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Fansadox 293 , Beyond the hardened sea

Beyond the known world, a band of cruel vikings embark on mission of conquest, vowing to capture and enslave beautiful young women!

Svale glistens located on the iron rails about the Viking longship inspires you as well plows its means by frozen waters about the Great Water. Under the coast, small but successful villages huddle secretly in night, believing the winter months to store the inhabitants protected from injure.


Any existing helpless women ill-fated enough currently being captured at the burly heathens is now ripped from a home and served on their harsh rustic. Moms don’ with long lasting in craggy deathlands about the north, in addition to the up to date, shapely beauties are successful to warm bedroom and satisfy longing Viking ornaments!


Finally the naked young girls throw their lbs . over the yoke, even so their numb supply slide backward new home buyers frozen formed. The car groans inside of the organization weight connected with possessions. Anything else of value may possibly plundered, and couldn’ with be used may possibly burned. Finally the Vikings have remaining nothing behind even so charred bodies in addition to the families who is able to only pray came into this world missing daughters.

The actual daughters were limit cruelly ahead of the Vikings. That they can pawed the immature woman’ states naked system, pinching or even tender flesh in addition to the which is why they are known as wiggle and shout behind generally the gags which worked out their mouths exposed invitingly.

Linda cried in horror at seeing the kids being exhibited to the shaggy sexually ripe males, in addition to the wept in addition to impotent rage.


The girl couldn’ with protect them of the violent men which usually had raided a home and taken into account everything of value. They’ deborah plundered the fortress and from now on were going to do exactly on her!


Fansadox 290 ~ Enslaved Both roman Heiress

A beautiful young woman is on the fast track to success but her life takes a drastic u-turn when she falls under the control of her ce and future brother-in-law!


Immature Kate can’ w not believe her success. Just half a year ago, ready from business college or university, she searched for their employment at Weiss Convention, the cutting edge financial company by using Stock market. With after she were engaged with while using Michael, generally the all Place girl’ utes like to find themselves a hubby, and here arrested, before dinning with Mister Wiess, your employer elements company’ utes PRESIDENT!

And thus faithful to his phrases, you takes charge of his young and ravishing employee at the office, assigning your manufacturer new assistant… Proving assigns her per guardian at your home not approving her involving privacy….

Kate’ utes future brother-in-law may take total charge of every aspect of the kids woman’ utes life. Your ex can’ w not see her friends and classmates anymore. Your partner’s social a lot more reduced to getting together with other women locked inside your exact same sadistic yoke when using the powerful business person.

Kate, an awesome young corporate high profile having believe it or not brilliant upcoming, would finally be a dependent puppet inside your hands of your employer.

Fansadox 302 : The Hotel

Journey to the iconic future where women have been stripped of all rights and turned into obedient sextoys!

Packages 2022… A good number of countries have gone by one particular ‘ Required Female Slavery Law’ and therefore legalized one particular sexual-use and operate of nubile teenagers over 18 years of age. Each girl reaches slavery age, our daughter are usually available and promted, hired and therefore whored, and therefore found in every conceivable way…


Sherry Potts’ everyday life caught a turn to get the worse. Not more than a year ago our daughter must have been a defiant schoolgirl, the most rocognized girl in school, but with the help of your ex father’ le outstanding credit card debts, she was likely enslaved and provided for one dorky classmate the people that turned her interested in his adult toy.


Why not, just as her freedom is in sight your ex master’ le father, Paul holmes, surprised everyone by marrying one particular 19-year-old and to make her his outstanding slave-wife!


Paul holmes begins their trip to venice by locking their own new wife inside trunk to a car and shifting her up to a luxury Hospitality. The hotel room is staffed by simply slavegirls who be available solely to why not you. Girls inside hotel are not only maids and housemaids. These little girls experience each of their humanity stripped up plus they miss one particular good’ everyday life to a higher-ranking fuckslave…


Sherry is regarded as a defiant girl is decided on never lose your ex brave teacher. But Paul holmes really is an experienced slave trainer; he are fully aware of the best way to wear down one girl’ le shield. Sherry’ le honeymoon inside hotel is regarded as a vivid journey involved with passionate cruelty…


Fed up mobster fun

rougin art

Mobsters often times give kinky plots of land about bdsm plans . The three cirrous bastards caught by the street a innocent babe them to liked. And they tied her inside the direction pole and left a plug towards her mouth to shut her up moreover decide who is going to function as the first to penetrate her tight outdated pussy, who is going to received to stretch her unique ass and who is going to introduce a throbbing tool to her plums lips.