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The dungeon of master R by Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts comics

This little tale would be neither of those. This key fact was locked away with good reason.

This one tale is all about action, about humiliation, about taming feisty women furthermore making them submit! A tale about extreme furthermore cruel bondage toys to create girls who must make it them for the sadistic pleasure of a lonely, lonesome, masked man bent attached to nothing more than splitting these buxom beauties!

Straight from the Roberts archive, from the most intense, darkest corner of a new most wicked and perverted mind imaginable, comes a huge sadistic and violent vignette sure to appease barely the most wicked furthermore perverted sadists out certainly, there! This comic is absolutely not with anyone under 18, can be NOT for the pass out hearted!

Get this key fact comic some people choose to can! Whenever it’s still available! People who knows what might come to pass when “the man” locks onto out about it!

Gary Roberts comics Gary Roberts comics