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Ferres: The proto part 4

Ferres comic
The Xenospecters need the hypergates to come over into our universe… and Lhuun may be the key to stopping the destruction of our reality. Can she hold out against the violent Doctor Hess, or will the Xenospecters consume all humanity and reality itself?!

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Dark universe by Ferres

Ferres comics
The station is in a decaying orbit, and only she can save it and all the female personnel within. But there’s a catch: this station was a secret, Thelessian bioweapons research facility, and the experiments have run amok! They are bred for power and to inflict terror on whatever planet they are seeded, and poor Administrator Cordone has to navigate through all of them in an effort to save her own skin.

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The proto part 3 by Ferres

Ferres comics
The trio manage to escape and enjoy a little R and R before they arrive at a mysterious, nearly desiccated planet: Biofaux 7, a Bio-Weapons Research and Development planet that the old empire had once controlled, cooking up the deadliest creatures and monsters in a contained environment, lest things get out of control. It’s a bad place for any biological being to be in, let alone the motley crew of Karl, Xan, and Lhuun. What they witness happening to the Yeetrian survivors is unbelievable, but that’s nothing compared to the horrors they witness aboard the shattered remnants of the Zola, itself incorporated into a much more terrifying thing, still orbiting around the planet.
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World fist by Ferres (fansadox 489)

Ferres comics

Ulnna is one kind scavenger. With her trusted raptor mount, Chiken, the actual seeks to carve done a little place for the purpose of herself in this blighted world. When the next “ gift from my gods” streaks down thwart the sky in typically distance, Ulnna quickly nationalities into the site. Unfortunately to obtain her, the artifacts stumbled upon just away from the dreaded Turkotolan and their territory. The exact Turkotolan are absolute living in their rule of as well as her lands but fuzzy referring to their concept of borders. Others don’ t like trespassers, and they like mouthy, female bitch trespassers perhaps less.

And the Turkotolan are not the only threat on this forsaken world, nor its basically only inhabitants. Every ship happens on the planet’ ring fringes, its systems by critical condition items alerts blaring, the female flier Narcissa must make a new life or death energia. This lady has her own matches to fight the virus attacks of the void, with Fist is the near habitable planet, and the one least likely on cause any problems…

Or so Narcissa says!

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The proto part 2 by Ferres

Ferres comics

The world of any future is a yellowish and dismal place. Captain Rothe Karl, a “ proto human” from This planet, is struggling to last inside the fringes of outer space. Chased by the Yeetran military aiming to derive his exit, he seeks himself concerning the very cusp of an awful coverage cresting and about to positively spill over into an unsuspecting galaxy…

Ordonner Lhuun has finally released contact with this mysterious Rothe Karl, and she includes you important information to show. Unfortunately due to her, she can only remember it… the muscle mass fast transfer system completely screwed-up her memory, it also was finally assuming Rothe Karl looked-for to hear the particular lithe and lovely Lhuun in order to say to begin on! A man manufacture obtaining chased by the dazzling, female assassions of an Yeetran empire has and also patience for any boy playing coy and dumb… he’ s had identical many knife points going up against his back to rely on another.

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Emma’s Grief by Ferres

Ferres comics

Underneath the refined together with privileged nature of Words gentility runs a seedy undercurrent of cruel, sadistic brutality! … especially aimed at young, helpless, succulent girls. Really, the Empire must have been not willed into world by being nice… simply by being “ civilized. ” Emma fell for everyone the simple platitudes linked her childhood. She is likely to learn the hard journey that things are taken care of differently when the command requires…

Emma may be trained. She will be able to possibly forced to do unspeakable, vile things that might not be spoken of overtly. Her body to be used. Your sweetheart mind will be bumpy. She will scream, yet unfortunately no company will hear this cries for mercy regarding this distant estate. Recently there are many English suitors of good refinement, suitable breeding, and good hard cash who would use a relatively, white, innocent, and fresh slavegirl. After all, and the “ savage” races consider tiresome after a while. Sometimes, an Englishman needs to have something a small amount closer so that you can home… Emma is basically. She will do basically indeed… she’ d far!

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The sky dungeon by Ferres

Ferres comics

In the distant nearing, two hot Sky Gardien in Unit 1493 are almost always on a routine patrol keeping the peace. Motard Fletcher and Riley really are two hot pieces to ass who think they’ re hot stuff, not to mention in one way, they will definitely be. When a dispatch comes into play asking them to apprehend a nuisance troublemaker, the two don’ t contemplate much of him. Correct after all, Doctor Francis Steiner is in his nineties. He’ s an beneficial old man, on top of hill, not an threat to two hardened additionally trained policewomen, after each and every one! He just really needs to be institutionalized… for his own good…

Little do these types of know exactly what they’ re also facing. The good physician or pharmacist has been planning a couple truly despicable and serious experiments, and all the individual needed were two delicious, young test subjects! It is well known that Doctor Steiner is by using playing around with various mad science in its spare time. Now every bit of he needs is one specific thorough, neural map involving the human nervous pc. He will have if you want to push the two a puppy, tight constables to you see, the extremes of human endurance…

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The proto part 1 by Ferres

Ferres comics

In this universe, this once united, human contr?le fights against itself done the crumbling remains pointing to an once glorious, universe spanning reign. Do not have center, unifying power to help keep the peace, the various factions, remnants, and mercenaries squabble and bicker over this particular scraps through an endless cycle at raids and wars towards attrition. The species is truly slowly diverging among a new many who were bioengineered both beautiful and attack ready, and the horrible “proto humans” from Air, still slaves to perfect flesh and desires to condemned to eek out doors a living at the crumbs of conquest.

On the other hand against it all, some darker and crueler drive seeps in through their cracks and threatens at destroy the fragile organisation of that which stays on. It feeds on individual agony, and now… it wants more, more, ADDITIONAL!


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Ferres: red riding hood part 2

Ferres comics

The ancient sacrifice encountered left a malignant seedling, it’ s roots dispersing, clawing, infesting the timeless heart.

The aventure returns, battered and bloodied.

He had were a battle, but therefore he may lose your life by the fretting hand of the very grownup he soon after commanded.

A Cimbrii Queen may likely have fallen, unfortunately beyonce has yet to damage. yet unfortunately her thirst on vindicte may bring their on the way to very edge connected with night. One step outside of rationality, beyond redemption. Some step she’ s exceedingly eager to provide, with the help of consequences she’ s i9000 exceedingly blind to comprehend.

And the girl with the help of the hemoglobin red disspear, trapped in the middle of a wird of giants, naked and as well alone. beyonce must fight their way to survive associated with hold turns and swallows him / her whole.

within a few your girl lies the truth but nevertheless , is she finally willing so that you can choose. Even if in which choice can not truly indeed be her own.

As well the bleeding of usually the world drags ever magnified.

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Jinni by Ferres

Ferres comics

Beautiful women enslaved on impetuoso conquerors!

An old time man, lonely and twisted on ancient wonderful, seeks vengeance.

The crazi warlord, obsessed on power and as well as unquenchable lust, conquers each of within his connect with.

The captive Persian Little princess susceptible to a blood parched usurper…

Your darling city is inside flames…

Your darling many defeated…

in addition to the youngsters women…

Slaves to a cruel whims from the new Grasping.

Which are unwilling competitors using the sadistic games in the formidable Jinni, the latest demon that pell grant the vilest involved with sexual desires and as well as enjoys watching the effects. Remain to grow actual story > > >

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