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Arctoss: Gemma grant adventures 2 – Rescue mission

Arctoss comics
Meanwhile, Margaret will be put through her paces on center stage on the sex slave island! Margaret will suffer new depths of shame and humiliation as she’s paraded and displayed in front of all manner of strange, weird, and frightening men, leering at her from the shadows.

Arctoss comics Arctoss comics

Hawke: Kayla’s summer break part 4

Hawke comics
Kayla, Tyler, and Mark have some intimate moments by the side of the pool with the twin terrors getting off and poor Kayla getting wrecked! But the fun has just begun after that! Tyler’s bought some brand new toys and has them delivered to the remote, lakeside cabin. From there the REAL fun can get started!

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Predondo: Punished in paradise 3

Predondo comics
Paths will cross, and deals will be made as the worst of human nature takes root. The sick, perverted lesbian mistresses will enjoy their prizes high in their hotel room above the city. Have fun with those slavegirls, ladies. Brooke and Tisha may not be yours for much longer.

Predondo comics Predondo comics