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Dark universe by Ferres

Ferres comics
The station is in a decaying orbit, and only she can save it and all the female personnel within. But there’s a catch: this station was a secret, Thelessian bioweapons research facility, and the experiments have run amok! They are bred for power and to inflict terror on whatever planet they are seeded, and poor Administrator Cordone has to navigate through all of them in an effort to save her own skin.

Ferres comics Ferres comics

The Mocker by Cagri

Cagri comics
When Agent Parker starts interviewing a sallow-faced janitor, her gumshoe senses start tingling; this guy seems to know a little too much and a little too little. Impatient for the judicial system to give her a pass, she decides to go it alone and investigate this man… Arthur Adams.

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Bear’s lair by Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand comics
The drugs are missing, and Manny wants his money back, plus a little extra for the trouble. Andrey’s newest man, Pablo, is his insider to this strange new world, and Andrey tasks his newest hire with finding the drugs and making everything good. Pablo will have to make a decision which he values more and the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics