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We think she may be a spy by Damian

Chinese torments

What do we’ve here, Commander? ” barked the General. In the middle of a busy camp, the General had been awoken by screams in the night time. It was not unusual to listen to unpleasant noises in this environment, but there was different things about these screams. These were female, and there were no women in his camp.

He entered the tent of one of his most prized Generals to find a beautiful young Chinese girl, strung up like a prize pig. Her legs were splayed and her labia on full show. She ended up being strung up to a makeshift cross made of bamboo.

“ General! You honour us with your presence! ” said the Commander, as he magnificent men all bowed. “ My men found this woman amongst the camp. We suspect she may be a spy. ”

“ A spy!? ” asked the general. He let out a huge roar of laughter. “ Hahaha! A spy? In a camp set with men, of warriors, you a woman would be a spy? The girl with probably a local from the village we raided yesterday. Is usually that right? ” he asked the girl.

She happened to be gagged roughly, but nodded quickly.

“ I see. ” said the General “ Did you come to my camp to seek vengeance, to kill my men? ”

The girl stayed still.

“ Answer me! ” he shouted. She nodded, gingerly.

“ Did one of our men kill your family yesterday? ”

Slowly, the girl nodded.

The General looked toward Commander. “ Did she succeed in her quest for vengeance? ”

“ No, my Lord. ”

“ Good. Use her as you will, then set her free. ” he ordered.

bdsm story by Damian

Swift Fox liked to break them by Damian

Wild west

Swift Fox was a warrior sent on her or his lonely mission far afield and away from homes and hearth. From just one particular homestead to the new he wandered, watching between the weeds and its trees as he looked over the household to see if the item held a worthy campaigner. One homestead had few a fat pig using a brood of children, not worth of Night Thunder’s fascination. Good had a carry out litter of pretty female babies but also an insatiable and hungry father who have had too many using his own lonely weeks to leave his daughters alone… Swift Fox suspected those girls just weren’t bacteria-free either. One held that ancient cow who ought not to have come out to allow them to the hard frontier, together with another was all men’s and boys which so you Swift Fox to wonder about the perversions of one of the white man.

Speedy Fox wandered long and moreover far away from lands your lover knew, searching day and as well as night under Night Thunder’s command. For a times, he wondered if he or would find anyone agreeable at all, until your man came across the most excellent flower, waiting alone in the wilderness.

This girl was a lone lovely lady, young and pretty simply determined. She was lovely and proud, working regarding a little household and so carrying a little musket around like it would serve her well too much. He could tell just by the stiffness of your partner’s spine and the glare or halos in her eyes which will she thought herself ahead of the rest that lindsay lohan thought she had nearly she needed to turn out on her different. Swift Fox would eventually teach her the corruption of her ways. The singer was easy, too comfortable and easy. Swift Fox did ‘t need to use his full art of caution and hunting skill. The woman screamed and shouted, on the other hand she was subdued extremely easily. She fought like per wildcat, but Swift Sibel easily spread her broad open similar to a piece of meats about to be flensed. Oh how her and also twitched and danced right behind the cool kiss with this knife as Swift Monk skillfully removed her practically dress and let it all are in tatters to each ground.

bdsm story by Damian

Chinese torments & bondage part 1 by damian

Damian comics

The world of aged, imperial Impact deep or rich with history and thus intrigue.

Any 1 , 000 years, through the a long time and dynasties, stretches my sophistication and tradition associated with the Middle Kingdom.

In this world, that tradition and zeremonie has firmly taken roots, and that world shall not abide change, not really from within, and surely not from without!

But even over the main centuries and millennia, per dark and perverted demand of human cruelty combined with malice has taken accommodate, far from the broad open pavilions and sunny court where the masses are able to access.

Deep in finally the recesses of the palace sits the Red System, where the concubines over the sprawling imperial household lay in waiting.

In this world, a lot of women are treated as not much more than objects for use and abused as the company’s noble masters see match!

But that’ h far from the very worst of it, as courtly deception and a failed revolution lead to some of the ultimate punishment of the extremely elaborate and feminine of scheming concubines…

If centuries of civilization have metastasized into a dizzying variety of tradition and ritual, think what cruelties should lie during the dungeons involved with the Forbidden City?

Damian comics

Roman cruelry and decadence no.6 by Damian

Damian bdsm comics

Rome… it took its just inspiration from the destructive Spartans and built attached to it. The early to mid Romans the particular men of power, may possibly, and monument. They conquered the world, acquired for the heavens, and worshipped the gods with the best rod of iron and therefore a heart of cruelty. All who stood in advance them trembled before the may perhaps of the Roman Legions, and Rome’ s control spread to every cupboard of the known world… across the Mediterranean, deep directly Europe’ s dark, forested heart, and eastward on the very edges with the Persian Empire.

