Uncut no.2 – confiscated twins by Fernando

Fernando comics

All is not to be honest in the penal body where George Rybak occurs as a federal punisher of runaway slaves. Although binding, tormenting and job beautiful delinquent babes may seem like a dream chore, for Rybak it’s a nice living, and a rigorous one at that. Shortened from their escape attempt, Sara and Raquel Bauer acquire been remanded into the woman custody for particularly hard treatment caused by a bureaucratic imprudencia that classifies them have repeat offenders. Bucking with a promotion, he frees them nothing in the means of such as high-tech torment and relentless lustful stimulation that wrings uninvited orgasms from them found in nationally televised disciplinary presentations.

But Rybak’s way of life takes a terrible rotation if the twins somehow package to disappear from ones own cell, triggering an inquest that threatens at least Rybak’s job. When the group of enforcers shows along to plan possession of the woman beloved daughter Lili have security before the inquiry is in fact concluded, he’s made to successfully watch while they display Lili the kind out of justice the corrupt software program of which her father occurs metes out to ignorant and guilty alike.

Fernando comics Fernando comics

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