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Hostile takeover by Hawke

Hawke comics
There are other corporate tools of the trade… perhaps a little hacking, a little bribery of government officials, and a scandal sure to send stock prices sinking! When faced with a pen or a blow to the head, Ms. Katherine Reed makes the right choice… even if it does take her a while… and signs away both herself and her slut slave subordinates as well.

Hawke comics Hawke comics

Cidade do diabo part 3 by Lesbi k leih, story by Robinja

Lesbi k leih comics
At the same time, the great and powerful Bezelbu, leader of the “Os Anjos Caidos” gang, gives the simple slut Sarah a grand tour of his domain. A man with such power needs not “persuade” a girl with fists and threats. Even though Sarah isn’t as smart as she thinks, even she can begin to understand the implications of Ze’s power, influence, and might. But Sarah need not be forced… her own, slutty, anal sex loving nature might doom her more than anything else.

Lesbi k leih comics Lesbi k leih comics

Classmates Claire’s tale 4 by Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand comics
Beautiful, blonde, angel Claire was just a normal girl in high school. Perfect and pretty, everyone thought she had it all. That was just the image that Claire wanted to cultivate. In reality, her father was sick, deeply sick, and he was getting worse by the minute. Even though the doctors said he was responding well to his treatments, well, the American medical system is cruel to those without the cash… In secret, Claire was paying for her father’s treatments by whoring out her body, and she hoped that she would be finished once her father was cured.

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics

Pay Back by Cagri

Lilith comics
George Carter is a dumb fuckup of a kid who wouldn’t know his left foot from his right. What a sad son for the billionaire CEO, Mr. Carter to spawn. Even worse, George Carter is the kind of kid who would kiss up and grovel to a girl even if she didn’t deserve a lick of respect. George Carter is the kind of kid who kissed up to juicy Joyce and got kicked to the curb. No amount of money would salve that woman’s scorn. He was smelly, sticky, squat, and just plain stupid.

Lilith comics Lilith comics

Family nightmare by Lilith

Lilith comics
Just to make the point, the husband is handed over to a homosexual jailer. The beautiful twin daughters do not escape the horror and the humiliation. They are handed over to the Bermudez, a rich family, who now become their legal guardians. This places them at the mercy of Mrs Bermudez, a sadistic lesbian who is more than pleased to tutor the girls. But they are the mercy too of Mr Bermudez, afflicted as he is by uncontrollable sexual desire, and by his sons, who are the same age as the girls.

Lilith comics Lilith comics

The great heist by Cagri

Cagri comics
Bank clients, bouncing tellers, and the old security guard are caught up in the mix, but the robbers are really after just one thing: the hot bank manager Tara Wilkins. Even with the cops outside the building, the robbers seem to be focused only on the one true prize: beautiful, bodacious, blonde babe Tara and her tight, pornstar body! They strip her naked in front of all the hostages and do all sorts of unspeakable things to her, not just in front of the other hostages but in full view of the cops as well! The cops can’t do much; the robbers are armed and keeping themselves out of the line of fire, but they post their debauchery on the internet, so the entire world can see how much of a whore bank manager Tara Wilkins really is! They have just one goal in mind, and nobody knows how it’ll all end until the fat titted bitch screams!

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Classmates Claire’s tale 3 by Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand comics

Claire’s world comes crashing down when jealous forces outside of her control seek to find out where pretty, perfect Claire is getting all her cold, hard cash. Kate is going to figure things out the only way she knows how: by whoring herself out to get what she wants! Once she gets the dirt, she makes sure that Claire’s safe, little world is no longer safe. If Claire thought things were bad with big, brute Rudy, things were going to get a whole lot worse once Rudy’s nutbusting wife found out about his philandering ways! She wants to get all the money back that that whore Claire stole from the family, and there’s one deeply humiliating way to get the job done: by selling Claire to the sex slavers at the KA Club! Claire will be trained in every art of humping, whoring, and cum guzzling whether she wants it or not!

Kitty Hand comics

Kitty Hand comics

Red Eagle by Cagri

Cagri comics
This hyper expensive, otherworldly material completely neutralizes Red Eagle’s powers, and she finds herself as weak and helpless as a newborn kitten. Unfortunately for the gorgeous Joan Rivera, David Romano wants more than her pussy, her tears, and her screams… he’s going to perform invasive and humiliating genetic experiments on her to try and unlock the secrets of her powers and what comes of it might spell the end for not just Joan, but for the world as we know it.
Cagri comics Cagri comics

Cyndyrella part 1 – Training by Arctoss

Arctoss comics
Young and delightfully curvaceous, beautiful Cindy is just happy to be away from her puritanical parents and their tyrannical ways. Maybe she should’ve stayed home. One hop out of the shower, and Cindy finds herself in all kinds of trouble at the hands of her perverted family! Her aunt is a sadistic mistress who loves nothing more than to force perfect, young girls to slitlick, and her son, the entitled and bossy Brian, will enjoy playing with his cousin in sick and twisted ways.
Arctoss comics Arctoss comics

The proto part 3 by Ferres

Ferres comics
The trio manage to escape and enjoy a little R and R before they arrive at a mysterious, nearly desiccated planet: Biofaux 7, a Bio-Weapons Research and Development planet that the old empire had once controlled, cooking up the deadliest creatures and monsters in a contained environment, lest things get out of control. It’s a bad place for any biological being to be in, let alone the motley crew of Karl, Xan, and Lhuun. What they witness happening to the Yeetrian survivors is unbelievable, but that’s nothing compared to the horrors they witness aboard the shattered remnants of the Zola, itself incorporated into a much more terrifying thing, still orbiting around the planet.
Ferres comics Ferres comics