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Red Eagle by Cagri

Cagri comics
This hyper expensive, otherworldly material completely neutralizes Red Eagle’s powers, and she finds herself as weak and helpless as a newborn kitten. Unfortunately for the gorgeous Joan Rivera, David Romano wants more than her pussy, her tears, and her screams… he’s going to perform invasive and humiliating genetic experiments on her to try and unlock the secrets of her powers and what comes of it might spell the end for not just Joan, but for the world as we know it.
Cagri comics Cagri comics

Cyndyrella part 1 – Training by Arctoss

Arctoss comics
Young and delightfully curvaceous, beautiful Cindy is just happy to be away from her puritanical parents and their tyrannical ways. Maybe she should’ve stayed home. One hop out of the shower, and Cindy finds herself in all kinds of trouble at the hands of her perverted family! Her aunt is a sadistic mistress who loves nothing more than to force perfect, young girls to slitlick, and her son, the entitled and bossy Brian, will enjoy playing with his cousin in sick and twisted ways.
Arctoss comics Arctoss comics