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Tourist trap by Fernando (fansadox 474)

Fernando comics

Hannah and Madison aren’ t the only ones on the boss’ short list, however six months earlier, cute and naive Irina is on his radar, and her slutty friends Miranda and Bree are just innocent bystanders who won’ t be as innocent anymore once the biker gang is done with them…

These twin tales of terror intertwine into a menagerie of female pain, putting up with, and absolute humiliation as these tight girls are full of cocks and cum! But things aren’ t over yet after all, the party is just getting started!

Fernando comics Fernando comics

Wild by Cagri

Cagri comics

Linda and her ex Tim were just getting leisurely ride through the enchanting, remote forest seeking to get beyond your all of the cares and situations of the world. Areas are going great ultimately Linda picks up Tim’ s phone and understands that he’ s purchased a text from the opposite slut! Furious at a girl unfaithful boyfriend, foxy tiny bit Linda leaves the car or a truck, intent on getting bye from that ass like soon as possible!

Earlier Linda is without a doubt scared, but it’ erinarians another woman preference controls. Surely and the wouldn’ to be that dangerous over least not for your yummy piece of bottom like luscious Linda, dumping of her tight daisy dukes but that’ ings where she’s wrong. Bela should’ ve trusted a girl first instincts… because foods aren’ t right aside within in a bad neighborhood.

Linda finds herself confined and enslaved from a wear of sadistic lunatics! Linda’ s descent into brutality and pain has only just begun and she has none idea what’ s in store for her its.

Cagri comics Cagri comics