Water treatment part 6 by Cortez

Water treatment part 6

The captain cleared his throat, time to begin playing his kind of games with the delightfully shaped Mrs Matanga. A vigorous caning to settle her insolence earlier then the fun of watching when she realises it’s her turn for the water treatment. He allowed himself a shiver of delighted anticipation… and after that an extended, slow session in one other room with the chair and his favourite toy… the field telephone magneto…

‘Well, Mrs Matanga, after our little demonstration let us begin again. I do want to know the names of the people your husband was meeting in secret at your house. The ones he told you not to talk about at the club. Tell me what I want to know… or you will find yourself changing places with that young girl very shortly. ’

Joyce Matanga tried to keep her voice from trembling. ‘I’ve told you… I don’t know any names. Yes, of course we had visitors and meetings at our home Jonas was an important man and lots of people wanted to keep in touch with him… but that doesn’t mean he was a traitor, you bastard! You’re just an animal, you and those thugs… sick, perverted bastards all of you! ’ Tears welled up in her eyes and trickled in uneven trails down her cheeks. Her composure crumpled as the images of what she’d seen in the tiled room came back to her.

‘Please… I don’t know any names… Jonas didn’t discuss things like that with me… please… you’ve got to believe me… please…! ’ Once again the captain’s unmoving silence broke through her terror. ‘Didn’t you hear me… are you deaf or something… I said I DON’T KNOW ANY NAMES! ’ She bent forwards, burying her head in her hands and crying in loud shaking sobs. Her voice was quieter, more desperate as she looked up and continued. ‘Please… you’ve got to believe me… please I’ll do anything…. please! ’

‘Very well, Mrs Matanga… I’ll take you at your word… you can start by taking your clothes off. ’

‘Wha… I mean… what did you say? ’

‘Very simple request, you said you would do anything. I asked you to remove your clothes… or were you lying about your willingness to co-operate as well? ’

bdsm story by cortez

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