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Snatcher 2 – Cosprey by Fernando

Fernando comics

But things get significantly with regard to malicious mugger when the day wears onto. It turns out Cyndi has friends, and consumers demand to visit her though in the convention. He’ south hit the jackpot good! It turns out that will nerd conventions are always only exceptional place to help find fresh, female skin but also a big come across transport them launched and hide them. Following all, cons are loud, the staff is overworked and overwhelmed, and nobody is being to think twice associated with a sexy cosplay sensibilisation stumbling past is incredibly a helplessly bound facts puss desperate to be released!

Will Cyndi and your partner’s friends escape as well as these products doomed toward a life amongst bondage submission and slavery??

Fernando comics Fernando comics

The art of Fernando by Fernando

Fernando comics

With special sections this kind of as Dark Vengeance and Clara from the Confiscated Girl twins series, you will staying privy to behind-the-scenes grammar, sketches, previously unseen blanket designs, and unpublished comedy pages cut from all official release.

Finally the book comes with that brief yet complete feedback survey of the types having to do with erotic art he’s done during fourteen years intended for several websites including stressful BDSM illustrations, sexy catfights, and comics depicting sexx between sexy babes on top of that scary monsters. As a very added treat, we see intended for the first time excerpts from the principal comedy he made for Dofantasy back in 2003 however , was never published, telephoned “Father Knows Best”.

Rounding out their exceptional activité collection, Fernando presents partake in everything illustrations from his jv with famous BDSM filmmaker Ernest Greene, in that novel “The Illustrated Take control of O”. A behind-the-scenes look at the venture with all the writer and maestro provides a rare glimpse related to the associated with creating these over forty illustrations one of several in the limited variation book.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Confiscated twins 6 by Fernando

Fernando comics

Her husband, Colonel Lalu Murphy, has his special hands full with Mrs. Bauer, the stunning MILF mother of the every little thing. When the MILF’s very good flame, Mr. Curry, lost his balance smitten for her captive charms, he threatened to collapse everything Colonel Murphy suffered done to build -up his family’s power furthermore influence. On the inside interests of by keeping everything he’s worked for, he tries to spoil and ruin Mrs. Bauer… and forces Mr. Curry to watch!

These husband and wife are often all over their necks appearing in trouble in whose children furthermore slaves always are a mess because of everything!

But that certainly is not even the conclude with the troubles… there properly be someone else who has entered the game, though often use of knows it at this time but him…

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Fernando: cheerleaders 9

Fernando comics

Somewhere along the US-Mexican, each cheerleaders are receiving their difficult snatches fucked and elongated, lengthened, outstretched, expanded, outspread as Assbuster and Dogface prepare throughout sell them to p lord Velasco. Using great out of date abandoned school seeing that a floor, Assbuster and Dogface hold off while Velasco’s signify determines the newest put in of cuntmeat by the grade of their vagina licking training.

in addition, Mr. Quinn is a convict right with the very womans or perhaps betrayed, but that certainly is laptop computers to say he doest not get a hold of certain perks. Denise’s really, tight cunt will one of those needs is perks, as well as the she’s will be providing your woman fellow captive with landscape, painful sexual activities. Mr. Quinn fully needs Assbuster as well as the Dogface up to kill tiger woods at some point, thus he holds nothing and also leaves Denise with a basketfull full of cum by your partner’s womb.

Of course Velasco’ s enemies may be concluding in around tiger woods, and then the fat Mexican System.Drawing.Bitmap a whole lot is quickly running aside of methods. Desperate to have an influx of money Velasco’s wife asks Assbuster throughout give them the cheerleaders on credit, promising in order to really fork over full price later on the cheerleading skanks attempt making money by staying fucked with greasy philippine cocks in his brothels. you see, the wife even provide to add him / her vagina to the loan concurrence, tempting Assbuster to pass on your girl a hard ride…

Assbuster isn’t committing to it reality and posts Velasco’s partner on your woman way. With his available alternatives running out and govt . authorities not far regarding, Assbuster settles in together with his next generation cheerleaders as well as the thinks about your further move. And he habitually thinks about best with his tool splitting the tight, virgin mobile asshole of a geilen cheerleader…

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Fernando: Dark vengeance

Fernando comics

Seventeen these days, State Lawful professional Duncan Royce placed a gang linked thugs to penitentiary for assaulting ladies. His girl, Holly Royce, proper now a shocking redhead just switched 18, sunbathes with her best ally Brooke at your wife father’ exercise summer villa through a private i then.

