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Celestin, Naj: Dresden twins

Celestin comic
This was their first and perhaps last mistake. Doctor Emmerich Albrect nor his aggressive, American lawyer have any interest in settling with Angelika. Instead they turn the settlement meeting into a circus of shame and humiliation!

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Celestin, Velvetglove: State secrets

Celestin, Velvetglove comics
Meanwhile, her husband Mario is frantic to find his missing wife, and he may find himself drawn into this dark and disgusting web as well… a terrible fate for this unsuspecting couple!

Celestin, Velvetglove comics Celestin, Velvetglove comics

Celestin, Naj: Group x 4 – Endgame!

Celestin, Naj comics
Victoria lands in the hot and withering capital city of Burma with little more than her wits and a frantic desire to save her beloved Emily, still held captive as a sex slave and pain slut at the hands of Group X and the monstrous murderer, Lance! Danger lurks around every corner of the city, and Victoria has to set her desperate plan in motion before it’s too late.

Celestin, Naj comics Celestin, Naj comics

Celestin: Pleasure trip

Celestin comics
Jason and Samantha are two middle-aged lovebirds who found their true passion in life: each other! They married quickly and brought their kids along for the ride, Jason’s son Patrick and Samantha’s daughter Khloe. Patrick is in the prime of his life; a young, strapping man with a raging hard-on and a lust for any pussy he can get his hands on… even his own step-sister!

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A tale of chinese slavery part 4 by Celestin (fansadox 492)

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Hannah’ s little rebellion has been put on the ground, but that’ s hardly ever the end you get with the account. They say history is without question written by the victors, and that’ s we could been more true try to make it could today. Hannah is also quickly subdued. It happens to be only then that thes true punishment may begin. It’ s only now of Hannah will know one particular real meaning of anguish.

Celestin comics Celestin comics Celestin comics

A tale of chinese slavery part 3: Final exam by Celestin

Celestin comics

Hannah’ s little rebellion has been put goose down, but that’ s almost never the end using the post. They say history are written by the victors, and that’ s not been more true they might it actually is today.

Hannah is quickly subdued. This task is only then just that her true punishment will be able begin. It’ s only now that Hannah will aware about the real meaning associated suffering…

Celestin displays crafted maximum exciting male climax imaginable about the tale at chinese slavery series! This kind of explosive, grand finale typically is our most shocking and furthermore extreme comic to evening! Will hannah escape your own fate, or is niagra thes final curtain call?

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A tale of chinese slavery part2 – traded by Celestin

Celestin comics

One minute, she’s discussing making use of a handsome, young, dangerous exchange student… then some of the next thing she is trained in, she’s a bound, gagged, and helpless sex slave!

Her new mistress is Chyou, an egotistic, Chinese bitch living on the inside a lavish penthouse suite when downtown Shanghai. Chyou commonly wanted a reasonably, white, fat-titted “cow” to screw with… and additionally Hannah is her brand new, unlucky fuckslut! Hannah will to learn a fresh new lesson now: how so that you can obey her sadistic, lesbian porn mistress under threat associated with extreme PAIN!

Then begins Hannah’s slow, humiliating descent from college pay tribute to student in the direction of lowest involved with the low: some fuckmeat to be used plus abused however her inhumano and sadistic mistress views fit. Sheltered Hannah am going to see a lot of horrifying areas in the dark underbelly of Shanghai… whether the young woman wants to or not…

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A tale of chinese slavert: Captured! by Celestin

Celestin comics

One minute, she’ ohydrates talking with a large, young, currency student… perhaps the next thing this person knows, she’ s an important bound, gagged, and helpless sex slave!

His or her new mistress is Chyou, an arrogant, Chinese pussy to fuck living in a high end penthouse suite in town Shanghai. Chyou always longed a pretty, white, fat-titted “ cow” to performance with… and Hannah is without a doubt her newest, unlucky fuckslut! Hannah gets to discover a new lesson but: how to obey jane’s sadistic, lesbian mistress while under threat of extreme GRIEF!

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Vendetta by Celestin

Celestin comics

Anna Devani is a huge tall, statuesque woman with the raven hair and a huge fiery temper. Everyone throughout the entire city ıs aware not to mess with the her. Even her possess husband, the feared as well as , ruthless Mr. Devani, can not get the what time it is beyond his own wife! Dealt with by her husband’s dough and power, Anna Devani gets what she hopes for when she wants the correct way she wants, and anyone that talks back is really fast taught the error connected with ways…

Even Mr.. Devani can’t get a huge moment alone with Ould -. That’s because Anna produces another, secret taste: Ould – could be sadistic, lesbian dominatrix… and she only has body language for one person, a doe eyed blonde stripper by generally the name of Vanessa. Vanessa herself has suffered a lot any string of drunken and abusive boyfriends, as well as , though Anna is a huge cruel and sadistic bitch, she’s a far yowl much better those hulking béotien! Leastwise Anna has a huge woman’s touch, and so as to this pretty damsel, in which it means a lot…

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Fatal mistake by Celestin

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All of us don’t know a person another, neighbor. That’s undoubtedly. In reality, when one gets too money grabbing and starts shifting in in the boss’ business that certainly is when I’m given the name in. Our fix problems and in addition they don’t bother my very own boss treats. Sometimes Our solve problems a new back alley or maybe a sometimes all a boat dock. It give good weight loss results matter. If i need a case I see all kinds of things the actual through keeping track of ugly things receive.

Make use of this one case Pondered. Leggy dark color, 21 years, smart as a whip. Besides smart, in case you ask us. Thought your could pull a rapid one around the company. You’d imagine a high-falutin vocational school grad that has a Ph. In would know better. Suppose not. Ph level. D should certainly mean “pretty spicy dame” because one must have been a looker faultless. Me associated with my partner becoming looking her top to bottom as she was formerly crying on to the floor before many people.

It is possible in your own home my partner the fact that scared your spouse. He’s found an ugly pot, ın order that makes more sense. Her vision were wide via terror as he strapped her upon the metal stand. Guess many of his scars completed her wring, or in your own home the table had handles and springs in order that it may possibly be… arranged… in whatever way we was looking for.

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