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Broken miss, Gemma grant adventures part 1 by Arctoss

Arctoss comics
A dainty, female, she’s no match for the big, burly Otto, and he quickly subdues her and takes her to a room filled with knockout gas! When Margaret awakes she’ll find herself naked and helpless with a shock collar around her slender neck and a one way plane ticket to parts unknown: a remote island filled with helpless girls like her and vicious sadists with the power to do anything they want to a helpless female!

Arctoss comics Arctoss comics

BD Academy by Lesbi k Leih

Lesbi k Leih comics
But Sara is desperate to escape, and the Dean of the school already has his eye on the sneaky sisters of Pi Ti Alpha. They’ve been known to haze new girls in the past, and he wants to make sure they don’t take advantage of this fresh-faced, incoming class. Will Sara be find freedom, or is she doomed to remain an eternal plaything of these sick, sadistic, schoolgirl sorority sisters?!

Lesbi k Leih comics Lesbi k Leih comics

Susan screamed, shaking her head wildly by Tryten

Valentina’ s argument

Even as John Zingarelli’s cock grew rock hard at the thought of popping Susan’s ass cherry, Susan was sobbing hysterically behind her ballgag, thrashing and struggling in a vain and desperate effort to escape her fate. John Zingarelli’s eyes grew wide and wild as they all but ripped the ballgag off Susan’s face. He didn’t remove Susan’s gag out of mercy. He didn’t remove Susan’s gag rid of pity. He wanted to hear her SCREAM, and that he wouldn’t be disappointed. Susan gasped. “PLEASE!!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE LET ME GO!!! ” Susan cried out frantically. “PLEASE!!! I WON’T TELL ANYONE!!! JUST PLEASE LET ME GO!!! ”

John Zingarelli laughed at the mere mention of this. “Let you go? I’ll let you go, alright… after I’ve fucked your virgin ass first! ” With lube or warning, John Zingarelli thrust the full duration of his rock hard cock deep in Susan’s ass. Susan screamed bloody murder, her liver arching in pure, feminine agony as she tried to escape the massive ramrod unnaturally forcing its way up her right back door! “NOOOOO!!! NOOOO!!! YOU’RE KILLING MEEEE!!! ” Susan screamed, shaking her head wildly.

John Zingarelli sneered wickedly as that he grunted from the effort of forcing himself deeper and deeper inside Susan’s brown, puckered hole. “Yes… YES!! Scream for me, my little slut! You may have slept around town, but your back door is a rip peach for the plucking! Yes! Beg for your life! ” John Zingarelli said, thrusting faster and faster and faster inside her. Susan’s poor, abused asshole puckered and twitched helplessly around the rock solid cock buried inside her, frantically trying to expel the massive invader. To John Zingarelli, it felt like a pair of lover’s lips sucking his cock. “This is great! Heh, you fucking girls are so fucking stupid! Any hole that can simply take a cock is just a fuckable hole to me! Yes, yes, YYEESSSSSS!!! ”

3d bdsm story by Tryten