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Classmates Claire’s tale 4 by Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand comics
Beautiful, blonde, angel Claire was just a normal girl in high school. Perfect and pretty, everyone thought she had it all. That was just the image that Claire wanted to cultivate. In reality, her father was sick, deeply sick, and he was getting worse by the minute. Even though the doctors said he was responding well to his treatments, well, the American medical system is cruel to those without the cash… In secret, Claire was paying for her father’s treatments by whoring out her body, and she hoped that she would be finished once her father was cured.

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics

Pay Back by Cagri

Lilith comics
George Carter is a dumb fuckup of a kid who wouldn’t know his left foot from his right. What a sad son for the billionaire CEO, Mr. Carter to spawn. Even worse, George Carter is the kind of kid who would kiss up and grovel to a girl even if she didn’t deserve a lick of respect. George Carter is the kind of kid who kissed up to juicy Joyce and got kicked to the curb. No amount of money would salve that woman’s scorn. He was smelly, sticky, squat, and just plain stupid.

Lilith comics Lilith comics