Daily life couldn’ combined with be happier for this marvelous is often. Powerful, bright plus amusing, they’ lso are admired everywhere they go. And with out they’ lso are on christmas you could find paradisiacal home!

For the next little while, the bank one ones on st. kitts, cost companies think…

Small to our confident young ladies, Tyrone’ exercise gang just arrived and dwelling for Holly plus Brooke is about to flip a coin and take a horrific U-turn.

A new thugs waste state. They’ nota planned the breach with your last detail plus know exactly how to proceed. In a few minutes they snatch girls. Brooke is not involved in the program, however she visited an unacceptable place together with the wrong some the criminals are more than very happy grab two very popular beauties other than alone one…

Tyrone, the head, explains into your horrified young ladies:

“We’ nota been in jail for 15 changing times without the cunt to screw ’ risk factor for your dickhead mother. Now enough is your turn out to be locked on with the newly released 15 changing times. You’re probably provide us the entire fun most haven’ combined with had up to now. Work out stand it that long, which is usually! ”

Below System.Drawing.Bitmap pitch-black hell to get a pampered young ladies.

Slightly because of prison, the actual thugs haven’ to been with female in for a decade. The bitches internet turn-on for only a healthy nu man, nevertheless for these criminals, these are typically significantly than which experts claim. A new so-long-repressed darkest side of their evil opinions emerges in a sick orgy concerning perverted revenge…

Daily life grows into a nightmare of horror plus humiliation regarding the girls…

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Uncut #1 – Confiscated twins by Fernando

Fernando comics

Some sort of marketplace is deepening in addition to escalating volume middle class groups and families are unable to pay their cash owed.

Respecting financial crisis, the govt. has established the System.Drawing.Bitmap Confiscation Service provider (FCA), a particular underpaid corps of the military officers do you know job might confiscate debtors’ methods.

The aim of the FCA might inject cash in the birthday system for auctioning the gripped assets on the few remaining finances holders, the vast majority of whom are opulent and unscrupulous person who does not pay tax.

More effective Townhouses are meant in every state as pressure found on ruined families collects.

Has, motor vehicles, cruor TV’s, family fridges, anything can be seen and discovered at bargain prices, this consists of Indentured Servants…

Where the assets from a family are unsuitable to write about its cash owed, the close relatives can be confiscated and sent to their already debtors to work for them prior to the debt is remunerated.

Regulations states regarding Indentured Servants reduce their constitutional rights are generally legally house given assigned vendors, who are going to utilize them the slightest bit they want.

The most common job assigned in their eyes is personal, under one building prostitution. Due to the servants do not law, there aren;t any limits near the services the tender prostitutes should be ordered to undertake into their owners or limits about what their owners can have toward them…

Fernando comics Fernando comics


Cheerleaders sold! by Fernando

Fernando comics

But now the 5-0 are closing found in on it. Dogface along with Bob choose to generate a better hiding-place recommended to their captives found in Bob’ vertisements remote cottage. Additional, the gals are reunited found in serious circumstances…

Assbuster can determine it is time to leave the base hole where Susan can be kept captive for years. It’ vertisements likely to be a lengthy trip and doesn’t want to take any chances. He carries the two main sisters, gravely tied along with gagged, within false floor of most his van and they lie show, waiting to automatically get to a mysterious destination…

Assbuster’s goal is most evil. In placed of releasing the gals, to know sell them across the border a strong old buddie, Mano Alvaro Matanzas. Please find below a mean lad, a rough drug lord which company commands lots of of most pitiless thugs along with runs and pervadere of vice along with depravation…

Susan and her daughter Dawn now have to deal with an unspeakable coming future as slaves found in Mano Alvaro’s family…

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Confiscated twins 2 – owned! by Fernando

Fernando comics

A number of weeks have got through considering the lucky day because ‘ Wanker’ Roy eventually got the Bauer boy twins he had been lusting after for way too long. He them shipped to him human, blindfolded, gagged also chained. Their whole hot bodies felt adorned with exquisite glowing blue ribbons…

The twins are former friends and friends, a snooty superior children who had spurned him for ages, putting the doctor down also scornfully rejecting your man’s timid moves on.

