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Suck by Mr.Kane


One hour later, shortly after three long blowjobs, all the people sat her down over a chair to pick up her breath and access on standby for more cock-sucking. Your partner tits had been bit of up with ropes then they hurt her exercising she breathed. There was previously already a line including men in case you are fuck your woman’s face.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

On the other hand this upset Count Monfal too much, since appropriate intended for most girls if you are enslaved and switched into maids, sweepers, fascination whores and helpers over the reconstruction to your fortress.

You’ ve removed hold of too pretty women, Valetse, he had to talk about to his friend. That you must give up two or you’ ll lose some good with our master, The almighty Denis.

Come on your, Monfal, you have satisfactory whores. I only labeled 9. Selling my Saint-Cr’ azines permission. I’ ve necessarily been in charge using acquiring whores to be enough for the needs of soldiers.

I know, Valetse, but this is unlike. We now have different needs. In addition to, most will be sold to pay for the campaign against the Turks; and whores you’ comienza already disfigured with some sign won’ t get good prices.

I’ ll do whenever point out that, my friend, Valetse acquiesced. And as a symbol of my good beliefs, I offer you this realisation little whore, who, typically branded, will please you have to greatly since she actually has a velvet tongue.

Together with a nice body, too; apparently, it’ s a major pity to brand the best beauties when they’ lso are so pleasing and obedient.

Monfal shoved his unfair dick inside her and others, pushed her skull opposed to his pelvis and gagged her. She didn’ longer struggle; she was too scared to resist. The beauty willingly massaged his magicstick with her tongue and made an effort to accommodate as excellent as was possible log her throat.

Ooooo he moaned in relish. I’ ll buy your woman’s from you. She’ azines magnificent!

No, my once beautiful lord, you may keep her for free, from the event you allow me to greatly enhance the number of whores at my disposal to find my own business.

Recommendations many?

At least half a dozen even more.

It’ s executed. Although one more. Mother Erginio has demanded twenty women become novices over the nunnery, and he’ s only received siete. We don’ t will be needing so many nuns, appropriate.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

The confession of guilt by Tryten

Tryten comics

Shocked and embarrassed by their daughter’s behavioral, the strict, Christian modern families punish her in their only way they comprehend how: violently and shamelessly!

When this doesn’t work to quell her behavioral, she is sent on the way to a secluded boarding courses, Heaven’s Manor, to method her of her sinful, slutty ways. Unfortunately to obtain the poor girl, of the headmaster of the courses, Father Roccasius, is not what he appears on the way to be.

Rather in comparison with as a compassionate priest yet guiding hand, he’s their wolf in sheep’s lingerie: he takes the gals and forces them involved in sexual slavery, sold on the way to the highest bidder!

Tryten comics Tryten comics

Slavegirls in an oriental world by Damian

Slavegirls in a wonderful oriental world

“ This is an absolute just punishment for disappointment to satisfy your perform! ” Sultan Rashid roared. “ If you could well stand still for couple of more hours, Allah would possibly give you a stimulate the elimination chance! But if you fail, you’ ll hang! ” I would say the Sultan licked his mouth area, a sadistic glitter glistening in his dark affectionate eyes. “ Not i would care! My next feast is now in need of roast, stuffed slut! ” Sultan Rashid looked down through the terrified girl kneeling between his legs. “ You’ ll need to do more favorable than that, slut! A cock is barely stressful, and I’ ve currently cum six times throughout your mouth! From the don’ t please my really scimitar, you might end up being these to hang! ”

bdsm story by Damian

“ Enjoy your fucking tongue, this is my white slave! ” the most important Arab shouted. “ Yup! Like that! ” You let out a bad grunt and thrust the girl cock balls deep for you to the slave girl’ vertisements mouth and shot the girl load of cum along inside her. The child coughed, disgusted, as your sweetheart was forced to ingest every drop of your wife’s Arab master’ s a single oil! When her Arab-speaking master pulled his cock from her mouth, your ex pleaded desperately. “ Just my 2cents, sir! Let me go on and! Please! I’ m absolutely sure my father will reward your company handsomely… ”

bdsm story by Damian

The embarrassed bitch by Mr.Kane

The embarrassed hoe

Is this what we should ideal? the Count asked.

The two bare-skinned men were enjoying the actual brief respite; they learned hid in the saloon to imbibe some refreshments. The tamed brunette had been registered and assigned by Valentio’ s secretary to the actual brothel of the border. Locked the cage like an excellent animal, the filthy, flushed woman waited transportation to allow them to her new abode.

