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Celestin, Naj: Group X: Vanished

Celestin, Naj comics
Victoria has no choice but to follow the trail of sorrow in order to try and save her lesbian lover one last time. She follows the terrible orders deep into the bowels of hell as Mistress X seeks her final revenge on this meddling cutie, cop cunt!

Celestin, Naj comics Celestin, Naj comics

Predondo: The hotties next door 13

Predondo comics
Meanwhile, Chief Kallahan and her entourage arrive at Judge Dikson’s mansion to discover the demise of the old judge. The judge’s frantic wife accuses the Taylor family and their friend Vera of killing the old crag, and for this, she orders them to be punished and for their skins to be flayed. What levels are they willing to take these punishments to?

Predondo comics Predondo comics