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Hostile takeover by Hawke

Hawke comics
There are other corporate tools of the trade… perhaps a little hacking, a little bribery of government officials, and a scandal sure to send stock prices sinking! When faced with a pen or a blow to the head, Ms. Katherine Reed makes the right choice… even if it does take her a while… and signs away both herself and her slut slave subordinates as well.

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Enslaved without a cause 4 by Slasher

Slasher comics
Sandy can only watch in horror as she’s strung up like the sexy slut she is and shamed and humiliated before a mocking, jeering, and hungry crowd! She’ll scream, she’ll cry, and she’ll beg and plead behind her gag, but to no avail. Bettie Page is a heartless mistress who’s seen it all before, and one more sobbing, suburban slave is meaningless to the inestimable Bettie Page.
But that’s just the beginning of Sandy’s slow slog from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows as some old friends show up to pay Sandy a little visit and give her some payback as well. Will soft and simple Sandy survive? Or will this be her final curtain call?!
Slasher comics Slasher comics

Agent X – Mile High by Hawke

Hawke comics
She may be fierce, but it doesn’t take much to bring this kitty to heel. With a little “gentle persuasion,” Agent X spills the beans to the head honcho himself: Santino. Santino is familiar with this fiery redhead, and he wants to know what happened to his brother, Goyo. Agent X is forced to tell about the raunchy adventure that she had aboard a plane not too long ago and Santino will want every disgusting detail that the proud princess has to offer, and she’ll tell him everything he wants to hear OR ELSE!
Hawke comics Hawke comics

Black master by 3d Perversion (Adult album)

3d Perversion comics

In this raw so dramatic comic, only any most intense, erotic, with perverted things will acquire. Poor, co-ed Katie awakens up in a woman and dimly lit basements to a horrifying reality of the situation and an even great deal horrifying revelation: she’ beds the latest white bread sexual intimacy slave to a higher, dark, and gravel been vocal man, the devious Darnell! Confused and frightened, Katie’ s begging and pleading is drowned out from the enormous ballgag jammed in her mouth, so her whimpers are in a flash silenced by the desmazalado crack of a merciless whip!

You’ k best behave yourself, babe Katie, or else elements will get very, extraordinarily ugly. Darnell typically a person with a powerful kohldampf (umgangssprachlich) and even more intense needs. Let’ s hopefully , you learn quick and as a result learn to please Darnell and his big, dependable meat or you maybe find yourself period of time international of hurt or likely, uglier!

3d Perversion comics

Sold to slavery in an oriental world part 1 by Damian

Damian comics

Damian returns folks to an age towards barbarism and superstition at this latest issue of all white slavery and application! Barbary pirates, vicious in addition to the hungry Mongol riders, moreover Arab slavers and princelings fill this menagerie of a the demented and the entire perverse! A journey that many starts at sea travels overland the great khanate sends its prized belongings south at the hot deserts of opulent, Arabian sheiks where the real horror can begin.

Topics look bad for both of these men and women, although women especially are a new ones who will be misersble worst. Naturally, they currently have tight and virgin rips that can’t say no to the nice, thick rod. And they usually scream so pretty, very. These pampered beauties are going to treated like objects as well sold alongside carpets as well as , camels, and like rugs and carpets and camels, the home buyers will want to test out the goods too. It’s all fun and even games until the terminate and this issue’s it could be conclusion!

Damian comics

It felt like her nipple was going to explode by Badia

It felt really enjoy her nipple was intended to explode

Jessica was struggling that will keep still, but even the rise and fall concerning her chest sent jolts of agony shooting all through her swollen clit. My friend knew her aunt seemed to be to mean, her childhood ran into turned into a pain whenever her mother texed her there for this particular summer. But she was not a little girl any yeast problem! She thought that within the young woman, her auntie wouldn’t dare try other things. And she desperately advisable a low cost place to preserve while she attended Higher educatoin institutions.

“Okay, ” the girl aunt had said. “But you live under my favorite roof, it’s my regulations. ”

“MMGGGHHH! NNGGGHHHHH! ” Jessica begged for the ballgag in her mouth as her aunt expertly placed a clear glass balloon over her already swelled up nipple. “EEERRGGGHHHH! ”

It felt like her very own nipple would explode! Every single pump using the rubber bowling ball at its tip put together the suction from the light increase, causing her girly nub to grow a larger size and redder. She injured against the restraints offering her up, but my friend succeeded only in harmless the wooden wedge roughly her legs further throughout to her abused slit.

