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Predondo: The hotties next door 13

Predondo comics
Meanwhile, Chief Kallahan and her entourage arrive at Judge Dikson’s mansion to discover the demise of the old judge. The judge’s frantic wife accuses the Taylor family and their friend Vera of killing the old crag, and for this, she orders them to be punished and for their skins to be flayed. What levels are they willing to take these punishments to?

Predondo comics Predondo comics

Kittyhand, Sarenaph: Red in tooth & Claw 2

Kittyhand, Sarenaph comics
His best friend is Fei, a transfer student from China. The two are dorm mates at the Douglass Institute, and Fei is well aware of Harry’s infatuation with his gorgeous, bob-haired lover: Sophie the policegirl!

Kittyhand, Sarenaph comics Kittyhand, Sarenaph comics

Celestin, Guido Barsi: Locker room

Celestin, Guido Barsi comics
An hour later, Christina’s secretary enters the locker room and witnesses her boss being brutally ravished by an angry team of footballers.

Celestin, Guido Barsi comics Celestin, Guido Barsi comics

Hawke: Evil Elves 2

Hawke comics
In the aftermath of Santa’s unexpected demise, Raax, the evil elf, seizes the North Pole’s throne, driven by a newfound desire. No longer content with serving humanity, he demands the juiciest beauties as repayment.

Hawke comics

Aquila: Hellsgate manor

Aquila comics
When Eve decides to resign and leave that cursed place, the being that dominates the nightmare world drags her against her will into its realm. There, his grotesque henchmen await, ready to subject her to the most terrible and degrading experiences.

Aquila comics Aquila comics

Kittyhand: Enter the Ka club

KittyHand comics
Girls like the fiery Nastya and the cunning Carla have undergone special training to shape them to live their lives as obedient flesh. Women remade into valuable commodities; a fate sealed the day they dared to ENTER THE KA CLUB!

KittyHand comics KittyHand comics

Hawke: Halloween house party, Morning after

Hawke comics
Discovering that Michelle has been left tied up in a closet, he makes a deal with her to clean the house while role playing as his maid slave in exchange for helping her get back home.

Hawke comics

Predondo: The hotties next door 12

Predondo comics
But a sinister twist emerges when they discover her secret pleasure in their cruel punishment. “Take that, bitch! Right up your fucking asshole!” shouts Lester as he shoves his enormous fist into Lucy’s rectum

Predondo comics Predondo comics

Lesbi k Leih: Only fiends

Lesbi k Leih comics
Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a struggling actress is in for an unpleasant surprise as a twisted stalker poaches her. She is groped, teased, and utterly ravished. Her holes are continuously poked and prodded.

Lesbi k Leih comics Lesbi k Leih comics

Aquila: Dominus 3, Counterattack

Aquila comics
Kristen is faced with a difficult choice to make, either she hands herself over to her archenemy, THE DOMINUS! or betray her dear friends. What would Kristen do? Would she submit to long hours of excruciating molestation or would she opt to save her own skin?

Aquila comics Aquila comics