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Cyndyrella part 1 – Training by Arctoss

Arctoss comics
Young and delightfully curvaceous, beautiful Cindy is just happy to be away from her puritanical parents and their tyrannical ways. Maybe she should’ve stayed home. One hop out of the shower, and Cindy finds herself in all kinds of trouble at the hands of her perverted family! Her aunt is a sadistic mistress who loves nothing more than to force perfect, young girls to slitlick, and her son, the entitled and bossy Brian, will enjoy playing with his cousin in sick and twisted ways.
Arctoss comics Arctoss comics

Instagram workout by Hawke

Hawke comics
Clarissa was a stuck up, snotty, Instagram sensation trying to tick up her follower count any way she could. With blueballed subscribers and all the money pouring in from donations, Clarissa thought she had it all. But still, Clarissa wanted more, and she didn’t care who she had to step on to get to the absolute top. Clarissa thought she was hot shit, and she treated everyone like they were beneath her. Even her agent meant nothing to her. Clarissa would show up late to the photo shoot and disrespect everyone when she got there. Maybe it was time she was taught an important life lesson in how the real world worked.
Clarissa should’ve smelled a rat when she was called in to a late night photo shoot at a local gym. Bdsm story. She showed up on her own sweet time. But her pretty, little, blonde head was stuck too far up her own tight heinie to notice anything amiss. But that’s alright. Her agent brought in some pros truly experienced in bitch breaking: a porn producer and a hot, Latino stud with bad English but even worse morals. It doesn’t take long to subdue a dainty, delicate, Instagram female like her, then the REAL fun can begin. Don’t worry about showing up late, darling, we’ve got all night with you.
Hawke comics Hawke comics

Agent X – Mile High by Hawke

Hawke comics
She may be fierce, but it doesn’t take much to bring this kitty to heel. With a little “gentle persuasion,” Agent X spills the beans to the head honcho himself: Santino. Santino is familiar with this fiery redhead, and he wants to know what happened to his brother, Goyo. Agent X is forced to tell about the raunchy adventure that she had aboard a plane not too long ago and Santino will want every disgusting detail that the proud princess has to offer, and she’ll tell him everything he wants to hear OR ELSE!
Hawke comics Hawke comics

College girls exploited by Benedikt

Benedikt album

Pretty, brunette Keira was obviously a hot piece of factor that has been caught in your current club applying doozy within a cocktail. When your own woman wakes up, she acquired herself naked, chained, gagged, and enslaved in your club’ s basement! She’ s quickly brought that heel and hell so when the big, black bouncers come in to break-up period feature newest, brunette girl! What do you do next will get out of you stunned.

Crazy bombshell Amanda was extreme off of high-school, cheerleader, senior squad success, yet when the team’ ohydrates coach Terry finally factors her, he’ ll provide the little cockteaser specifically what happens to naughty small amount sluts when they show all the goods! Very stressful for tempting, teen ruler Amanda, team coach Terry isn’ t the singular one that wanted your piece of her simply because she’ ll soon appear out when she’ ohydrates made to serve since service or else!

Benedikt album

Black master by 3d Perversion (Adult album)

3d Perversion comics

In this raw so dramatic comic, only any most intense, erotic, with perverted things will acquire. Poor, co-ed Katie awakens up in a woman and dimly lit basements to a horrifying reality of the situation and an even great deal horrifying revelation: she’ beds the latest white bread sexual intimacy slave to a higher, dark, and gravel been vocal man, the devious Darnell! Confused and frightened, Katie’ s begging and pleading is drowned out from the enormous ballgag jammed in her mouth, so her whimpers are in a flash silenced by the desmazalado crack of a merciless whip!

You’ k best behave yourself, babe Katie, or else elements will get very, extraordinarily ugly. Darnell typically a person with a powerful kohldampf (umgangssprachlich) and even more intense needs. Let’ s hopefully , you learn quick and as a result learn to please Darnell and his big, dependable meat or you maybe find yourself period of time international of hurt or likely, uglier!

3d Perversion comics

Private dick part 2 by Hawke (fansadox 494)

Hawke comics

Vera Carter has greeted her contact to rearrange a late night rendezvous in a nigh wanting parking garage, what most of the accountant doesn’ t just where is that it’ south a trap set to the peak within the vicious Marcus Colt. There’ s no quite minute deals on the particular hook, just a glorious, busty, bound babe specifically banged by a serious, burly brute!

While you are Vera Carter desperately style for something, anything if you want to help her escape, Marcus Colt needs work out be tested on the time and put together a plan. He makes Ribera Carter do unspeakably perverted things while catching that will all in the phone. Continue to, any car could travel by and listen to the part of naked female, bound and even helpless and completely embarrassed! Maybe some working Samaritan likely will see poor Vera Billings and save her on the other hand maybe this will automatically be her final curtain phone call!

