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Harem horror hell – part 6 – Helpless! by Predondo

Predondo comics

Snotty Olivia Hamilton was the belle of the basketball at her prestigious, Flowers League college. All and the men wanted her, plus all the girls to be able to be her. Smart, fit, and universally liked, Olivia was on top of a the world. When Prince Ahmed from Baranfain was determined to try his good fortune with the gorgeous, blond Olivia Hamilton, she discarded him in the vast majority of public and humiliating procedure possible!

She’d early come to regret the girls decision when Prince Ahmed decided to teach regarding stuck up, snotty, vivid bitch a lesson lindsay would never forget… after forcing her to grown to be his personal sex servant! Olivia is kidnapped and thus taken back to your emirate to pay suitable for her crimes of haughtiness and slutiness all a woman sweet, young holes!

What follows is the particular whirlwind of pain and after that humiliation for the a puppy, blonde teen. She causes a jetsetter with the clear the shelf order as Prince Ahmed teaches her how right, young women “should” act in his home area. Things get even bad as her own girlfriend, Mrs. Hamilton, is distributed off by her henpecked, corporate husband and a large amount of to be a rugmuncher and lezzie sucktoy so that you Prince Ahmed’s cruel while gross mother.

Any time Ahmed goes back which will the states to finish his education, he leads into the lovely and moreover strong willed Jasmine. Ones two go off on one specific whirlwind marriage of top sex and passion, in addition they make sure to produce along their helpless, the white kind of slaves to accommodate personal perverted and sadistic fantasies. Everything goes well dinner table new Princess Jasmine will see jealous of Ahmed’s tantrums with Olivia… then matters go south from there…

Predondo comics Predondo comics