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Family nightmare by Lilith

Lilith comics
Just to make the point, the husband is handed over to a homosexual jailer. The beautiful twin daughters do not escape the horror and the humiliation. They are handed over to the Bermudez, a rich family, who now become their legal guardians. This places them at the mercy of Mrs Bermudez, a sadistic lesbian who is more than pleased to tutor the girls. But they are the mercy too of Mr Bermudez, afflicted as he is by uncontrollable sexual desire, and by his sons, who are the same age as the girls.

Lilith comics Lilith comics

Welcome to mudwater high no.1 by Slasher

Slasher comics

Megyn Foxwood is this new transfer student at just the old and lointain Mudwater High school graduation. Principal Payne is the supervising named agent who runs this strange facility. But it looks like little Miss Megyn includes a problem with her reports.

Slasher does it is again specific intimate and horrifying tableau of female discomfort and male perversity on the darkened halls with a corrupt school feature!

What will come to little miss Megyn? Will she escape out of the awful school utilizing her virginity intact, or alternatively is she doomed becoming the principal’ s modern playmate??!!

Slasher comics Slasher comics