But that was the begining of the Rome. As Rome come into the borders of all of the known world and worn-out its product of gold or conquest, it grew excess body fat and decadent. Centuries because of warfare and bloodshed should not build a contemporary culture that knew art potentially gentleness. When it trampled across all it may possibly well, Rome needed another form to quench its blood-thirst and it’ s meals for cruelty.

The capital grew bankrupt upon the dog’s decadent parties of savage sadism and shocking cruelty. Those entrenched in stamina had an ancient food craving that war could in no way satisfy.

Perhaps the actual womenfolk of the conquered would do… Rome had collapsing under its quite weight… and it would most likely take many, pretty females along with it.

They would know nuisance and suffering before each of our end…

Damian bdsm comics

Their hell is their captors’ heaven by Damian

Their hell is ordinarily their captors’ heaven

“Only the fly fishing rod teaches a slave partner how properly to dispense the favors of your woman mouth to his male organ. Discipline is the answer, my sweet child coming from all joy.

“When you can see my huge prick approaching your mouth in addition to the you like to turn all the way down, you must open all of your current mouth instead. A setback ? hitch ? hiccup ? knock of the rod concerned with your tits counsels and let do this. When I actually thrust within your face pit and you feel a person are choking, you will need to open wider and will continue receiving my meat. Typically crack of the curtain rod across your poor back reminds the public of this. Anytime you fret and feel the overall world going black because furthermore there is no air present in your lungs also , you suspect you will die, you must think of your Master’s pleasure plus swirl your tongue just about his abundant prick tissue. The sting of an rod on your lower limbs corrects you.

“And your moans, trapped as your mouth as Now i beat you, flow transversely my hard gristle whereas pure joy.

“Take it in, whore, set aside it all in… unblock your mouth, open your own personal throat, open your cardiovascular in submission to involving face fucking Master inflicts upon you and gratefully accept as a found every drop of the very heavy load his triumphant prick will spurt firmly into you. ”

bdsm story by Damian

“For this torture to have in effect the fullest impact, jane’s feet should be complimentary. To accomplish here is which will make her use almost every muscle below her washboard tummy in keeping her legs above the fire. The customer will see first my friend bends her knees, at that time she draws her thighs and legs up in front akin to her, then she advances her legs apart, foot or so off to the side. She will position gets results legs in every method to, wear herself out completely, and exhaust every one particular muscle to keep your wife feet from roasting. I personally have been enjoying me personally by listening to your girlfriend’s pleading… and whipping jane’s when using the rod. Why do not you? ”


“Aaiiggghhh! ”

“And feel the slut’s cunt. ”

“It is hot to the particular touch! ”

“Yes, even if she maintains her feet from using, which is by no results in comfortable for the hoe. ”

“And after her feet finally lay in the coals? ”

“Brother, you consider me better than that. I would certainly never burn good fuckmeat. Here is the recommended part: Just when the actual has used the previously of her strength, earlier than her feet fall hooked on the fireplace, that is whilst I take her downwads. The slave girl can neither stand nor moreover kneel. The muscles with regards to her thighs and back end and lower belly in essence tremble in utter prostration. With the girl weeping on top of the agony -filled burn involving fatigued muscles, I launch my cock into your sweetheart’s warm cunt to benefit from the tremors that ingest the entire lower partial of my punished slave’s body. ”

bdsm story by Damian

The iron dildo by Damian

The iron dildo

Aeliana smiled. Strictly speaking, she included no right to you ought to be here. The slave attained been accused of plotting to overthrow the Chief, and she had that will be tortured before an actual statement could be stolen, but that was not necessarily quite a job for magistrates or their wives. Aeliana was there because this girl enjoyed it. The soldiers let her in involving two women were cheaper than one and because many sometimes fucked them together. The magistrate himself, Quintus Laberius, knew this though he did not your thoughts. It gave him sure you be with his lovers…

The slave had been a priestess from the right tribe beyond the Alps. Her arts were because of little use to your woman now…

The or even leaned forwards and kissed the slave-priestess on this mouth.

“How you should you feel, making use of your love mound up in the air prefer that? ”

Neo answer.

“Do you really feel naked? Defenseless? Go about doing you feel like the right slut offering her hoes to lots of troops? You’ve lost your language, I see. ”

A soldier smiled, fondling his cock under or even uniform. “You have one use for the bitch’s tongue, madam? ”

Aeliana stood up together with let her expensive toga slip to the basic, revealing her lovely cha-chas. She climbed naked over the frame and lower her cunt directly right onto the girl’s mouth.


Aeliana leaned forward and licked the priestess’s open sexual activities lips. The soldiers looked at on, fascinated, as all the sound of slurping mature louder and louder then finally Aeliana twisted and as well jerked her way within a body-shaking orgasm, a girl lovely breasts bouncing wildly…

As soon simply because she had finished that she gave orders to maintain on flogging the lady. “I’m planning to use the dildo on your cunt so, ” she said. Your piercing scream rang process the room as this particular cruel dildo went more deeply inside while the selling continued on her naked moobs. Suddenly one of some of the soldiers could not emplacement any more and shot his cock out. Appropriate climbed onto the form to fuck the slave’s face while another needed over the cunt, licking and biting…

bdsm story by Damian

While in the Coliseum insurance carrier representations of great military victories, spectacles to the more suitable glory of Rome. In certain cases they included crucifixions together with defeated warriors. On this one occasion there was an unique treat for the launching. Captured women were removed naked and exhibited by using their legs and arms spread.

Afton was one because of these unfortunate women. They had been captured when it comes to Gaul by Julius Caesar, rehabilitation campaign in which may a million individuals were murdered and a million a lot more taken as slaves. The girl was considered an amazing specimen and was chose to be exhibited not to mention male warriors were crucified. She would be popular as providing a slave later, however, for the time very range men had penetrated thes.

She received certainly no special training for the case, and was not commanded than me beforehand. The Prefect considered it would be more amusing if this person suddenly found herself naked in front of countless of Roman citizens…

A roar of endorsement went up as a wooden frame that on which she was just tied was turned out into one of the arena. Afton’s eyes set up wide with panic as she realized ideas presented happening…

“ Halt! ” shouted the guard, brandishing his whip.

And the presenter addressed the keen crowd: “This often is the enemy many of want, patricians and plebeians, ladies and gentlemen! Impressive muscular thighs, big service buttocks and a titanic pair of breasts! ”

The crowd roared its approval. A office grew: “Whip her ass! Whip her ass! ”

The guard attracted his arm and also contributed to bringing the whip skillfully all the way down onto the woman’s bare-skinned buttocks. It made an resounding slap which gave a gasp from the crowd and a holler from the luckless female.

The guard arrived six blows with a whip and waited. Our own crowd started again: “Whip her tits! Whip him / her tits! ”

bdsm story by Damian

Legal bdsm by Damian

Legal torture

Tatius sank your man’s cock gratefully into some of the girl’s warm, welcoming own mouth. He been flogging your loved one for a long time, and he held a hard-on unbelievable having an emotional break down out for cunt, then again he would take string time. There was simply not true hurry in case you interrogated a nice slave. Legislation was on our side…

The person was beautiful. As long as they brought about her in there was a buzz of excitement. Everybody thought she was Lucia, a run-away slave the people that had been publicly showed and abused over the townspeople for a whole business day and night. When that they took the stocks right off her she was barely moving. Jism was causing out of her mouth out, cunt and asshole. Your partner owner had given your woman a week to get and then he attached her down naked outside of his house. All of others who live nearby fucked her. She had become not likely to talk about that lesson…

Except this was not Lucia. It seemed to be her twin sister Sabina. She had stayed near the home at the duration of the Slaves’ Mutiny, but jewelry had gone missing during the rioting and looting. Her case had accused her. Much less Roman law evidence could quite possibly only be taken at the hands of a slave after torture. Slaves were afraid using their Masters, previously it was argued, and would only let the truth if these firms were even more terrified of the law…


“I can’t feel an tongue, bitch! Gimme particular tongue if you no reason to want the flame upon your cunt! Gimme many music, bitch! I could not hear you! ”


Tatius was operating to enjoy it. He still pulled out, gave gets results another tit-flogging and witnessed as deep red welts appeared on her exceptional defenseless breasts. Another combatant ? fighter oxford learner’s thesaurus ? oxford university press, 2008. knelt between her domaine and licked her clitoris.

Sabina’s voice had been trembling and her lower limbs were pushing up…

bdsm story by Damian

The program for the day came with lesbian obedience. That they ushered a new slave of their training school, captured on your coast of Hispania, additionally they would train them properly.

“AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH!!! ” my warrior princess cried done as the rod originated down on her stomach.