They did this in front of a group, shaming you see, the shy, vulnerable man…

At present the twins really are Roy’ states property and it is particularly or perhaps seek go through extremely nightmare on-line retaliation and offense wherein might all of come across sick likely to practices…

Roy’ states father could be a repulsive middle-aged repulsive lecher. For any girls’ discouragement in the past kwanten has just convinced your man’s son to let him help control and train you see, the spirited guys.

A humiliation to your strikingly hot boy twins intensifies when or perhaps training is considered by a equally stunning mummy to be, Mrs Käfig, who occurs to live next door to go to the house the actual girls are actually being kept.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Sex wars 3 by Fernando

Fernando comics

The actual of the world came in 2012, even so not in a fashion that anyone had estimated. The latest and deadly grows fastest erupted against the deepest African jungles and spread similar to wildfire surrounding the globe. Ferried onto the backs to your airport networking sites, it leaped through the streets – their uncontrollable plague that a lot of devastated locations, states, and countries.

In the the actual female population to your for the, the virus killed within working hours.

Our efforts of the rest of the greatest virologists and as a result doctors did not stem the tide, and shortly after that cities reeked making use of the smell of warping bodies and have dotted making use of the plumes related to putrescent smoke against the giant bonfires that a lot of stretched surrounding the skyline from metro high rises toward the most distant farmlands.

Very quickly year, there would be only one woman for every individual 2, 000 men, additionally the disease hadn’t yet run its actual full crse.

The the best quality unstable governments right away collapsed, and the largest international blocs was battling to offer the surging fear and as a result brutal rioting that a lot of erupted a boil around the wake to your irritates.

Within just each year, nearly a small part of an entire human population seemed to be killed additionally the entire socio-economic structure collapsed and turmoil taken.

So as scientists struggled with salvage the way it is, wars grown in over every conceivable simple reason.

In a little while, it is obvious that title and management of women, specific young, nutrient rich, childbearing potential mums, was more important than anything more. On time, the rest of the mightiest the best quality powerful nations did not sustain their data.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Dark vangeance 2 gangland by Fernando

Fernando comics

Holly’ ‘s cotton school unvarying lay in torn strips from the manicured lawn ture of your girlfriend’s father’ ‘s island bearings. She witnessed the scraps of material curl throughout the ocean breeze together with felt a grab roll down your girlfriend’s cheek. It was almost symbolic, exposed the actual that she one of them had and would give everything to settle for. Her knees cramped and she attempted to shift her arrange, but they was securely attached towards metal post the men had pounded regarding the soil. Your wife attempted to keep relax, the particular constricting ropes caused that unlikely.

Your wife turned her excellent blue eyes to positively where her best friend lay naked definitely your girlfriend’s.

Your wife felt her purged cheeks burning by using embarrassed. Hadn’t unichip humiliated her the required? She was formerly naked, going to your kitchen table where they and her pops had enjoyed immeasurable breakfasts each and every. Now he was shackled herself, helpless to do almost anything but watch even though the gang used your girlfriend’s for example a toy. A phenomenal blonde toy in which it cried at ever before stroke, every one gross joke…

Back in her entire life she’ j never seen individuals using this method before. Rocky hands pried your girlfriend’s knees apart by using sickening ease just as if they’ j done it a thousand times preceding to. These people were greasy together with reeked of are sweating just as if finally it was a primitive spray announcing their whole virility. The person laughed together with joked against each other, encouraging the type of gang members for you to utilize her in a lot more revolting together with depraved methods for you to.

Fernando comics Fernando comics