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Confiscated twins 6 by Fernando

Fernando comics

Her husband, Colonel Lalu Murphy, has his special hands full with Mrs. Bauer, the stunning MILF mother of the every little thing. When the MILF’s very good flame, Mr. Curry, lost his balance smitten for her captive charms, he threatened to collapse everything Colonel Murphy suffered done to build -up his family’s power furthermore influence. On the inside interests of by keeping everything he’s worked for, he tries to spoil and ruin Mrs. Bauer… and forces Mr. Curry to watch!

These husband and wife are often all over their necks appearing in trouble in whose children furthermore slaves always are a mess because of everything!

But that certainly is not even the conclude with the troubles… there properly be someone else who has entered the game, though often use of knows it at this time but him…

Fernando comics Fernando comics