“I told you, Jessica, no men under my case of roof an additional source chaperone. Buyers want to be an important slut and fuck just about boy on the golf team, fine, but no here. I bet your own cunt is nice and hurt now though, probably wil be so desirous to use in your carnal lust now! I bet currently shoving a pencil up your twat would be heartbreak. ” Jessica’s aunt smiled, performing a finger down through out her niece’s clit associated with viciously pressing it down into the wooden edge.

bdsm story by Badia

Jennifer didn’t know within Mark was married, maybe only she’d known. Having been so rich and large, he bought her lots of gifts, and his dick felt so good within, inner her. Then Mark’s partner found them together…

“So my better half says the public wouldn’t let him fuck you will up your ass. Things, are you too good quality to let him shag that pretty little rear end? ” That’s what the wife had asked as the lady was shoving the splintery wooden dildo up Jennifer’s ass, forcing her mild sphincter to stretch a bit deeper and additional over the tough wooden tip.

“I know what you’re feeling. ” She said. “You thought Mark loved users, that he would defend you forever. Well changed for you the singular thing Mark includes choosing for him is a particular huge cock, which may the only reason Authored keep his stupid horse around. I make some profit the family, liked just mooches off to me like a fucking vermine. Of course I conjointly choose the added pleasure of torturing his girlfriends every duration he fucks up, indeed you know it’s unquestionably not regarding bad marital life. And like I pointed out, that cock. It in actual fact is amazing isn’t of which? I bet it experienced you all hot, right? Well now I’m participating get you even milder. ”

“NNGGGGHHHH! ” Jennifer whined through all the gag because the woman created pouring gasoline on an wood piled under the girls crotch…

bdsm story by Badia

Snatched model by Ken

Snatched model

Oh yeah! I’ ve been stalking yourself for ages now bitch! Simply you’ re worth this tool. Now it’ s pay-back time. You’ re going to pay for each 1st I’ ve spent training your kidnapping!

C’ mon bitch, I’d like to see this fuckin’ cunt dripping really enjoy mad. I want boils down wet and ready when me. I’ m going to ram my cock finished your twat ’ til I get tired relating to it. That could endure months, even years. You better pray I don’ with get bored with everyone too soon books won’ t leave this basements alive… Never!

bdsm story by Ken

Shake those perfect feet everyone whore! I wanna are told those bells sing. That’s why! That’ s it. Shot ‘ em bitch. Want to guess what; whip ping this tits is getting for me horny again. I fancy the way the blow makes you sweat and as a consequence squirm. It reminds you of the way everyone showed your slut’ s i9000 body on the catwalk at the party. From this day forward I’ m your truly admirer. C’ mon Bitch move your ass… Squirm to get a Master!

bdsm story by Ken

Roscoe’s stories by Roscoe

Roscoe’ s testimonies

Melissa possessed given up all wish that of rescue after the particular month at the mercy of the Burgandy Hand Gang. Anytime, ceremony or night, she could potentially expect to be roused from a fitful slumber as another of you see, the cruel gang-bangers decided to assist you work her over. Melissa had lost count along with all the different women and women who received disgarded her tortured body for order to satisfy an individuals animal lust. The wife members of these ghetto conventicola were essentially the most savage. These kinds of products made her work offered like sadomasochistic personal trainers. “ You gonna remain the original shape uppity white bitch”, the businesses had told her, “ you gotta look brilliant for once we start pimpin’ you to the additional gangs. We all jus’ love gettin’ you remarkable high-society white bitches off of here on our compétition. Now let’ s perceive how far we will certainly get this wine glass up that classy light red snatch of yours. ” Melissa didn’ t including make an effort resist, she seemed to be well trained by now. In the event that Melissa raised her donkey up, the black cutie spat on Melissa’ ersus pussy and shoved you see, the wine bottle deep in me. “ MMMMMPPPHHH!! ” was these the protest the gagged blond could manage as you move the bottle slid inside your loved one’s once virgin cunt…

bdsm story by Roscoe

“ KAAAAK-AK-AK” Anna croaked as Hugo covered the rope around your partner neck. “ That’ ersus just a sample girl, of what it contacts like when Hugo doesn’ t like how her/his bitches treat him. However, I’ m gonna fuck your ass next you gonna clean my dick in addition to your tongue and generate me cum on that a majority of pretty face of yours, gained it? ” Anna provided to nod her in your as her eyes bombarded with tears. She sensed the man’ s fantastic cock pushing into your partner dry ass. She tried to scream out in physical distress but Hugo jerked on top of the rope and your partner wind was cut back. Deeper and deeper this individual burrowed into her well anal passage until this individual began a painful in-and-out motion. Suddenly he launch to grunt and dragged out of her tortured ass. Brutally he content spinner her around onto these fours. “ Here yall niggas go bitch, ” this individual said shoving the faeces covered phallus against your partner lips, “ start lickin’. And if I definitely a single tooth piece my cock I’ ll hang your pretty donkey up to dry. ” Tears flowing freely right now, Anna opened her oral cavity and began to riff what she shit off you see, the crazed man’ s prick…

bdsm story by Roscoe

Suck by Mr.Kane


One hour later, shortly after three long blowjobs, all the people sat her down over a chair to pick up her breath and access on standby for more cock-sucking. Your partner tits had been bit of up with ropes then they hurt her exercising she breathed. There was previously already a line including men in case you are fuck your woman’s face.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

On the other hand this upset Count Monfal too much, since appropriate intended for most girls if you are enslaved and switched into maids, sweepers, fascination whores and helpers over the reconstruction to your fortress.

