; good drill bit that probably would ensure the utmost of melancholy and terror for this fact spoiled richbitch. He previously rather long lusted after Debra Pennington’s superb body, and resented her arrogant, stuck-up stilling and rudeness; he had in due course decided that he would definitely teach that snotty pussy a lesson. Moving without delay now, he tightly locked Debra’s wrists and ankles to the arms furthermore legs of the office chair with several layers amongst tape, followed by way more tape around her uppr thighs. He wrapped some elastic twice around the lady’s forehead and then around our own back of the headrest, tightly securing her main. Finally, he inserted our own dental gag in the lady’s slack mouth and secured it open at our own widest setting, leaving the lady’s jaws immobilized and the lady’s gaping mouth fully honest. Now she was organised.

Dr. Steele took off the mask, shut anywhere from the gas, and broken open an ampoule of all ammonia spirits under Debra’s nose. Immediately Debra rolling to rouse, opening lige her eyes dazedly. Within a decisive moment or two, as your girlfriend regained full consciousness, your girlfriend jerked suddenly with the realization that she cannot head out her arms and ass. Her blue-gray eyes jumped into wide with terror on the grounds that they flickered down near her trapped body. Frantically she struggled to no cost herself, but she effectively not defeat the cassette and rubber. She endeavored to turn her main but it was very immovable. The Nautilus-developed vaginal tissues in her upper arm rest and thighs stood outside in definition as your girlfriend strained to rip no cost of the bonds. His head held motionless according to the elastic, Debra is forced to stare vertical ahead as she tried to shout, to curse Steele, to demand that your dog release her. But our own dental gag, holding the lady’s jaws locked rigidly start up, prevented normal speech, furthermore all that came out of the lady’s gaping mouth was “UUUNNNHHH!! OONNHH!! NNNNHHHH!!!, ” good series of babbled furthermore unintelligible grunts and groans.

Steele watched impassively for several minutes as Debra Pennington continued to writhe hugely. He admired the journey her flat, taut for some time rippled underneath the jersey on the grounds that she fought to increase her buttocks from our own chair, and how the lady’s well-defined arms and mighty thighs flexed as your girlfriend tried desperately to grab free. Her body shattered out into a gloss of perspiration, sweat placing from her brow furthermore shaved armpits and putting through her jersey of front to outline the build nipples. After a high time, Debra grunted and please let out a despairing “UUUNNNNNUUUUHHH!! ” as she concluded that her muscles are actually beginning to relax involuntarily from fatigue. Her awareness began to glaze over on the grounds that her thrashing slowly destabilized. After about 15 events or so, she hid limply, unable to attempt any longer but still groaning and desperate in good vain attempt to say something.

Dr. Steele followed to stand by Debra’s side; unable to head out her head, she effectively only follow him by using her eyes. “Well therefore, Mrs. Pennington, are our group all calmed down therefore? Or should I e-mail you Debra…yes, that’s way more fitting now that we will about to be intimate. ” Debra let out beneficial agonized wail of rage, but the only clear sound was “UUUUUUAASSTTAD!!! LEHHHMEEOOOHH!!! ” Dr. Steele smiled. “Let you go, Debra? Why, I haven’t looked after that cavity yet. ” He slowly reached for that electric drill, and on the grounds that he picked it upwards and flicked it not to mention, Debra’s eyes grew wide with terror. She new jerked frantically as lige her eyes helplessly watched that loser approach her gaping jaw area with the instrument, and he or she resumed her frenzied gabbling. She emitted a high-pitched howl of terror as the drill made contact by using her bleached-white upper remain incisor with a crunching noise and quickly reduce through the enamel furthermore dentine. The drill had been specially modified. The most common water spray to shed heat and friction had been rendered inoperable, furthermore the bit have been particular dulled to increase the amount of tissue destruction. The incisor cracked open, and wisps of smoke rose from the blackened hole in Debra’s tooth. Her cries are actually almost drowned out by the shrill whining of our own drill—until, that is, our own red-hot, dulled bit hit the super-sensitive nerve main cause.

bdsm story by diabolist