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The hotties next door 9 by Predondo (fansadox 480)

Predondo comics

Mary Lou is another desperate slavegirl not very much housebroken and intent not to mention escaping. When her “ friend, ” the sensational Asian Lucy is taken and taken back which can the precinct, Mary Lou makes her way habitat.

Big mistake!

Mary Lou’ s stepfather, Clem, was the a person who “ introduced” her into life of bondage libido and slavery and submission… just about for the price amongst whisky. While he “ learns” his wayward stepchild back in how wrong her benefits seeking ways have seemed, Mary Lou can’ associated with help but think straight back to when it virtually started… when she was just dragged from her sex and sold… to KEITH MUGSHOT! Mary Lou’ ohydrates life of pain and so sexual submission started following that, and through the haze of her beating, lady remembers every excruciating, humiliating, and sexually frustrating detail… whether she wants at or not!

Yet somehow even as Mary Lou stews in her get, private hell, things aren’ t looking good for often the Taylor family either. They’ re being “ maintained” by the Judge brilliant mean, black butler. Even when the girls think they’ re alone, horny doggy girl Gloria is stopping watch… when will it then all end? Haven’t students bastards done enough?

Predondo comics Predondo comics Predondo comics

Classmates 2 – Rude Awakening by Kitty Hand (fansadox 475)

Kitty Hand comics

Leonard had a joy that his “ girlfriend” Kate from the cheese burger bar had it towards for him, as well as was not more true than while you are she discovers Leonard “ cheating” to impress her with involving blonde floozie he’ september picked up in the latest strip club. Kate hardly imagined that this brunette bimbo was really the good and innocent Claire, an excellent old schoolmate from hotter days. Leonard always had his eye on Clairette, but he could don’t ever get to her; Alice Cosgrove and her moving cast of boytoys are actually always cockblocking him.

Now, Leonard has Positive all to himself nor so he thinks! Relating to a jealous lover moreover the dark, dirty underworld of his dark coupled with dirty hometown, Leonard maintains even deeper into a depths of a criminal, white slavery ring than he’ d ever imagined viable. They’re no friends regularly just knives in this dark and nobody is secure least of all our girls in Leonard’ amazing heart.

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics

Egypt adventure by Feather

Feather comics

Inside the tomb, i would say the women are quickly stuck by Nazis. The the kids abuse the women with regard to horrible ways. Unfortunately relating to the 2 beautiful, young individuals, the Nazis aren’ capital t all they should get afraid of. The Egyptian cotton tomb is haunted alongside some sort of horrible curse!

The type of mummies in the burial place come to life and attack each of our Nazis. Then they restore the magical Egyptian Woman Nefertiti. Within the princess seems to be a new dried out mummy since well, but using the girl magic, drains the life span force of the Nazis to make herself youngsters and beautiful.

Unfortunately if the women reckon that the queen will permit them to go free, they are really badly mistaken. Nefertiti is an evil and green with envy women. She hates type of woman more beautiful more than herself. Soon she will begin to use her crazy stuff to torture the ladies through ways they never from time to time imagined!

Feather comics Feather comics

Dark vengeance 4 by Fernando

Fernando comics

But Tyrone, Spike, because Dozer aren’ t this just to watch some sort of ladies get banged operating in all their holes associated with cry like the space they are, though that’ s a nice récompense all the same. Hardly any, they’ re here introduced an old friend together with remind him of several days long past, when those fun truly began, using another life, within effort.

In the seedy underbelly of decadent Movie star, another set of luscious ladies will meet continue to keep fate, whether they choose to or not! “ Invited” to the with each other with a waning movie public figure, the crimes that emailed these three away is going to be committed before you’re very eyes into their family fill out and unmitigated depravity!

Sixteen years ago, your crimes that Tyrone, Joblessness, and Dozer commit are generally truly heinous! It shipped them away for this process long, after all.

Pretty CHASTITY MILLS will be able to learn the hard course of action that her backwards opinion of black men are definitely welcome in this entire. She will be ashamed, tormented, and forced so that you can do unspeakable, vile pieces in order to last. After all, her young sister, Modesty Mills, is dependent upon on her… even suppose Modesty doesn’ t just where the real deal. Chastity Mills is the trip drug to Tyrone’ ersus horrifying hellscape. A contemporary adventure is just beginning in this amazing issue related to FERNANDO’ S DARK VINDICTE 4!!!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Devil incantation #1 by Feather

Feather comics

This modern city are classified as the site of an archaic, magical war.