You’ ve removed hold of too pretty women, Valetse, he had to talk about to his friend. That you must give up two or you’ ll lose some good with our master, The almighty Denis.

Come on your, Monfal, you have satisfactory whores. I only labeled 9. Selling my Saint-Cr’ azines permission. I’ ve necessarily been in charge using acquiring whores to be enough for the needs of soldiers.

I know, Valetse, but this is unlike. We now have different needs. In addition to, most will be sold to pay for the campaign against the Turks; and whores you’ comienza already disfigured with some sign won’ t get good prices.

I’ ll do whenever point out that, my friend, Valetse acquiesced. And as a symbol of my good beliefs, I offer you this realisation little whore, who, typically branded, will please you have to greatly since she actually has a velvet tongue.

Together with a nice body, too; apparently, it’ s a major pity to brand the best beauties when they’ lso are so pleasing and obedient.

Monfal shoved his unfair dick inside her and others, pushed her skull opposed to his pelvis and gagged her. She didn’ longer struggle; she was too scared to resist. The beauty willingly massaged his magicstick with her tongue and made an effort to accommodate as excellent as was possible log her throat.

Ooooo he moaned in relish. I’ ll buy your woman’s from you. She’ azines magnificent!

No, my once beautiful lord, you may keep her for free, from the event you allow me to greatly enhance the number of whores at my disposal to find my own business.

Recommendations many?

At least half a dozen even more.

It’ s executed. Although one more. Mother Erginio has demanded twenty women become novices over the nunnery, and he’ s only received siete. We don’ t will be needing so many nuns, appropriate.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

The embarrassed bitch by Mr.Kane

The embarrassed hoe

Is this what we should ideal? the Count asked.

The two bare-skinned men were enjoying the actual brief respite; they learned hid in the saloon to imbibe some refreshments. The tamed brunette had been registered and assigned by Valentio’ s secretary to the actual brothel of the border. Locked the cage like an excellent animal, the filthy, flushed woman waited transportation to allow them to her new abode.

You can be very sure of that, says Valentio to the Add up, while drinking wine. For my situation this way it’ ersus quicker to distribute the whores to know them more effective.

A more woman, a big-busted redhead, was waiting onto her joints, crying and frightened.

Soldier, ordered typically the Count so one of speedy men, undress and make this whore end up with a tickle the palate to your rod.

The woman was forced to masturbate, with her unwanted weight tits and mouth, typically the corrupt soldier, who unloaded his sperm on the woman’s bosom and face.

Wonderful, bitch, clean up it all up; seat the spunk as part of your tongue, like the dirty eurypterid you are! the be counted ordered excitedly. Eat this situation all up. You say you’ re too incredibly good for soldier’ s jizz? You’ re just the actual worthless cunt. Semen should be what you’ re returning to live on at the time you’ re servicing leads in the brothel.

Schlupp! Schlupp! Schlupp!

Her slurping sounds much amused typically the count, who couldn’ t resist humiliating her as for the devotion with where she was performing typically the degrading task for cleaning typically the soldier’ s cock with her tongue.

You filthy pig You’ re disgusting! Drag the woman’s to the pigsty and afford her a good, much longer whipping to instruct her handling.

The taca?o big-breasted woman, once yet again tied around her nck, was dragged lady back garden patio, at the closing of the fortress wallpaper. She was thrown directly on the mud the location where the boars happily lived, rolled more or less until she was sheltered in it, and in which kicked and whipped whilst not compassion, while she jogged on all fours including a wounded animal involving to escape her executioner.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

Uahhhh! she screamed. No, make sure No!

Come on, sow, dealing with your knees, cherish the filthy bitch you perhaps may be Yes, like that, inneha! I hear they’ sovrano gonna take you to allow them to a brothel by the harbor, the soldier said. My oh my, they’ re gonna end up with fun with an idiotic whore like you

No, please Don’ t but let them take only away I beg your family, please

In the event that you suck my cock i think we can arrange a specific product, the soldier said, comprehension full well he wasn’ t going to spend his life to help save before. But she was in fact so desperate she didn’ t realize having been just a little mocking her, and expediently said:

Yes indeed, I’ ll suck your family please help me.

Come here then, later on said, and pulled completly his rigid cock. Forestall only after I cream in your mouth.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane