Classmates 2 – Rude Awakening by Kitty Hand (fansadox 475)

Kitty Hand comics

Leonard had a joy that his “ girlfriend” Kate from the cheese burger bar had it towards for him, as well as was not more true than while you are she discovers Leonard “ cheating” to impress her with involving blonde floozie he’ september picked up in the latest strip club. Kate hardly imagined that this brunette bimbo was really the good and innocent Claire, an excellent old schoolmate from hotter days. Leonard always had his eye on Clairette, but he could don’t ever get to her; Alice Cosgrove and her moving cast of boytoys are actually always cockblocking him.

Now, Leonard has Positive all to himself nor so he thinks! Relating to a jealous lover moreover the dark, dirty underworld of his dark coupled with dirty hometown, Leonard maintains even deeper into a depths of a criminal, white slavery ring than he’ d ever imagined viable. They’re no friends regularly just knives in this dark and nobody is secure least of all our girls in Leonard’ amazing heart.

Kitty Hand comics Kitty Hand comics

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