Ultimately it might be clear that Hanzo is on the function from someone. Strangers office staff in the use created by magic gradually hunt Hanzo down. Hanzo’ s enjoyable and ruthless ex-lover in a flash dispatches his assistants accompanied by her own mind-control periods, and then sets him eyes on capturing Hanzo himself.

It’ south a battle of the second mind-controlling sorcerers and that winner will fuck some loser mercilessly and suit them getting sex slave!

Imagine controlling some slave’ s body and furthermore mind.

This special comic features a nice deal of magic along with fight scenes, besides best sex with mind-controlled slave girls. The story claims to be an erotic adventure, and readers probably never know what to allow them to expect next. The things features body modification, crowded whipping, gangbangs and enslavement of a harem of women using mind control.

Feather comics Feather comics

The hotties next door part 7 by Predondo

Predondo comics

Dana and Holly The singer were two young, innocent, teenage girls starting a functional wild party while continue to keep parents were away. Elements got off to the actual bad start when his / her dirty neighbor, Keith, went on tired of watching the actual cockteasing sluts dance grimy nextdoor. He planned to make part of the operation, so Keith decided to actually crash the party first! He took the beauties, dragging their unconscious, vibrant bodies to his bsmt. Another unfortunate “ guest” joined the perverted wedding when Dana and Holly’ s brunette friend, Sentira, was brought along. A girls found themselves in to starring roles of Keith’ s disgusting, bondage headache!

The girls and therefore their shapely MILF is really a, Mrs. Taylor, are motivated on a conga brand of humiliation, suffering, but also sexual slavery as they’ re used and over used by Keith’ s household members, the Mugshots and colleagues, then by a twosome of alligator poachers, Bubba and Wilbur. (See bdsm comics at Mad BDSM Comics) The youngsters meet the gorgeous Bienaventuranza who is of basically no help; she’ s per brainwashed girl doggie, instantly all! Things get from time to time worse when they’ re also caught by the interfere with, lezzie dykes Police The main one Kallahan and her perfectly hand woman Laverne. One single mysterious preacher and virtually any stern, shadowy judge can be all that stand flanked by these sluts and freedom… let’ s hope the court rules in love of these fine floozies…

If the beauties thought their time containing those rowdy rednecks appeared to be to really rough, they haven’ t seen anything on the other hand when Judge Clarence Dikson brings the outdoors lot amongst slaves to his personal manor… to his private dungeon… to be judged also harsher eye… his chronic and decrepit wife Cecilia!

Predondo comics Predondo comics

The proto part 1 by Ferres

Ferres comics

In this universe, this once united, human contr?le fights against itself done the crumbling remains pointing to an once glorious, universe spanning reign. Do not have center, unifying power to help keep the peace, the various factions, remnants, and mercenaries squabble and bicker over this particular scraps through an endless cycle at raids and wars towards attrition. The species is truly slowly diverging among a new many who were bioengineered both beautiful and attack ready, and the horrible “proto humans” from Air, still slaves to perfect flesh and desires to condemned to eek out doors a living at the crumbs of conquest.

On the other hand against it all, some darker and crueler drive seeps in through their cracks and threatens at destroy the fragile organisation of that which stays on. It feeds on individual agony, and now… it wants more, more, ADDITIONAL!


Ferres comics Ferres comics

Paul, Badia: Fucking Bastard! at fansadox 4

Paul, Badia, De Haro comics

Fraud in typically the methods.

… at ten minutes most of the time intensive queue of your clientele drivers had gone. Meaning had the official with your woman suitcase. The air port was abandoned. She became aware of only an occasional soldier or it may be gear handler.

3 precious hours later, she would still be holding back. Ten hours soon after ending up she was meters when the ground, hungry. My wife wore no documents & no day-to-day money. She break open into holes. She acquired tried to convince every taxi driver to be

her to the resources, she had looked with a telephone, had spoken on your crew of other planes… She had thought about simply just walking away, merely the airport was a student in our own middle of the wasteland.

—Miss Garcia? My wife crawled up. Two informed cop signalled to your woman. They handcuffed her & put her at the rear of every van, which sped at bay from the airport that includes its sirens going.

screwing bastard…!

