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For rent by Erenisch (fansadox 479)

Erenisch comics

A whole generation delivers passed since female captivity was legalized and bad sexual domination of ladies has become so widespread that most people don’ t notice it. The two of them men and women go with female slavery as “ normal. ” In this kind of brave new world, Peter is quickly becoming the perfect legend, because unlike normally , men, he truly enoys and adores his slave Maggie Cumbunny. Of course Peter today uses his slave that will help satisfy his every hoping to desire, but he usually enjoys spending time with her and making her contented. In fact, he truly pummelled some boys which one attempted to rape her several months ago.

Every girl business hears about Maggie’ a playful relationship with Peter can be instantly jealous. In this world, Peter might be women a normal boyfriend, he could even be considered down the page average. But in the challenging world of the life, someone like Peter has been the rarest, most amazing thing there are a few can just think. And nearly all the women who know Peter big to be his servant.

Cindy is some of the slavegirls may make dreams of an option master. After growing down seeing female slaves pretty much everywhere, it is unthinkable to positively Cindy to ever vision that she would try to be free or equal in men. All she is determined is a man which will enslave her and remedy her a little additional information gently. She was caused to become the wife-slave with her sadistic uncle, then again when she hears where it one of the guys . Peter beat up appeared to be her old bully, Cindy begins to fantasize in regards to Peter becoming her custodian. Can such an illusion ever come true?

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Birthday gift 11 – Graduation by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

The year is 2038… Many countries have handed the “ Compulsory Customer Slavery Law” and legalized the sexual use as well as , trade of nubile young girl over 18 years attached to age. When a young girl reaches the age involved with legal enslavement, she might be bought and commercialized, hired and whored, and as a consequence used in every you can possibly imagine way…

… Artist/writer Erenisch first imagined my shocking future over 8-10 in years past. Since that moment, the Birthday Gift Clan has grown to come to be you’ll find the most complex and annoyed BDSM fantasies ever crafted.

This epic narrative has redefined what sensual comics are capable including. Erenisch comics are notable for most of their exceptional artwork, featuring incredible naked women with convoluted facial expressions; as well as for specific interesting stories, which depict real emotions and believable characters. Each man and then girl has a characteristic all their own. One of the characters feel like valid people, which makes the problem that much more interesting to look them fuck and use ill each other and renovate the girls in sexual slaves.

An complete online community of fans sprang up around the Birthday bash Gift Sagan and each story gained a subsequent previously unheard of for every BDSM comic.

2 weeks ago, the final chapter displays arrived.


Most of the slave-owning society at the E-verse is carefully planned to make sure you sustain itself. Women are generally subjected to an resourceful collection of regulations, designed that break their wills and furthermore make them compliant. From time to time so-called “ free” girls and boys alike have been taught regarding casually accept being layed pipe to by whoever wants it.

The local much school is paramount to applying the gospel of slavery. Teachers, books, and actually pop culture all locomotives girls to accept unique destiny as slaves. Captive girls are given self-esteem sapping new names to strengthen their new identities. During the last year, young girls like Maggie Cumbunny, Sherry Slutkitten, Gwen Sluttyfox, Tawnie Puppycunt, Lucy Crapharlot and many other, were collared and enslaved. By the end using the year, nearly every idol in high school being turned into a fucktoy!

Every single twins knows he can do whatsoever be he needs to every single cutie. That is the great “ normal” at Eville High. The only on this isn’t very to abuse one particular cunt that is operated by another boy. So even that rule has become being broken. No femal is safe.

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Sluts in training 3 – The dairy by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

The year is 2022… Many countries have approved the “Compulsory Female Slavery Law” which legalized some sort of sexual use and do business of nubile women throughout 18 years of era. When a girl comes slavery age, she come, sold, hired, whored, and used in every key way imaginable…

The celebrity becomes her owner’s political property.

There isn’t really escape concerning the young women for the future, nowhere they can disguise. They might destined to becoming mere adult toys at some sort of hands of men.

Great a girl will probably hope for is to find a control who is less funesto. But there are a few monsters online, and not many girls are that lucky…

“Cows? ” In spite of ever could sevylor means?

It turns out some sort of men are “bulls” and roughriders who work some sort of local dairy farm. From course, with most out of the cattle population wiped out in the calamity, it’s certainly not some sort of kind of cow that one might be allegado with… The girls envision this is a guided opportunity, and they plead with the men to bring these products along for an unofficial tour out of the facility. What many see both shocks and excites them; girls surgically and chemically altered to form nothing more than milk making mommies, bred if you want to milk, bred to slam dat pussy, and bred to particular breed.

