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Gentlemen’s club 3 by Predondo

Predondo comics
It’s a good thing for the other girls: they get a break! But poor Beatrice is on the receiving end of all the scummy, sadistic acts of the household in both of her tight, young holes!
But things get even worse when the Collectors, Rocco and Naomi, want to personally train fiery, redheaded Beatrice for their upcoming soiree! There’s much to do and so little time to do it, and this flaming beauty is still as shocked and defiant as ever! But that’s alright. They love hearing Beatrice moan and groan like a rutting bitch in heat! They love breaking her, one whip crack and pussy smack at a time. They love watching her betray herself and make a disgusting, slutty mess between her legs! The Collectors will show off beautiful Beatrice at a personal, intimate gathering of the Gentlemen’s Club and maybe, just maybe, sell her off to one hungry, Fat Bastard who’s still itching for a little red in his bed.
Predondo comics Predondo comics