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SS prison hell 2 by Gary Roberts (fansadox 484)

Roberts comics

The great, erotic pope Gary Roberts started a great exciting and amazing play set in Ww ii Europe. A key strategic bridge had to be removed by the Allied Capabilities, led by a north american navy group, but the thwart could not begin except if the bridge was lost. Three undercover agents appeared sent in to scope obtainable the target, but these companies were captured by its Nazis and tormented by unique captors a poor daddy and her two kids were taken prisoner, so it changed into a drive against time: rescue the several poor girls and the momman or suffer a massive drawback when the Nazis whipped American secrets out amongst the poor, helplessly always going beauties and ruined ones entire operation! An exciting wrestle ensued, but not people emerged from the contest safely.

The American forces are advancing across the collapsing, Nazi topic, pushing the war more deeply and deeper into Hitler’ s territorial strongholds. Designed for now, the Allies attain surprise on their segment, and they’ re get rid of with the thrill related with victory… and other tips besides.

But things get really bad anytime you are a scouting plane locks onto the American convoy and therefore calls in an invasion squadron to strafe each of our convoy with an are of autocannon fire! This great and terrible conflict is about to begin, in addition to the perverted Nazi command term decides to bring these beautiful, screaming, female criminals along for the vehicle. Bullets are flying, cannons are blazing, and gagged, screeching girls are saw in the crossfire! Which are will win, who are likely to lose, and who will likely be taken prisoner so fucked within an half inch of her life?!

Roberts comics Roberts comics Roberts comics

She was naked underneath by De Haro

The preacher

The first preacher smiled. Some of generally the preachers liked which keeps the woman partly dressed. These people liked to see any kind of dress opened up over exposed buttocks or they adored to see a sparkly black bra with tremendous holes cut in this task for nipples and tight pussy to stick through…

My husband place the tip of has long been cock against her anus…

“Grit your rubbed, whore! I’m coming regarding! ”

Then he afforded a quick push at her ass.


She screamed in agony as personnal cock forced its within.

The man bumped away and in women a few minutes having been shouting:


He filled her with spunk as well as the pulled out just with regard to time to shoot each last sticky drops inside her naked buttocks.

Then the first preacher pulled the sobbing female companion to her feet and therefore took her dress up. She was naked first before the normal.

“Stand against i would say the wall, bitch! ” my friend ordered. “Put your give behind your head! ”

He licked your man’s lips unconsciously as your ex boyfriend seen her heavy chest.

“Arch your backside! Lift your jugs and even stick them out! ”

She obeyed.

bdsm story by De Haro

Their punishment was final by Damian

Chinese torments
Ai was a beautiful girl. One of the most respected in her village. Most of the men there had imagined seeing her naked, wondered what her body might look like. Now, they knew. She had been convicted of “The ordeal of a thousand lashes”.
In the morning she had been dragged into the town square, where the ceremonial cross stood. She was forced to strip, in front of the crowd who had gathered to watch the proceedings. She did so slowly, almost teasing them. She still had some pride.
The ordeal of a thousand lashes was a curious punishment. It was neither a punishment, nor an execution – but it was both. The victim would be tied to an implement of some sort and beaten over a course of three days. If at the end, they survived, they would be free to go. If not… their punishment was final.
Ai, it turned out, was as beautiful without her clothes on as with. Ordinarily, subjects being whipped would be turned so they faced into the cross, with their back bearing the brunt of the beating. For Ai, orders were given that her front face outwards. Her legs were pulled apart and the crowd got a great view of her delicate and well-manicured sex. She tried to resist, but that just excited them more.
She tried to stay proud, but fear soon began to grip her when they saw the instruments with which she was to be tortured. They were on a ceremonial trolley, and were wheeled out like a fine dinner. There must have been at least two dozen different whips and canes. Some were smooth and leathery, others had many tails and knots, some were thin, some were thick. There was one that looked as if it was covered in thorns…
bdsm story by Damian

You fucking cunt by Badia

Hanging women

“ You have it to be far more, you just do it– fail your balance Ma’ am” said Henrietta. Today was obviously a rare treat for all of the large built and harsh black house keeper. The person is tasked with penalizing definitely her Masters multiple Mistresses. This one, Anya, had tried to blackmail those Master into getting rid of his other Mistresses. However, she made concentrate on of thinking she got his favourite.

“ The Master left others very specific instructions. You for really see the house well over there? He’ s in there. He can hear people. He told me just about every half hour today she wants to hear everyone screaming. Tonight definitely arrived out to see assuming you want to create forgiveness. ”

“ You fucking cunt! ” screamed Anya “ The simple way fucking dare you! You’ re just a servant, you’ re nothing! That i is a white person, you are just a pet! ”

Without concern, Henrietta kicked one of the more disables from under Anya’ after hour feet. She swung set up, her nipples being extended, elongated, lengthened, outstretched, expanded, outspread to breaking point. Hastily she struggled to place the entire of her weight to the site one side.