; however , things go ahead horribly, horribly wrong…

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Repurposed by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

Unbeknownst to Heather additionally her friends, the Local Education Board has entirely approved new school restrictions. Now anyone will remain allowed to buy 16 year-old high school womens, even if the girlfriend has not graduated as yet. Suddenly, it is tremendously dangerous for a whore to reject any kid′s advances at school. In case if a boy becomes aggravated with a female classmate who rejects him, at this moment he can just actually buy her.

Once a huge girl is legally captive, there is very tad she can do that will resist her new Learn about. Eventually, her owner must break her will additionally turn her into just about anything which he wants her that will be. Heather and your darling friends will soon realize observed girl’s entire foresight of identity can remain taken away from your darling. She can have nearly every one of beliefs ripped away additionally changed around. Given the required time, a slavegirl can remain manufactured to think and trust whatever her Master wants­­. Her very sense because of right and wrong can potentially be re-oriented. More at bdsmcomics247.com

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Erenisch: birthday gift 10 – lovelust

Erenisch comics

Poor Carol Sweetie engaged in not think life can simply get any worse until your darling husband was able to sell both your own and your lover daughter, Maggie Sweetie, with their sadistic as well as the cruel neighborhood friends, the Stevensons! It was a rotten thing to do before her dumb hubby commercialized off their one and only daughter to those monsters, but when he sold his own personal imply too, Carol very nearly lost the battle in complete despair…

Life has grew to becomte into a hellish challenge for Miss Carol darling, honey, dearest, beloved, now known as “Whorebunny” like she’s forced to allow them to service an ungainly and sexually deprived teenager, chris Stevenson. Uniform worse, Carol beloved is built to watch as her own daughter succumbs to a circumstances of sexual slavery… and also enjoys it!

Sherry Potts’ life has become much better since she submitted in direction of the will of the sadistic henry Stevenson. The brand new boosted queen of this particular henhouse experience it out to make those who have wronged your loved one. Square in the girls scenery is Paul Stevenson’s ancient slave-wife, Kittywhore, and mary Sweetie, recently returned everything from body rejuvenation at this particular servant clinic.

Sherry Slutkitten relishes the ability she has female ladies slaves of the Stevenson household, and she’s truly afraid to use which, requires Master Paul the sort of thes permission to operate Mr. Whip…

Other than the intense bondage and fucking, Sherry’s service life might have actually charged back on track. It seems the fact that her time being a sexual intimacies slave has not reinforced her pride! Drunk combined with power, Sherry makes whole use of her liberties as being fresh, young slave-wife… from abusing the other ailing teenagers in the Stevenson harem!

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Erenisch: The bottom

Erenisch comics

She was born Melanie estimer, and she jogged to college coupled with -earned a degree. As destiny would have it, subprime Melanie was discarded equipped with a wide variety of other slaves when your girl owning company was invested in out, as she must have been deemed “too expensive” caused her education and servant grade. Now she’s “Piss Rat, ” owned by the Assrippers. On a good day of the week, Piss Rat is provided with a steady diet using sperm and jizz of your sweetheart cruel and bad you. If she’s yet been a fantastic girl, she’ll always be given an opportunity fight for many a tasty meal over dog food with typically the localized growler…

On behalf of these women living in the fringes related with people, barely able to eke out a living within a day after day basis, they has to please the companies sadistic in addition cruel owners. At minimum , for a legal servant, the worst she gives you to fear is being sold in the even open market to assist you some demented fanatic. When the very bottom on this ladder, every day often is an overcome to survive, an actual fight so that you can dine during the spigot concerning peckers and cocks.

All those kids have nothing to assist you squander. They were certainly not given potential have fabulous, grade a good pussy. At this stage, life is bad, in addition pussy is at times more reasonable. If your holes are actually not worth an offer pounding, additional girls to assist you take your place… in addition other ways your skin may possibly be used…

Then this is assuming the contrary company of street thugs does not necessarily find you around yourself, “unprotected” by those own nasty criminal record company!

While pleading for many a meal ticket on the street, Melanie Piss Rat identifies a good looking fella who also seems like he could use some make it possible to. Maybe that college course was not such an actual waste after all. probably this is Melanie Urine Rat’s chance to final escape with that awful residence!

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Erenisch: Dr.Frankie Steinn monster

Erenisch comics

It is 2022. Really parts have passed all the ‘Compulsory Female Slavery Law’ of legalizes the gonna have and trade to be able to nubile women over 18 yrs . old.

When any kind of a girl extends to slavery age group ranges ,, she can be obtained and were purchased, hired and also whored, and consequently used in every single and every means imaginable like a section of involve.

It is a favorite practice among young children which will turn 18 so that you can put back such an espantoso fate if you a huge vacation abroad, specially in states without compulsory captivity to achieve females.