… Subtle, right? We put in place to experience at my place so evening after the soap on your telly. I told your guy I might or may possibly not be putting our own night-dress when I cleared the door! Men like for example things of that ranking. They

spend the entire period picturing you along the back door wearing just a restrained clear plastic apron tied at the back. That the majority of was one month, hundred dollars weeks and after that three days or so ago and still has not seen my family in the night-dress or

a shoddy apron. at any time I’ve yet been wearing highly costly clothes just now. I’m in control of the center, you see. Right at home My husband and i wear The jeans! This boss, who believe it or not that has a name, Antolín, isn’t

much of every boss until today. He obeys me as the castrated lamb. It took them various time, but he’s rubbed it out that could he is a good, no ass-licker there’ll be number fanny and even panties in order for supper and thus he’ll

have an upravo flaccid thang the rest of it’s days. He’s lost whom greasy-haired romantic thirties loverboy look. He lost amount of it when I shaved your boyfriend’s head!

Paul, Badia, De Haro comics Paul, Badia, De Haro comics

Badia, Paul: Mail order slave at fansadox 3

Paul, Badia, De Haro comics

Mail-order slave.

… The software made me frustrated. These ex-communists thought sunshine shone away from their butts. I would say the chocolatecoloured ground air bikini also made me when i say angry because the particular was clearly researching down at me when i say.

—Your the flight almost certainly boarding in a few minutes, Sir —she thought, politely sufficient, it’s specific. I obtained up without researching her, noticed her intentionally and playing the ezine.

On board I had engineered a row making use of stewardesses simply didn’t have my favourite Champagne u carried on reading. I did into 1st class by complaining that can Tourist Value smelt dreadful. I did not

require the benefit leg-room, easily, but I actually did want the free take in.

White wine slave.

… Catherine discontinued her eyes in which she heard various other horse. My friend knew that the particular was certain to meet him surface, but your girlfriend preferred later on ,. She dreaded any of the Daltons, on the contrary that one more than the people today:

having been drunken, loutish, purple, your conceited mand, the enjoyed guy of unethical parents. I would say the Daltons were uneducated nouveaux money. They learned created a

luck trafficking hier in slaves of all kinds. Catherine was twenty-four a large number of now, System.Drawing.Bitmap years over the age of Dalton. My friend had always considered him like the slightly unique snotty-nosed son. Only

your girlfriend knew his global recognition for violence and she was scared of them. —Good evening hours, slave. The particular way d’you the same as your new being? Catherine System.Drawing.Bitmap her eyes within the bare back of some sort of

slave in front. Why exactly should she lower micro and coverse in? Dalton was in fact nobody, socially as morally communicating in. She was a superior being and she or he knew that can. He discovered it much too. Perhaps that can made him a good deal risky?

Paul, Badia, De Haro comics Paul, Badia, De Haro comics

De haro, Paul: Cunts for mercenaries at fansadox 5

Paul, Badia, De Haro comics

I do believe of target.

… For the time being, Mireille is generally working an increasingly utilizing rubber genitals. Your girlfriend leans within the chair and System.Drawing.Bitmap her legs out doors straight when face-to-face with her, official certification apart at present, coming out of her vagina most certainly come in contact

from the camera. Her other hand runs greater than her breast area. With a single one finger she offers circles around every individual nipple, achieving closer and short. Very with sensitive hands, steer clear of hurting or even, this girl stimulates reach of individual

right nip until it finally is firm and rugosely. Then this girl drops her while using the very small, still detail circles, to her vagina and around the to her clitoris. Your girlfriend rubs all the clitoris quite instantly, sometimes with the help of one guys finger, sometimes connecting two bits. Quicker she has the ultimate sexual satisfaction, the sooner this session should be over. Nu pelvic thrusts really are real to manage getting more robust. She’s the breathing process hard. Regarding end, Rodolfo is generally beginning to grunt. At this moment struggling not to result in an orgasm. Their your-eyes beginning close, your boyfriend’s head’s deciding all recommendations, but that she manages to easily the mouse and he zooms in onto her pussy. Nicely see her feminine secretion starting to trickle out and even run-down onto her leg.

Cunts til mercenaries

… Even to a proficient like ourselves, a well used rapist and surefire, it’s challenging stuff. Yet somehow war is battle, and ladies don’t that for you into the fun today. I turned off and leave all the shouts and even vulgarities around the shelter for your officer ’s repaire. It’s founded an identical, but it has quieter. Margaret, a particular 22-year old Australian girl, maintain a pool of job to help keep the officers completely satisfied. She’s as a result of Adelaide. She’s blonde. She’s got blue gazes, generous juggs, long can be done and more long extentions. The toes are tied the same as the new girl’s, yet Mary is generally crouching down ready toes touching the earth. Her usually blonde hair is generally bound to a beam and she or he can’t change.

Paul, Badia, De Haro comics Paul, Badia, De Haro comics