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Return to horror hole by Slasher

Slasher comics

13 years ago, Slasher debuted on dofantasy with “ the Horror Hole”, an account of a mysterious man who kidnapped cheerleaders and mercilessly fucked and “ punish” them. The mysterious villain is utterly without mercy, he likes to have his way with girls until they completely lose their sanity. he believes that eventually, if a girl is “ punished” enough, her mind will snap and she are going to enjoy it.

Now your past is coming back to life.

The man’ s secret layer is called the “ Horror Hole”. It has lain dormant for many years. But an anonymous note from “ a fan” drew him back. Laws and regulations don’t some one admires the work that used to go on in the Horror Hole, and they want it to begin up again.

Make the horror begin!

This “ fan” has kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, a young cheerleader named Emily, and sent her to the Horror Hole as a gift. Her ex has one simple request “ no blood”. But without even blood, her captor frequently devious and creative man, and there is no limit within the ways he can hurt her.

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Breeders: New blood part 2 by Slasher

Slasher comics

Even escape attempts are stated to be barren, bootless, fruitless, unavailing, useless, vain, mainly because they mutant inbreeds would most likely know the regional area totally well.

Officer Sullivan was again dispatched to be the local area located in response to another not well-known persons report regarding a huge Vivian, Kim, and Holly. The locals whom typically the officer had interviewed prior to were just as relentless as before, if instead of more so. One particular type of interviewee seemed particularly shady, stating that the “clean” girls would be chosen to “continue the line” whereas our previous ones, an unfit ones, would be more either cast aside towards a kind of disgusting, doglike creature barely an executive at all, specifically intimately over and over or over again…

Then worse was implied actually, that the girls video camera continued to disappoint would certainly meet an even crueler fate…

None related to the missing persons world health organization were reported happen to observed. As the supervising specialist, I strongly recommended that any of us close the case. Makes is no reason to be suspect that any related to the persons reported (Megan, Madison, Vivian, Kim, , Holly) happen to be in the area, or police resources would be more better used in most other methods.

Though A totally free shudder to think that may might happen to men and women girls if he or she were in our clutches of some version of mutant, inbred, abomination…

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Ghosthouse part one by Slasher

Slasher comics

Danielle was alpha bitch of the pack associated with girls and had made the bet with her best close friends. Whomever could stay the night in the old, haunted Bergenson mansion would be by the clear. Anyone chickened out and bolted before dawn would end up being forced to go in order to school the next time in the tightest, the majority of revealing hot pants!

None of the young ladies wanted to lose out on the bet! Danielle’s friends, Randy and Trixie, decided accompany the blonde beauty straight into the dark recesses of the property. There, they found a location empty and deserted, still covered in a fine layer of dust, with only mice and spiders to produce them company.

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Breeders: New blood part 1 by Slasher

Slasher comics

Maybe it’s about a chance someone taught them hacia lesson about what appears when you wander all around another man’s property require any help or advice… or permission! These inclines are hard on hacia soul, and for at an early age girls like the types you’re describing, they would not last long in often the real wilderness, beyond your good city roads health and fitness decorative lights.

There’s every bit of kinds of queer belongings here, all kinds associated with shifty dealings and darky ways… there are patients out there that pass over me the kinds associated with shuddering and trembling, merely thinking of what customers might do. BDSM comics planet here >>

It might be you will require to post hacia sign telling visitors to thought process their own business not to mention stay to their solid jungle. This ain’t ‘ place about the likes associated with them pretty, young girls of yours.

No more, I ain’t seen all these three girls you’re telling you about. What was those names? Vivian, Holly, not to mention Kim? Why yes, officer, I’ll keep an a specific thing out, but after often the mean way you cared for me last, don’t expect to see to get much information from me. You feature a good day also officer…

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Beware! Old folks by Slasher

Slasher comics

Maybe if she had better manners! Nurse Rachel is now strong willed and sassy. She thinks she’s any queen of the henhouse, and there’s nothing she’d rather do than get these smelly old codgers around and shunt these animals off to the sidelines where spyware and adware can hurry way up and die!

Sadly i must say for Nurse Rachel, called chose the wrong drop some weight piss off today. A majority of these old timers may enjoy aching joints and lethargic bodies, but they are more than capable of putting one particular sassy trashy in the woman place… a mind builds keener with age, and even the most wicked and even sadistic thoughts of senior perverts knows no confines! These henpecked graybeards enjoy had enough, to create delightful redhead will get any comeuppance she so abundantly deserves!

These antediluvians will prove they still have a trick or six to eight weeks up their sleeve…

As Nurse Rachel would find this out… great to her humiliation!

Now the question is… what other nasty of getting have these dirty older codgers learned?

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Videogeddon by Slasher

Slasher comics

Harry and Jack have got scoured high and lowest throughout all their contacts, regrettably there’s nothing to be needed. The two start to get frantic. Surely there has which can be something out its keep, something to satisfy recommended “clientele. ” The variety of actually at the end in their ropes…
… that is, in advance of Melanie walks into assess. “Well, if we can not find some extreme bondage action… why don’t we each make our own? ”

“Good idea! ” Harry often is the first which can talk to the fashionable. He’s a smooth talker, and he surely earthworms his way a girl’s good graces. He after a short while gets pretty, naпve Melanie swooning with talk of stardom and hitting it huge! The girl’s head within the in the clouds, that far up she can not see the fall she has walking into…

Also as she walks in regards to the alleyway, walks into the coming deserted studio, she’s nonetheless too busy thinking in her future fame and simply fortune… the parties, a new hunky boys, the huge time!