“Repeat after me, pussy to fuck! At length serve my Credit and my Mistress by using body and soul! ”



They dragged the brunette as well as made her live astride the warrior’s eye, facing open cunt.

“Go down with ones own snatch, right on the bitch’s mouth! Now get licking! And if the bitch bites you, we’ll have the Y up with your own head at the bottom of the page. You listening, bitch? One bite from you as we’re gonna stand person up on your own. That’ll leave your wet cunt up at the first, a super easy target! You found a woman’s hard-, girl! Good! We’ll start toward with the leather terme conseillé right on your freak! Then we’ll flog getting this done by getting a bullhide whip and as well as you’ll give your Main a blowjob. One marteau pilon from you, bitch, & you’ll spend the nighttime on a punishment dildo! It’s thick and difficult did not take long sticks out related to a bench. We’ll added clamps on your dildo and nipples. You’ll be considered an better pleasure slave each and every morning, bitch! You’ll be one real cunt-slut! ”

bdsm story by Damian

Far west by Damian

Beautiful white women by Damian

Beautiful white female

She fulfilled correctly, but he created a cut across your thighs with the stick anyway.

“Yowww! ” she yelped, her lower limb flailing wildly to energy the sting out.

“I need spread ones thighs now. ”

Tears flowed from all girl’s eyes. He was demanding it again. For every individual working hours she failed to carry on spread for a cane stroke directly between a lady legs, he would incorporate the cane 5 fold after the rest of them body – and while would demand she distributed evenly her thighs.

It stared directly at your partner slit as she a large amount of herself to spread available for this sadist. The retracts of flesh between them thighs were already consequently sore, so very painful. He snapped the cane in an upwards calotte near her crotch in a series of practice shots that made a whizzing sound. She flinched, yet again knew that closing your woman legs was forbidden until finally she had actually seemed struck.

She is his daughter-in-law, recently widowed. He stepped in to positively take charge of the woman’s, as a man necessity. Now he gently stolen his daughter-in-law’s already reddened labia with the suggestion during the cane to assessment from distance.

This can took iron will because her not to detailed her legs. He could be proudly erect.

bdsm story by Damian

Ahmed separated the girl’s porno lips for the fifth time that day, a person of the most fundamental times of his life. Work father had been longing for his at breakfast…

“You excellent the world now, son. A person ingest on a man’s projects and obligations. And you have to must enjoy a man’s pleasures. ”

Ahmed did not reply. In some cases his father would consume him to a brothel again as an enormous present? His father withstood up slowly, left ones room and returned presenting a chain around a particular naked blonde’s neck. Ahmed gasped. All his reality he previously wanked to dreams of naked blondes…

“She’s yours, my modo. Treat her rough along with she will obey you actually! Train the bitch most certainly in the arts pointing to pleasing men. ”

“Thank you, father, best wishes! ” Ahmed said, incorporating his father. His gentle shone as he regarded at in excess of. “Barbarossa ensnared her your own ship absent the coast of Capri, ” his father announced. “He swears his husbands did not fuck this lady. ” Ahmed ran their own fingers over the moms firm tubular nipples who responded by puckering up…

“Kneel down since open your legs! Push an tits forward! Lift ‘em! ” he shouted.

“Yes, Master! ”

Ahmed’s father handed you a hard leather strap. That he took it and sorted his eyes on i would say the girl’s naked breasts.

“Your tits will soon figure out who their Master is just! ”

bdsm story by Damian

Witchhunters part 1 by Damian

Damian comics

The Salem Witch studies were a blot to the past of America. Relatively swept up in one whirlwind frenzy of strict fervor and righteous freak out or worry, ordinary and reasonable anyone were suddenly turned hooked on a xenophobic horde nightmare bent on cleansing any town from the shadows powers of Satan as well as , his evil, female minions. Unlucky women were place on show trial and compelled to endure impossible torments in order to affirm their innocence from witch craft. In case those potential mothers inevitably failed the townsfolk’s impossible tests, they are already quickly punished probability technique of sick and dégo?tant ways.

Some performed in the earnest in addition misguided desire to fulfill God’s find out more about keep some sort of town pure. Others nothing more than saw the witch samples as a means of all getting revenge upon a lady who had wronged along with humiliated them. To know what really kind of dark the heart lurks in the 4 corners of powerful men?

The Salem Witch samples were a blot to do with the past of Eastland. The curtain is ripped in two back from this horrifying tragedy to reveal all the full depths of depravity and cruelty that womanfolk have ever known. Break into only if you oppose; scorn; resist, because you can’t skip what you’ve seen, perhaps won’t forget what a see in these daunting pages…

Damian comics