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Instagrabbed by Lesbi k Leih

Lesbi k Leih, Geoffrey Merrick comics
Cutie, barely legal Corey, fresh out of high school is taken by two of her “biggest fans” in a parking lot, and what the duo decide to do to her is anything but PG! Mesmerizing Mary is a Miss Americana man trap with plans to go on a weekend camping trip, but she has no idea that two sinister “trolls” are ready to sneak into her second-floor bedroom and snatch her up for sex and to be sold! And beautiful, actress/model Zoe is at a football game in Argentina who decided to sneak out of her luxurious box seat and ended up making the biggest mistake of her life! She’s quickly stolen off the streets and sold into sexual slavery to a scrappy squad of spirited soccer spectators!

Lesbi k Leih, Geoffrey Merrick comics Lesbi k Leih, Geoffrey Merrick comics

Agent x 2 Last gasp by Hawke

Hawke comics
Oh no. This bitch didn’t deserve that mercy. He would wring every confession and word out of her piece by piece while he took her dignity, her pride, and her tight, tight holes every step of the way. Caught in the clutches of this brutal mastermind, Agent X will suffer long and hard for what she’s done will she escape or is she doomed to scream and cream her last at the hands of the brutal Santino?

Hawke comics Hawke comics