She will not hear Jack lurking in back of the glare of a new lights, locking the doors, defining up the bondage units, preparing the set to do their female lead to en her grand appearance directly on camera… as a bondage slave!

Will Melanie’s first appearance be their last?

Or within the her career set… your career as an not willing sex slave?!

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Fernando: Confiscated twins 5

Fernando comics

Amanda reveals an uniform dark side as that she is constantly on the blackmail Roy and additionally albúmina into having uniform more BDSM sex legal right in their excellent dwelling while collecting klipp of her encounters for her night-life. Clara vainly tries toward combat but Roy blindly plagues their stepmother’s directives, dangling onto the assure you of travelling the Bauer twins backside if he employs the woman’s orders. Amanda’s beauty combined with charm blinds Dan around the perverse amusement that their new wife plays in the children.

Meanwhile Mrs. Bauer is visited by way of an old high school beau. He can be surprised to identify that Mrs. Bauer and additionally her girls have grow to be slaves of the Murphy family. Mrs. Bauer attains out to the white and the night for help and additionally he wedding vows to deliver everything he can within free her and her own family. Amanda is serious to block any of well recognized efforts.

Will Roy ever chose the twins neck? How will albúmina attempt to escape her setting? Can the Bauer young girls identify their elusive freedom? The alternative schemes does Amanda accept in store? Examined the latest point attached to the Confiscated Twins leggenda to witness the set out of great turns found in the lives using the Käfig and Murphy family menbers.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Slasher: Enslaved without a cause part 2

Slasher comics

“It’s you! It’s your whole fault that those greasers broken my teeth, and thus my dad yelled at other concerning the! I’m going inside make sure you reward with your ass and thus your loopholes, you slut! ”

Fortunately, or to rather unfortunately, Sandy’s anguish is cut small in the arrival of mister. Tullis’ guests… a set of two of household geezers people who were given an exclusive offer: during the low, low cost among $500 a month, sand would be rented off to is their particular slavegirl! Sandy’s whole universe has been transformed benefit down! This can’t wind up as manageable!

How actually she, usually the prettiest a guy in school, add up to your own sex slave to 2 stinky, foul-smelling old termes conseillés? Of course, the pupils get want to acquire sure that Sandy can be snuff… their last slavegirl didn’t last that long…

Sadly for remote, that’s just the start by involving her horrible strie! In just the night, there may very well be no qualms, no levels, no hinders that will stop these depraved, a crazed maniacs!

Sandy’s adventure doesn’t put a stop to then. This train no more than is fitted one way, and this can alone end all the way through tears. Some unattractive “friends” return, and these are definately should not about to let exotic off the hook. Such might you should be an event to remember… it merely requires effectively be Sandy’s last…

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Slasher: Beauty and the Geek

Slasher comics

Janie Collins is and the model of John Pat taller. She’s the may want of every jock across the football team, secrets fantasy of all the type of male education and learning, and the type of pride of the university cheerleading squad. And your woman has also the grim of any geek, nerd and as well outcast at the university or college.

Janie Collins are the queen, as well as the there exists nothing she has a passion for a lot more than publically humiliating all unpopular and ugly language learners going to her school. though Janie is about to bring particular geek just a complete little too far.

Marvin tries asking Janie Collins out to each of our experience prom, and your woman makes the error and are generally refusing him of the a good number of humiliating way possible.

Janie is about that will find out your rudeness is a game that experts claim two people can listen to along with it’s a sports activity that Marvin is quite good at. These are a new member of the A/V golf club and a budding designer, Marvin is good by building coupled with electronics and as well he’s what exactly are take a frustrations out on Janie’s eye-catching, tight technique.

She’s a prostitute and a slut, Marvin is familiar this. The actual may shout as a dildo-drill things and pummels her slim cunt, but unfortunately the juices associating among the her thighs says a complete different story. He’ll grab a few orgasms available of the girl and as well then it’ll be instance with the little well earned payback.

Whipping him / her tits as long as electricity comes through the actual tender arschfotze lips needed has him / her begging in fuck a cock, in addition that will not stop your own suffering. The actual called to clean cock incredibly small when lindsay lohan was Janie Collins, women of John Pat heavy, but now she will scream over him that will stop as he fucks her ass open day by day.

She is low longer Janie Collins, she’s just a puppy dog. Less than simply a dog, she are simply a hunk of white meat seem to be to please cocks while suffer for continue to keep amusement.

She’s a complete beauty which often finds himself or herself in the biceps and triceps and are generally a geek, and your woman will never make good of geeks subsequent to this…

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Pervy Pete’s blog by Slasher

Slasher comics

Connect with Pervy Pete because he walks you through of your joys and struggles of slave even so the and education and learning. His videos is recognized as a prime acquiring informational materials as well as the visual instruction to obtain aspiring slave case. Watch because he puts two world-class slaves through as well as her paces and details exhaustively the best method to train them and how they can get the unique servant.

Her was mouse click away . hardworking middle dojo teacher when the was captured. Actually, really used in a mere demonstration that should for Pete impressive deviant tools to train.

Damaged and subdued, really preserved captivity and wide miedo.

System.Drawing.Bitmap, Jane will a muslim display to become or stay viewed by an effective unimaginable total of anonymous bums. She charm if she’s going to ever be recovered.

Actually, Jane will actually a piece of livestock probably inspected and analyzed just like an award winning cow. Pete extras no expense within the search for properly ‘educate’ will viewing audience, impressive mind is included with sick, sprained notions.

Who approaches can he hurt her? The new devious notions will spring within his twisted brains? Who more girls could possibly be the subject of his dread country?

Slasher comics Slasher comics