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Predondo: Punished in paradise

Predondo comic
Blonde Brooke and urban Tisha were taken from the twin, lesbian terrors’ highrise hotel room by the enraged “Rasta” and brought back to Master’s control. For all of his efforts, Rasta was put into the dust, and Brooke and Tisha are back in their “rightful place” at last!

Predondo comic Predondo comic

Ferres: The levite and his concubine part 2

Ferres comics
Onan is intent on getting back what is his, and he journeys with his strongest and fiercest concubine, Hui, into the lands beyond the safety of Ephraim. The duo encounter the dangerous Raphelites, Benjamites, and even the accursed, divine touched Nephilim.

Ferres comics Ferres comics