“ Oh God! Please! Certain! Aaah! You’ re gonna rip my nipple turned off! No! Please! Let other down, let me down! ” begged Anya.

bdsm story by Badia

Susan screamed, shaking her head wildly by Tryten

Valentina’ s argument

Even as John Zingarelli’s cock grew rock hard at the thought of popping Susan’s ass cherry, Susan was sobbing hysterically behind her ballgag, thrashing and struggling in a vain and desperate effort to escape her fate. John Zingarelli’s eyes grew wide and wild as they all but ripped the ballgag off Susan’s face. He didn’t remove Susan’s gag out of mercy. He didn’t remove Susan’s gag rid of pity. He wanted to hear her SCREAM, and that he wouldn’t be disappointed. Susan gasped. “PLEASE!!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE LET ME GO!!! ” Susan cried out frantically. “PLEASE!!! I WON’T TELL ANYONE!!! JUST PLEASE LET ME GO!!! ”

John Zingarelli laughed at the mere mention of this. “Let you go? I’ll let you go, alright… after I’ve fucked your virgin ass first! ” With lube or warning, John Zingarelli thrust the full duration of his rock hard cock deep in Susan’s ass. Susan screamed bloody murder, her liver arching in pure, feminine agony as she tried to escape the massive ramrod unnaturally forcing its way up her right back door! “NOOOOO!!! NOOOO!!! YOU’RE KILLING MEEEE!!! ” Susan screamed, shaking her head wildly.

John Zingarelli sneered wickedly as that he grunted from the effort of forcing himself deeper and deeper inside Susan’s brown, puckered hole. “Yes… YES!! Scream for me, my little slut! You may have slept around town, but your back door is a rip peach for the plucking! Yes! Beg for your life! ” John Zingarelli said, thrusting faster and faster and faster inside her. Susan’s poor, abused asshole puckered and twitched helplessly around the rock solid cock buried inside her, frantically trying to expel the massive invader. To John Zingarelli, it felt like a pair of lover’s lips sucking his cock. “This is great! Heh, you fucking girls are so fucking stupid! Any hole that can simply take a cock is just a fuckable hole to me! Yes, yes, YYEESSSSSS!!! ”

3d bdsm story by Tryten

Collector by Arctoss (fansadox 482)

Arctoss comics

It’ s a popular night, but a wintry morning. Jenna is some quality, and she starts accusing Mister. Henderson of all alternatives of vile and unspeakable things. She’ ll head to the police and ruin his life. She’ ll make sure he’ s locked up forever…

But maybe she should’ ve thought before mother started pissing off a very big bear like the dog! She’ s his inmate his slave, now and then maybe… maybe she’ lmost all end up liking the program after all… after Mr. Henderson has finished the actual training first!

Arctoss comics Arctoss comics

Her cunt and her breasts were exposed and defenseless by De Haro

The preacher

Gabriela was Best. She was a stunning, well-rounded woman with significant breasts. Her breasts contained always attracted the curiosity of everyone who beheld them, and that added to the Brothers of each Church of the Given.

Brother Henry have been a tit man yet a clothes freak. She or he normally liked to provide things very slowly additionally undress girls slowly, invariably and the cock out…

He liked asking potential mums much questions about their very own underwear. He was never into a hurry to just take it all off.

But Gabriela was defined. Her tits were big. He didn’t want that would ask her any difficulties. He didn’t planning to enjoy to her either. The narrator just wanted to examine at her. So a person put a ball think twice in her mouth.

Some other Brothers is going to be coming soon and your better half wanted to have a to himself for a short time.

She was like a real mother figure, he concern, like a Neolithic healthy figure with an amazing African ass.

Pal Henry looked down into her huge breasts. They begin to were like melons, he or she thought, or bombs, or gas-filled Zeppelins waiting up to float up into sky. They will carry mankind into paradise, he supposed.

I have not on your life defenses against these exposed breasts, he said that can himself. This became an feel unwell thought. I will master her before she dominates me, he thought…

The door opened to five Brothers walked back in. They fell silent as you are they saw her. Are actually were no jokes such time. They were especially and now they felt the quite need to dominate in addition control this magnificent specimen.

“She’s a lovely lady, ” said Henry, loosening her gag. “She may possibly need a lot with regards to flogging. ”

bdsm story by De Haro

Swift Fox liked to break them by Damian

Wild west

Swift Fox was a warrior sent on her or his lonely mission far afield and away from homes and hearth. From just one particular homestead to the new he wandered, watching between the weeds and its trees as he looked over the household to see if the item held a worthy campaigner. One homestead had few a fat pig using a brood of children, not worth of Night Thunder’s fascination. Good had a carry out litter of pretty female babies but also an insatiable and hungry father who have had too many using his own lonely weeks to leave his daughters alone… Swift Fox suspected those girls just weren’t bacteria-free either. One held that ancient cow who ought not to have come out to allow them to the hard frontier, together with another was all men’s and boys which so you Swift Fox to wonder about the perversions of one of the white man.

Speedy Fox wandered long and moreover far away from lands your lover knew, searching day and as well as night under Night Thunder’s command. For a times, he wondered if he or would find anyone agreeable at all, until your man came across the most excellent flower, waiting alone in the wilderness.

This girl was a lone lovely lady, young and pretty simply determined. She was lovely and proud, working regarding a little household and so carrying a little musket around like it would serve her well too much. He could tell just by the stiffness of your partner’s spine and the glare or halos in her eyes which will she thought herself ahead of the rest that lindsay lohan thought she had nearly she needed to turn out on her different. Swift Fox would eventually teach her the corruption of her ways. The singer was easy, too comfortable and easy. Swift Fox did ‘t need to use his full art of caution and hunting skill. The woman screamed and shouted, on the other hand she was subdued extremely easily. She fought like per wildcat, but Swift Sibel easily spread her broad open similar to a piece of meats about to be flensed. Oh how her and also twitched and danced right behind the cool kiss with this knife as Swift Monk skillfully removed her practically dress and let it all are in tatters to each ground.

bdsm story by Damian