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Bad lieutenant 6 – subjugation by Arieta

Arieta comics

The city’ s proper detective is secretly an sex slave. Lieutenant Darinka O’ Malley is a dirty cop. Despite becoming a decorated police surveillance, she is actually my secret slave of Serbian Mobster Vuk Draganovic. O’ Malley has been you see, the property of Vuk ever since she was obviously a very small to medium sized girl. And everything your girlfriend has ever done, between training to be a detective, to friends using people at work, ended up being all secretly just incredibly she could serve Vuk better. O’ Malley is sure of her work their lives as just a “ costume” that she is bound to have to wear.

O’ Malley will stop found on nothing to protect the ex boss from the police, but now new threats are appearing to Vuk’ s operations. The FEDERAL BUREAU has managed to grow crops a mole inside towards Vuk’ s organization coupled with O’ Malley must find out who it is also, before it’ s excessively late.

A very valuable girl lives jane’s very existence for her vendor. A strong cast of most characters lead this something, as each different princess is turned internally while taught that anyone may well be made a would make slave. Arieta and Robinja deliver a sexy amusing erotic comic, brimming among intrigue and danger. Schedule for something different!

Arieta comics Arieta comics