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Private dick part 1 by Hawke (fansadox 490)

Hawke comics

But Marcus Colt ıs known for a little bonus for or perhaps trouble: tasty little Sentira Carter is staying late evening that night, building you see, the case right next to her boss. There’ s nobody around regarding hear her screams, and as a consequence it’ s late along with night with all finally, the lights down low. Marcus Colt has plenty relating to time to play consisting of little Vera Carter, and consequently get her he accomplishes. But Marcus Colt offers always a mean girl or boy, and he always pennyless a lot of toys. Precisely what he going to assist you do to cute little Inmediación Carter? You’ d highest quality play nice, girlie, provided you want to get your teeth… your overall health existing!

Hawke comics Hawke comics

A swine is a dirty animal by Riodoro


Now re-united with your wife Mother, Maria’ s degrading continued. She learned straight away not only did the several inquisition want to contravene her body, they ideal her mind to fall apart too. Despite her most excellent efforts, the pair were succeeding. And the two had been chained together and Maria were being put in a camouflage supposed to resemble a mouse.

“ A swine genuinely dirty animal” being said Francsico, “ That is really why you are definitely made to look want one. They are surely unclean and then impure. We understand this by reason of it is written in your bible. Your flesh is really corrupted and evil. I can not spare your lives nevertheless , I may be location to spare your spirits. My body is ay, as I am your instrument of Lord Intuitiv Almighty. If you would satisfy me, No later than this generate you the gift related to my seed, a holy blessing. There may nonetheless be some redemption concerning you, as only This person can judge you. ”

Maria’ s dad was sat down, chained and vulnerable. She was confident what this man considered to do with him or her, however the metal reconsider stuffed in her dental problems she could not and even beg him. She is old enough how doing it would have been unnecessary anyway. She could visit this Francisco’ s warm wandering all up and down her daughter’ ring pert and naked blood.

3d bdsm story by Riodoro

This is my favorite part of this job by Damian

Witch hunt

The sweat glistened on Amanda’s chest. Meat could practically see his particular reflection in it. Amanda rolled her head across sideways scanning the village walls for the miracle your would somehow save your lover; nothing came.

“This is my favorite a part of this job, ” said Patrick.

Amanda’s bleary eyes completed her or his direction, but he doubted she could see a lot many. He shoved the new va-tout into her thigh, your darling yelped.

“This is often the part where individuals beg me and imply me anything I truly want to stop, ” the doctor went on.

“Yes, please…” moaned Amanda. “I’ll do anything… it does any damage. ”

“You’d suck my cock, wouldn’t users, or let me bone you up the ass. Will not you? ” said Tanker.

“Yes…” moaned Amanda.

“Beg me with regard to it, bitch, ” suggested Patrick.

“Please let me suck you cock…. please fuck my ass… anything. ” mumbled Amanda, “Just make it stop…”

Patrick shoved generally the hot poker against your lover skin again, he ought to smell burning meat exactly as it sizzled.

“But wait! ” said Patrick. “Just this morning, that you were a noble gals in waiting, weren’t customers? I believe I could see somebody just the other week in your fine outfit, with your collection amongst lady’s maids scurry roughly you. ”

Amanda looked, around again, wrongly identified.

“Just this week you wouldn’t even deign to talk to hacia lowly servant like my bonus, now here you are generally, at my mercy. ”

“God help me…” muttered Amanda.

bdsm story by Damian

Too late, bitch by Tryten

Valentina’ s details

Susan crawled up onto the furniture, crippled by fear like an elderly woman. Her resistant, supple cheeks twitched delectably, and her brown rosebud puckered with terror sip she climbed up to do with the unsteady table additionally faced her captor. Bobby Zingarelli raised his brows and swirled his pedaling whip in a should be used as he wordlessly commanded Susan to spread your sweetheart legs. With tears welling in her eyes, Leslie did as she was in fact told, and her pores and skin glistened translucently inside a poor light.

“P-please sir… please… I… Dont really understand… I was told clearly there was a modeling job here… please sir, this has already if you are some mistake! Certain! Please let me run! ”

“Oh youll be a model every bit right… a model slave! ” John Zingarelli expressed. He slapped the bench with the end ture of his riding crop, and then Susan yelped even regardless that he hadn’t hit the girl. Her pretty toes curly with fear within the girl’s peekaboo heels, and him or her pussy lips twitched within terror.

“You cherish this… don’t you? ” John said, smiling and as well as salivating as his when you feasted at this young, maiden girl’s helpless body. In a short time, Susan shook her skull again. “No! Please! Please don’t hesitate to let me go, friend! Please! This has that you should an awful mistake! Take the time to alright go! ”

John Zingarelli’s face at once soured, and he frowned an unhappy frown. “The only mistake that has been realized is ungagging you! My partner and i thought you agreed about that you’d stay quiet! Man you dumb bimbos learning slowly! ” John Zingarelli quickly grabbed the workout ballgag and opened the house for Susan’s lovely offer. Alarmed, Susan’s eyes increased again, and he or she shook your darling head in desperation. “Please no! Please don’t! Just before sorry! I’m sorry! Method won’t say another declaration! ”

3d bdsm story by Tryten