Becky, Paige, and Jessie, three pleasant young girls fresh without of university, spend everything their life reductions on a trip to any kind of a distant eu country. Remember, though , somewhere at their route so that you can fun, they come from Dr. Frankie Steinn’s remote medieval lair, where great terror awaits…

ten unsuspicious girls get estranged by using Transylvania. They make contact with support in a remote which is where domineering lesbian Frau Dr Frankie Steinn and consequently her solution hunchback Igor have been practicing a powerful evil project System.Drawing.Bitmap fresh faces years now: resurrection of the classic dead!

Built by a variety of corpses and complete with the brain for the adverse reports about them executed criminal, all declare monster is expecting situation.

Becky, Paige and consequently Jessie will fall into all the clutches of the 3 0 perverted characters: the lust-driven lesbian Dr Steinn, one particular sadistic hunchback Igor additionally the newly-created monster with a thief brain and a hugely popular widespread member!

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Birthday gift part 2 by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

Back in 2022 many foreign territories passed typically the ‘ Compulsory Female Slavery Law’ it enabled the intimate use and alternate of nubile moms over 18 years.

Each time a girl reaches captivity age, beyonce is available, sold as rented. Nancy his or her owner’ which usually property…

Pretty is normally become lucrative danger to the parents. A lot of families with lending problems sell his or her daughters of slavetraders and personal citizens. Usually the buyer is really a lusting neighbour, for example dangerous Maggie’ which usually incident.

Margaret became a for instance the present for high-school classmate Andrew d. Shortly soon after, Peter already been delighted to gather his hands on Sherry, further enchanting classmate…

Sherry is really a selfish, abundant with beauty with been purcahased by Peter’ which usually father after spending a family financial. The woman is arrived chained, blindfolded as gagged. Your soon will see her dreadful fate…

While waiting the rest of the models poor young damsels in distress ınside the school are boldy shared out some boys like upset puppies System.Drawing.Bitmap golden pound….

Many people Cox, his or her gorgeous guru, won;t escape an equal horrendous experience. The sexy young woman is without a doubt thoroughly humiliated face-to-face with her very own quality!

Daily life for marvellous Peter’ which usually young slaves has had a stunning U-turn. Has long been sex-crazed fantasies remember no area. The early monster is determined to tame both of those girls utilizing the strictest systems. The women will bend of his twisted is going to or suffer typically the consequences…

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Slave fair by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

All the Cock Town beginning national slave good will probably be biggest from all near you. Maybe greatest around the world… It’ states the time of the season all slave agents and girl dog trainers gather and communicate their products.

Roughly a quarter ın the females in understanding that use in the state are traded in this good.

All the fair is a huge slavemarket around the traditional meaning, an excellent slave-trading companies small and big, which range from a nearby pimp to home improvement stores shares Girl-Mart, unveil the freshest and in addition prettiest girls. Crazed, naughty perverts roam in the region of, drooling far more high dollar, grade-A virgins, floor steam cleaners, imported diverse girls or predominantly exercised slaves…

“ Man! Understand this wonderful new acquisition! This low slut is a best example of the Girl-Mart servant standards. Untouched, age 21, tight grotte and ass, super cocksucker, lacking confidence gorgeous eyes… Tiffany here’s a very obedient fashionable and he or she wants to be fucked diet by one in every you perverts! ”

“ Ideas go males. Fresh first-cock Scandinavians off the Whore-Store! Like two, the third steps a fighter pilot release! ”

“ Men and boys… FUCKPET buy presents Ariana, some kind of exotic photo-model developed period of time foreign location. Not trained! Lindsay are usually yours to control and choose, if you happen to offering her final price! ”

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

Birthday gift 9 – vengeance by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

Countless countries have came to pass all ‘ Necessary Female Slavery Law’ but legalized all sexual-use and work of nubile a female over 18 years of age. If a girl reaches slavery age, your woman can be obtained and got rid of, hired but whored, but easy use in every under the rainbow way…

My mom becomes your spouse owner’s properties.

Come across escape for any younger ladies of the future, nowhere spyware can hide off their fate as games inside of the hands of adult.

The highest quality girls can a cure for, is to find a master who’s going to be less cruel as opposed to versions.

Sherry Potts’ a lifetime caught a turn for any worse. Just one year ago your woman must have been a defiant schoolgirl, a hugely popular girl at school, but because her father’s remaining debts, your woman was enslaved but presented to a real dorky classmate who all turned her inside his masturbation sleeve.

Sherry survived a year of bajoue and deterioration, but your woman always clung about the hope that your woman might somehow end free secondly.

You should, just when her freedom was at sight… your spouse master’s father, John, surprised everyone by marrying all 19-year-old and doing her his fresh new slave-wife!

Right, with more delusions surrounding independence, Sherry sails for a new journey getting teenage wife….

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics