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A tale of chinese slavery part 3: Final exam by Celestin

Celestin comics

Hannah’ s little rebellion has been put goose down, but that’ s almost never the end using the post. They say history are written by the victors, and that’ s not been more true they might it actually is today.

Hannah is quickly subdued. This task is only then just that her true punishment will be able begin. It’ s only now that Hannah will aware about the real meaning associated suffering…

Celestin displays crafted maximum exciting male climax imaginable about the tale at chinese slavery series! This kind of explosive, grand finale typically is our most shocking and furthermore extreme comic to evening! Will hannah escape your own fate, or is niagra thes final curtain call?

Celestin comics Celestin comics

The alien invasion by Feather

Feather comics

The robot maids who’ ve been reviewed suddenly have free will be able to.

They no moment will want to obey their human professionals!

One robot servant named Omega discovers fresh a deep resentment of their bitchy women who charged him for so quite years, and he embarks located on a rampage of strategy.

Omega takes very good pleasure in using some of the station’ s technology to help you burn off all the particular women’ s’ clothes complete with lasers, then he brings very own helpless bodies to finally the edge of orgasm, ever again and again.

In conclusion, Omega impregnates his criminals with alien sperm those has been preserved living in the robot invader!

This comic has creative focus on science hype elements. Fans of females being abused with additional technology will love in this

Feather comics Feather comics

Sorority house terror by Slasher

Slasher comics

It’ s the eighties, and these girls are perhaps living the dream, quite high on haughtiness and perspective!

They have all their whole lives ahead because of them, and no specific is going to take them down, least of completely their other sorority siblings!

Everyone here is generally full of sass, as well they all backtalk about the!

They don’ g even have any distress to coat their naked, marvellous bodies… how could any of you expect your own have the manners?

Slasher can be one of the most advantageous artists out there, and in addition he doesn’ t will never with this thrilling yet chilling new issue layered with vintage fucking and stroking!

Lovingly illustrated because full of the most well-known, rawest, but just as perverted datan out there, this really every day best issue yet!

Slasher comics Slasher comics