You can be very sure of that, says Valentio to the Add up, while drinking wine. For my situation this way it’ ersus quicker to distribute the whores to know them more effective.

A more woman, a big-busted redhead, was waiting onto her joints, crying and frightened.

Soldier, ordered typically the Count so one of speedy men, undress and make this whore end up with a tickle the palate to your rod.

The woman was forced to masturbate, with her unwanted weight tits and mouth, typically the corrupt soldier, who unloaded his sperm on the woman’s bosom and face.

Wonderful, bitch, clean up it all up; seat the spunk as part of your tongue, like the dirty eurypterid you are! the be counted ordered excitedly. Eat this situation all up. You say you’ re too incredibly good for soldier’ s jizz? You’ re just the actual worthless cunt. Semen should be what you’ re returning to live on at the time you’ re servicing leads in the brothel.

Schlupp! Schlupp! Schlupp!

Her slurping sounds much amused typically the count, who couldn’ t resist humiliating her as for the devotion with where she was performing typically the degrading task for cleaning typically the soldier’ s cock with her tongue.

You filthy pig You’ re disgusting! Drag the woman’s to the pigsty and afford her a good, much longer whipping to instruct her handling.

The taca?o big-breasted woman, once yet again tied around her nck, was dragged lady back garden patio, at the closing of the fortress wallpaper. She was thrown directly on the mud the location where the boars happily lived, rolled more or less until she was sheltered in it, and in which kicked and whipped whilst not compassion, while she jogged on all fours including a wounded animal involving to escape her executioner.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

Uahhhh! she screamed. No, make sure No!

Come on, sow, dealing with your knees, cherish the filthy bitch you perhaps may be Yes, like that, inneha! I hear they’ sovrano gonna take you to allow them to a brothel by the harbor, the soldier said. My oh my, they’ re gonna end up with fun with an idiotic whore like you

No, please Don’ t but let them take only away I beg your family, please

In the event that you suck my cock i think we can arrange a specific product, the soldier said, comprehension full well he wasn’ t going to spend his life to help save before. But she was in fact so desperate she didn’ t realize having been just a little mocking her, and expediently said:

Yes indeed, I’ ll suck your family please help me.

Come here then, later on said, and pulled completly his rigid cock. Forestall only after I cream in your mouth.

bdsm story by Mr.Kane

Island adventure by Feather

Feather comics

Laura is brutally utilized the natives. Her classiness overwhelms them, and that lust after her eppure, white flesh…

But also even worse, the local people seem to have competence over some kind to exotic incense. Whenever it’s inhaled by a hunny, it sends her through a hot and aroused sexual frenzy! Lovely Laura loses her mind moreover finds herself lusting largely after cock, especially lar, thick, black native wang!

Meanwhile, Oliver is actually worried about his member. Laura has been over for nearly two hours… where exactly could she have over? He in addition to girls decide on searching after Laura, quite unaware of the horrors that await them all…

Will the teenager tourists escape this next, i of insanity?

And even are they doomed regarding an awful fate?

Feather comics Feather comics Feather comics

Cum-training program by Marzello

Cum-training program

Yeah…. Your living has truly changed, girl… concerning the good! Only today you were a viewpoint student too busy in find a boyfriend! This morning you can’ t cease from cumming with that provides prod stuffed up your company’s asshole! I’ m type of jealous myself… I’ ll tell you that which we’ re gonna do… I’ ll give you may a break off of your cum-training program and I’ lmost all fuck you for truthful. Just once. Yes? O . K, I’ ll stop the fact that cunt piston and have sex you raw sat familiar are, till we both cum… Then I’ ll start up the piston again.

“ Please…. I… I’ m sorry… I didn’ t mean to offer it… I… ”

“ Shut up, prostitute, you stole my Robert, now you’ re visiting pay for it dearly… The certainty is that I do not have man to attend your needs, so you’ll do… I’ m more in accordance with women than men, because I like you… thereby at the end you’ ve done me hacia big favor…. ”

bdsm story by Marzello

Here are the my dungeon, my pretty… Hope you may like the place as a result of you’ ve gonna holiday here forever… I’ empieza been collecting all the several toys you see concerning years, but the situation laked the most pretty important toy… you! Now today we can start our small amount games. I was considering on an old created welcome whipping on your personal back and ass before the first fuck. Then quite easily follow with those provides tits of yours… I’ve plenty of plans concerning them….

bdsm story by Marzello