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Domesticated – A golden Canary by Benedikt (fansadox 472)

Benedikt comics

Maybe Alicia should’ ve hired someone more “ respectable” when she moved out of her parent’ s home. Maybe she should’ ve done more homework and did a background check on the Eastern European movers who “ helped” her and her boyfriend move in to their new home. Maybe she should’ ve noticed that the movers were too busy casing out the place instead of doing the heavy lifting… maybe she should’ ve known they were eyeing her in her tight, sweat soaked daisy dukes and thinking about dancing dollar signs if they sold her on the black slave market!

But that would come later… the best part of any new slave is the breaking and the training. Alicia would go from snobby, snotty slut to compliant cunt… all she needs is a little DOMESTICATION!

Benedikt comics Benedikt comics

The proto part 2 by Ferres

Ferres comics

The world of any future is a yellowish and dismal place. Captain Rothe Karl, a “ proto human” from This planet, is struggling to last inside the fringes of outer space. Chased by the Yeetran military aiming to derive his exit, he seeks himself concerning the very cusp of an awful coverage cresting and about to positively spill over into an unsuspecting galaxy…

Ordonner Lhuun has finally released contact with this mysterious Rothe Karl, and she includes you important information to show. Unfortunately due to her, she can only remember it… the muscle mass fast transfer system completely screwed-up her memory, it also was finally assuming Rothe Karl looked-for to hear the particular lithe and lovely Lhuun in order to say to begin on! A man manufacture obtaining chased by the dazzling, female assassions of an Yeetran empire has and also patience for any boy playing coy and dumb… he’ s had identical many knife points going up against his back to rely on another.

Ferres comics Ferres comics