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Cagri: Cruel servants

Cagri comic
It will be three months of hell for the Montana clan. Mr. Hank Montana can only watch as his wife and hot daughter are taken and abused over and over again right in front of his very eyes!

Cagri comic Cagri comic

Arieta: Voyages of the trader vol. 1

Arieta comic
But Ms. Isley is not the only one in the hands of The Trader. This is just the beginning of Ms. Isley’s adventure… but it might very well be her last…

Arieta comic Arieta comic

Arctoss: The headmistress

Arctoss comic
Unfortunately for George Arnold, the school isn’t as empty as it initially appeared, and Caroline Martin catches him in the act! George hastily tries to explain himself, but Caroline is having none of it! She’ll see his fat ass fired on the spot, and see him thrown to the curb!

Arctoss comic Arctoss comic

Predondo: Harem horror hell part 7

Predondo comic
Princess Jasmine needs to keep control over her wayward “family” but things are rumbling beneath the surface of this palatial power play, and the slavegirls will be the ones to suffer the most, including poor Olivia and her mother Mrs. Hamilton!

Predondo comic Predondo comic

Hawke: Blackmailed teacher

Hawke comic
Lucas can’t stop himself from daydreaming about sex. He figures undressing his red hot teacher, Ms. Alicia Banks, and making her wear a slutty schoolgirl outfit in his mind is better than her boring lectures. However, Lucas notices a mysterious butterfly tattoo when Ms. Banks bends down to pick up something, and the wheels start turning in his head.

Hawke comic Hawke comic

Ferres: The proto part 4

Ferres comic
The Xenospecters need the hypergates to come over into our universe… and Lhuun may be the key to stopping the destruction of our reality. Can she hold out against the violent Doctor Hess, or will the Xenospecters consume all humanity and reality itself?!

Ferres comic Ferres comic

Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y: Missionary position

Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y comic
Big-hearted and full of love, she takes a gap year at college to go on a mission to South America intent on bringing help to those in need. When you have so much, you have so much to give… at least that’s what Nicole believes.

Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y comic Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y comic

Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y: Mile high club

Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y comic
You should’ve known better than to cocktease everyone around you, bitches! Now you’ll get what’s coming to you, in all of your tight little holes. The four stunning sluts are sold at auction to the highest bidder, and once they’re put into their private rooms… their new owners will do anything they want to these helpless, mewling babes!

Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y comic Lesbi k Leih, Rud3b0y comic

Franklin: The entertainers

Franklin comic
But things don’t stop there. Mason and his competition are rearing for a big event run by the mysterious “Ringmaster”. These two girls better put on a perfect performance the buyers are watching, and they want to sample the goods!

Franklin comic Franklin comic

Arieta: Pom pom prisoners

Arieta comic
She can barely do little more than wriggle and writhe and moan on the ground, a helpless little girl! Kayleigh knows that something is terribly, terribly wrong, and her neighbors are just outside. If only she can get to them, she’ll be saved!

Arieta comic Arieta comic