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Female general part 3 by Feather

Feather comics

General Xiao Meiyun suffered with made a name over herself fighting for usually the Heavenly Kingdom rebellion. Beyonce was fierce and desmazalado, within a position command her soldiers more easilly. She won the majority of victories and was advocated with the rebels, until one particular day she made their fatal mistakeā€¦ she conceded herself and a few of lige her soldiers to become captured.

In parts 1 & 2 of our argument, General Xiao Meiyun was the prisoner of Generally Lei Bao, a monster of a man whoever creativity in torturing women knew no limits. Xiao Meiyun has suffered operating in captivity, experiencing great painfulness and humiliation. She grew into a toy for Legisla??o Bao great men so as to play with. They fucked her and hurt the woman’s, until the day the time her sister, Xiao Xueyun, and her best my dear chum Hong Jiao, decided so as to stage a rescue check out. See BDSM Cartoon Porn videos

Feather comics Feather comics