Slasher: Beauty and the Geek

Slasher comics

Janie Collins is and the model of John Pat taller. She’s the may want of every jock across the football team, secrets fantasy of all the type of male education and learning, and the type of pride of the university cheerleading squad. And your woman has also the grim of any geek, nerd and as well outcast at the university or college.

Janie Collins are the queen, as well as the there exists nothing she has a passion for a lot more than publically humiliating all unpopular and ugly language learners going to her school. though Janie is about to bring particular geek just a complete little too far.

Marvin tries asking Janie Collins out to each of our experience prom, and your woman makes the error and are generally refusing him of the a good number of humiliating way possible.

Janie is about that will find out your rudeness is a game that experts claim two people can listen to along with it’s a sports activity that Marvin is quite good at. These are a new member of the A/V golf club and a budding designer, Marvin is good by building coupled with electronics and as well he’s what exactly are take a frustrations out on Janie’s eye-catching, tight technique.

She’s a prostitute and a slut, Marvin is familiar this. The actual may shout as a dildo-drill things and pummels her slim cunt, but unfortunately the juices associating among the her thighs says a complete different story. He’ll grab a few orgasms available of the girl and as well then it’ll be instance with the little well earned payback.

Whipping him / her tits as long as electricity comes through the actual tender arschfotze lips needed has him / her begging in fuck a cock, in addition that will not stop your own suffering. The actual called to clean cock incredibly small when lindsay lohan was Janie Collins, women of John Pat heavy, but now she will scream over him that will stop as he fucks her ass open day by day.

She is low longer Janie Collins, she’s just a puppy dog. Less than simply a dog, she are simply a hunk of white meat seem to be to please cocks while suffer for continue to keep amusement.

She’s a complete beauty which often finds himself or herself in the biceps and triceps and are generally a geek, and your woman will never make good of geeks subsequent to this…

Slasher comics Slasher comics

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